Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Park Weather!

Usually when we drop Boston off at school we just run errands the whole time and then pick him up two hours later. Today we only ran one errand and then headed to the park because the weather was finally nice. Logan hasn't been to many parks in his life but he's finally big enough to enjoy them without much hassle so this is a new chapter in his life. He even enjoyed the swing with me swinging him big instead of hardly moving and he went down the slide like 25 times all on his own! He was so funny when we went to the bigger playground though. I had to walk/climb next to him because it was dangerous for a 22 month old and he'd walk up to each gap in the railings and say, "I scared. I scared." I love how much he verbally communicates. It's so welcome after having my middles have delayed speech. Here are some pictures from our morning:

Boston didn't get to join us because he was at school but he was equally worn out. He zonked out next to me on the couch while I was taking care of a million emails. We'll go tomorrow for a picnic so he can have some park time before it SNOWS on Friday.

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Waking Up Baby

 I've said it before and every time I go in to wake up Logan from a nap (when he's sleeping waaaay too long or we have to go somewhere) I snap a picture and have to post it again, I LOVE sleeping babies!

This one cracked me up! He missed his nap because we were out celebrating Saint Patrick's Day and by the time I put him down for a nap he was too wired to sleep. It was the first time he'd missed his nap so I wasn't sure if I should keep him up and torture myself with a cranky baby the rest of the day or let him cry and play till he fell asleep. I chose to let him cry and play in his crib. It took him 1.5 hours to fall asleep! And now I know what he was doing. When I walked in, his socks were on one side of his room, his blanket was on the other and his pillow case was off and on the floor! His sleeping position along with his mohawk make him look so chill, ha! And of course he was a cranky baby the rest of the day after I woke him up... (I bought that onesie when Jane was a baby for our first boy. Wendy came next so I kept saving it. Finally had Boston but then had to wait till he was 18 months for him to fit it. It's my favorite and Logan learned to say "robot" because of it.)

The next day when I woke him up, he was in the same corner all cuddled up on his pillow again. Sure does put himself in comfy positions. (That puppy is Rascal. Brandt and I won him on a date at Nickel City when Boston was a baby so we could give him his first stuffie. Now Logan loves it.)

 Most days he wakes up on his own and this one surprised me. He's never taken his clothes off in his bed before and he was literally bouncing off the walls when I went in to get him so I guess it wasn't too shocking that he would have some something crazy like take an arm out of his onesie.

Today when I walked in to get him, he was still sleeping but it was nearing 4pm so I had to go wake him up so he'd sleep tonight and I just sat there watching him sleep. I thought of how it was cute that he always uses his pillow, almost always just laying his head on it with his tiny arms tucked under him. I thought about how I'm going to miss having a baby to watch sleep. I thought of how I need to imprint these little moments of pure sweetness on my brain because each day that passes is the last of that day, the last day of having a 21 month and 25 day old baby. Every cute thing he does makes me laugh and want to cry at the same time. I just keep thinking to myself that I'll look forward to grandbabies. But even though I'm sad about losing each day, giving him all my remaining love is the best. You're gonna be a spoiled little boy Logan!

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Hiking the Y

 We did it! We hiked the Y! As our first family hike, pretty much our first real family hike ever, we joined Brandt's cousins and his mom and used our strong leg muscles to get to the very top. Boston, being 3 years old, hiked THE ENTIRE thing! I held his hand the whole way (sometimes giving a helping hand on his back) and had to encourage him starting from 10 feet from the entrance because he was "so tired" since that point but he did it! I'm so proud of his little body! And me, not being from Utah, hiked it for my first time too today. I did have a good asthma attack right near the top but I didn't want to stop (for bragging rights... important stuff) so Brandt handed me my inhaler and I kept going. Whoo! Look at us two strong people!

Logan hiked too... until Brandt got the hiking backpack on and put him in so he can claim a good 30 feet or so.

Me: Jane, why are you bringing a pen?
Jane: So I can record what I see.
Fair enough.

And that she did.

5 to 6 year old cousins, Anne, Faye, Grace and Wendy!

Oh, Logan! Why so sad!?

Turkey. That's more like it.

We took quite a few really quick breaks, like seriously about 3 seconds each but whatever kept him happy and walking, right?

My boys checking out the view:

Some more mom/Boston selfies at the halfway point:

I had a blast walking with him. The girls walked with cousins or grandma, Brandt carried Logan and I had all my time/energy for this kid. The best.
 Logan enjoyed it too.

Thank heavens for that backpack. I'm 100% sure we would have had to leave him with a sitter without it. Nicole, you're a hero.

So happy!

Boston let go of my hand and RAN the last segment and guess what!? He was the FIRST of our group!! This little three year old! His cousin Tommy caught up at the end so it was technically a tie but Boston is 3 years old. I'm giving it to him :)

Boston, show me how you feel about making it to the top:

Wendy, show me how victorious you feel:

Jane, show me how you feel about this accomplishment:

My little family made it to the top.

I know like everyone in Utah has done this but I'm proud of us. And now, on to more hikes! Wendy isn't scared to hike anymore and we know Boston can do it so I'm excited for our future outdoor activities.

Back down at the bottom, Logan got to get out of the backpack and do his own little hike up and down this set of logs.

He had a blast climbing up and then sliding down. Then he had fun playing in and throwing dirt. Fun was had by all.

Afterward we went to the Creamery for lunch and it being 2 hours past Logan's nap time he was a little too tired to eat his ice cream sitting up.

And only a few minutes after we left the Creamery he was out.

Can't wait for more family adventures!

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Fevers, lots of fevers

 We had an amazing winter. Every night I prayed for health in our home and every day I held my breath that we wouldn't catch the scary flu or stomach bugs. We never did! I was extremely cautious about the kids washing hands (and hopefully didn't ruin them for life with them ending up like me... I even ask Brandt to wash his hands frequently...) and I think that helped. Alas, it was bound to happen eventually I guess and at least it happened right after we had big plans. But, before I go into detail, this picture was taken right before it all started. Cute Boston giving me snuggles while watching a movie. His big brown eyes are one of my very favorite things.

So, Wendy wasn't feeling well in the middle of the night Thursday but after some tylenol and some rest she seemed to be doing much better so I thought it was a fluke and sent her to school on Friday. On Saturday she woke up burning up and slept in a few hours after I gave her some tylenol. But, at this point I knew something was wrong and didn't dare share her germs with the 45+ people that came to our Easter egg hunt so she stayed in our room the whole time. On Sunday she still had a 103 degree fever (medicine was bringing it down to about 101 but not any less) so I decided to take her to the Instacare after Brandt got home from church with the other kids. Look at those eyes. You can totally tell she isn't feeling awesome.

Luckily when we got there, no one else was waiting but as we checked in, about 5 other people came and got in line behind us. The wait time jumped from 10 minutes to 2 hours! Whew, I'm so glad we came when we did! We did have to wait a bit so I turned on my go-to waiting app, SnapChat! When Wendy saw this picture she said, "That makes me look beautiful-er!" Uh-oh... no more SnapChat for Wendy!

They said she just had a viral infection so we had to wait it out. Poor girl. So, while we wait it out, here are a few of the videos we took