Thursday, September 20, 2018

Donuts, Hats And A Pencil To The Eye

The first fall feeling morning (where you can actually breathe outside because it doesn't smell like there's a forest fire in your face) called for breaking out the long sleeve shirts and eating donuts on the trunk of the van. It's fun spending one-on-one time with Logers while Boston is at preschool.

Boston had the worst drop off yet of the year. He has been getting more and more nervous as each school day passes and it gets harder and harder to leave as he grabs onto my legs and hides behind me. No amount of distraction or comforting words helped today. I knew bribery would work but I also knew it would become a thing if I did it once so I refrained from bribing him. Eventually I pulled him off of me, put him on the bleachers and walked away quickly. It was so hard to do but necessary. When I picked him up from school he was all smiles and showed me the hat he made for the letter H. He said, "Mom, I actually do love school now." Woohoo! Let's hope he remembers this next week!

The boys and I went on a walk after naps, Boston chased us with a fake sword (that was my workout for the day) and then he played in the cooler (fully supervised with instruction not to do this without me) until it was time to get the girls from school.

I got a call from Jane's school saying, "While Jane was in class she got stabbed in the eye with a pencil."..... uhhhh.... "Well it's not IN her eye, it's between her eye and her eyebrow."..... phew!.... "It's swollen and the injury isn't huge but you may want to take her to the doctor because it looks like there is some pencil lead in there."..... sigh.... 
I didn't go get her because they said she would be ok but when I saw it after school I decided to take her in because I didn't want her having a lead mark on her face the rest of her life like I do in my hand from when I was opening a microwave holding a sharp pencil and the jolt of the door forced the pencil into my hand. First I called and sent the doctor pictures and he said to bring her in so I got all the kids in the car, rearranged our plan for the afternoon and headed to the doctor. He looked at it for a while and determined most of the lead mark was on the outside of the wound and it should clear up after a couple weeks. He also said he wouldn't charge me for the visit since he wasn't doing anything and I was able to get a refund on the co-pay! Good thing because I was kind of upset at Evan in her class for costing me some big bucks... j/k not j/k.

Since we had 15 or so minutes to kill until Wendy's dance class, we went to the park by her class and played. Right before I took this video, Logan flew straight off this merry-go-round when I started spinning it. We got the wood chips out of his mouth and he was just fine (eek!). Then the kids spun me and I started to fly off which showed me how easy it was for Logan to do the same. A little while later Boston flew off! Yikes! So dangerous but so fun!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Random September Part 1

 My Aunt Susan sent Boston a firetruck themed quilt she made just for him! Saying he loves it would be an understatement. It's so perfect for this fireman loving kid.

Our neighbor kept calling Logan, "Baby Logan" and Logan was getting SOOO mad saying, "No baby Wogen! I Foxy Wogan!" Hahaha! I think we should legally swap his middle and first names.

Jane came home from school with a Harry Potter cookbook and immediately started asking if we had certain ingredients for all the recipes that sounded good to her. We had everything for lemon drops so she started measuring out the ingredients.

She did such a great job and I only had to help her a bit. I guess Summer Fun Club Baking Monday has had a good influence on her.

 Logan has started doing accidental song mashups. I caught this on on video: Jungle Bells and Wheels on the Bus. He sings it all the time and I have no desire to correct him, ha!

Wendy and Boston love the Mount kids and can play with them for hours. Here's Wendy and Savannah in Savannah's dress-ups. Wendy is a real princess.

Here's Boston playing with Duke's track. This is Heaven for Boston.

I just started singing, "We are a happy family" to Logan and he picked it up so quick! I wasn't expecting him to sing this part of the song after I sang the first line and it made my heart so happy!

Logan asks to get donuts all day every day. I usually say no but today I needed to grab 5 dozen for a youth activity so I got him a cup of donut holes while we were at Krispy Kreme. He squealed when he ran in to see the donuts being made. It's one of his favorite things in the world... not sure where he gets it ;) I had a couple of his donut holes and when he was down to his last two he handed me one and said, "Dat wast one is Wogan's okay mommy?" Ha!

We've been toying with Boston skipping his nap again since he takes so long to fall asleep at night but that means I usually find him asleep in some random place during his independent time (while Logan naps). I love him.

We brought a surprise cupcake to my friend at her school. Logan was super angry that the cupcake wasn't for him. I get it. Cupcakes are everything (donut's equal) but he was happy to find this guy at the front door. Well, until something about it freaked him out and he became terrified of it. He's such a cute kid.

A few other random things from this month:

--Logan saying the letter “D” for the letter “J” sounds a bit demanding when he repeatedly yells, “I want a jam sandwich!”

--We were listening to Christmas music and Boston suddenly said, "Let's save this song for Santa so he can rock and roll! Ha!

--Logan and Jane were getting along really well before school and as we drove away after dropping her and Wendy off at school he started crying and saying, "No weave Janie! No weave Janie! I need him! I need him!" When we picked her up after school he was shrieking with delight and frantically waved hi as she walked to the car. He sure loves her.

--The story of a fish named Goldie:
Last night, while cleaning up the lemonade Boston spilled all over the kitchen, I knocked over the fish bowl. I caught it but not before the goldfish, Goldie, flew straight out and into the garbage disposal. 
Goldie is a miracle fish. Of the seven fish (combined) that Wendy and her friend Mia got from a birthday party this summer, he/she is the only survivor. Goldie was the only fish to make it past 24 hours. Mia's family went out of town and asked us to adopt it. I said sure, thinking it wouldn't live too long. Well, yesterday (5 hours before the accident) I had to buy it some more fish food so I knew I was in it for the long haul.
Brandt was at work so it was just the kids and I in the kitchen when it happened. We all screamed and screamed. I frantically tried to think of what to do. 
Option 1: Just leave it in there but then it would die a slow death and that would be torture. 
Option 2: Make it quick and turn on the garbage disposal but oh my gosh no! That's so brutal!
Option 3: Try and (literally) fish it out. That's what I chose and trust me, I am SO not a pet person.
I ran for the emergency flashlight that we get upset at the kids for playing with because "If you play with it then it won't work when we need it in a real emergency." The batteries were dead. At least that was a good opportunity to teach the kids, "See! It doesn't work because you played with it!!!"
I frantically tried to think of what to do again. My phone! I grabbed my phone and turned on the flashlight. I saw it in there slowly flopping around. I added a little water into the sink and blindly reached in to pull it out. I could feel it but it kept flopping out of my hand. "Ew ew ew ew! Why is this happening!?", I thought. I could feel it against the wall of the garbage disposal but it was kind of wedged and I didn't know what part of it I was touching or how hard was ok to squeeze to grab it. It wasn't moving anymore. 
I added some more water to the sink and reached in again. I got it! I pulled it out and put it back in it's bowl. It didn't move for a second but slowly started moving it's fins and after regaining it's balance it started swimming!
Ahhh! I saved it! It's a miracle! I started washing my EXTREMELY shaky hands off and saw my phone still in the sink. Ahhhhhh! My phone! Nerves can only handle so much.
I grabbed my phone and started drying it off while freaking out again. I saw my neighbor and called her over because this grown-up needed a hug and shoulder to cry on. I eventually stopped shaking, we got the mess cleaned up, my phone actually seems ok and the fish is alive and swimming.
That's 10 minutes of my life I'll never forget. 🐠😱
The end.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Big Boy Swing

 Logan LOVES swings. He never gets bored with them. His favorite game is kicking me on the return swing. I can only play it for so long because although I'm mostly faking him knocking me over, sometimes he actually does but the smiles I get from it makes the bruises worth it. He also loves to be surprise tickled instead of pushed when he swings to me. Oh, this kid could stay a toddler forever and I'd totally be okay with it.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The Waiting Place

 You know The Waiting Place, from Dr. Seuss right? We found ourselves in the waiting place today. Brandt dropped us off at the auto repair shop on his way to work even though we didn't know WHEN the van would be ready (it was going to be ready that morning) so since we had some time to wait we decided to walk over to a park. It was a long walk and the boys were troopers!

I'm not sure what Logan is doing but he's adorable doing it.

Hey Boss! Uh, you have a little... uh, snake around your neck...

When we got to the park the sky was blue, the grass was green, the sprinklers were on and the boys were in good moods so... picture time!

Logan, looking good. Boston, please put the bag you filled with random toys and demanded to bring with us down.

Logan, still looking good... love the smile. Boston, PLEASE put the bag down! Oh, and your shoes are on the wrong feet again but I'm not gonna argue with you because every time I tell you to switch them you say, "Mom! I'm fine wiff it!"

There we go! Stud muffins right there!

I'm so, SO lucky to have you two completely opposite boys as MY boys.

You make a perfect pair.

We played for a bit and then I decided we should head back because I had a feeling we were getting close to the van being ready. They called saying it was when we were halfway back to the shop. Boston needed a piggy back ride halfway back but Logan was full of energy.

Those overalls kill me! I forgot I had them for Boston before he was just about too big for them so he didn't wear them more than once.

 Go Logan! So fast!

Monday, September 03, 2018

Labor Day Fun

Brandt let me sleep in (he's the best) and I woke up to him calling out that the abelskivers were ready (again, he's the best). The kids ate almost an entire jar of marshmallow fluff and half a jar of nutella. Breakfast of champions. Then Brandt and I spent the rest of the morning breaking apart pallets for his compost bin while the kids did chores and played in the water.

Later that afternoon, Brandt took Wendy on a date to Classic Fun Center. Jane wanted to go play with her friend Charity and Boston wanted to go too just like he always does. He said, "Charity do have a brother!" I realized, "Hey, you're right! She actually does have a brother your age." So, I took him on a bike ride over to Charity's house to play with Ben. He was so brave. He knocked on the door by himself and said, "Ben can play?" They welcomed him in and I found myself with just Logan and all the time in the world so we went on a bike ride.

He loves riding in the baby seat on my bike. We rode up the Jordan River trail and he pointed at and gasped at everything he saw. He didn't love going fast down the hills this time which was odd because he usually does but this time he kept saying, "No go fast, go slow!" I love that he held my water bottle the whole time without dropping it even though he was only holding it with one hand. It was nice to have on such a hot day. After we rode for a while we explored a new street and found Olympic Park so we stopped for a swing break. He LOVED underdog and also bonking into me (I pretend it's on accident and he laughs like crazy).  I'll sacrifice myself for a toddler laugh any day. Here are some pictures of my adorable baby in the swing:

On our way back we rode super fast to see if we could have the speed radar pick us up and BAM, 20 mph baby! Haha, Logan's hat totally flew off during that experiment.

I tell Jane to be home at a certain time every time she goes to play with a friend in the late evening. She never comes home at that time. I forgot I told her to be home at 5pm and luckily, 5 minutes after we got home, her and Boston came riding home together (just after 5pm!). I'm glad I got home when I did! I asked them what they wanted for dinner and they said pizza so we picked up a pizza, ate it, cleaned the kitchen and then they got ready for bed so we could watch a movie. Jane actually got Logan ready for bed, even brushing his teeth! I love her help!

We watched Disney short films and then they headed to bed. About a half hour later, Brandt and an exhausted Wendy came in. She went right to sleep.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Tooth Fairy Times 2!

 Jane lost two teeth this week!

First she lost her bottom canine. It was the first canine she's lost and the first tooth to be lost for a couple years. The night before she lost it she came upstairs an hour after putting her to bed saying, "Mom! I can't sleep! My tooth is sideways and blood is coming out of my mouth!" I told her to stop wiggling it and to go back to bed. The next morning she said her tooth was super wiggly and walked into the kitchen to eat breakfast. She immediately walked back to me on the couch and said, "Mom, just pull it. There's no way I'll be able to eat." I got a tissue and with one tiny tug the tooth was out. No blood and after a shriek of excitement, she was back in the kitchen eating breakfast. 

2 days later she told me her top molar was wiggly. I couldn't believe it! She's too young to lose a molar! Sure enough it was wiggly and after a couple days it was really wiggly.

I told her to pull it out. Honestly, pulling out a huge molar freaked me out. In the video below she tried and tried but couldn't do it. After she gave up and I turned off the video, she had me try and I got it out after a few tugs. This time there was lots of blood but she was a champ. She spent the next couple weeks telling me how weird it felt and laughing about it. She's such a fun girl!

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

First Day of Preschool

Boston had his first day of preschool today! He was super excited and couldn't wait to get his backpack ready. We ate breakfast, took some pictures, got the girls to school and finally it was time to drop him off! We got there early so he wouldn't feel rushed so we hung out outside his preschool for a little while and took some more pictures. Finally, we went in and he was a champ! He was a tiny bit nervous but didn't hold onto me like he usually does. We got his name tag (which showed that he was actually line leader for his group for this first day of school, woohoo!) and he climbed up onto the bleachers to join his classmates. With a wave goodbye we were off! Logan and I went to Orem to pick up donuts that we promised Boston (oh, maybe that's why he was so brave...) and we stopped at the mall for some returns and browsing.

Boston was so excited to see us when we picked him up. He wasn't sure if he could just come to me since they were singing a song or if he had to wait so he wiggled and squirmed until they finished and then ran to me. I love that kid and his big grins.

It was a perfect first day. A perfect last first day of preschool!

Monday, August 27, 2018

Ice Cream And Guitars

 The boys were just playing around the house while I showered today so when I got out I asked Boston, "So, what did you guys do while I was showering?" He said, "Oh, we just played and ate some ice cream." I said, "What?! You were eating ice cream?" He could tell I didn't understand what he meant so he said he'd be right back to show me the ice cream and then came back in holding this. He said, "We were eating THIS ice cream. Want some?" Ha! Phew!

These pictures are a little blurry but it was so cute watching Brandt play "guitars" with the boys after he got home from work.

The boys were fighting over who got to play with the ukulele so Brandt said they could each have a turn while the other boy was getting ready for bed. How cute is this? Big boy with the big guitar and the little boy with the little "guitar."

He played with Logan while I got Boston ready and then Boston finally got a turn. They played for so long I finally had to shut it down so they could go to bed. Brandt sure misses the kids while he's at work!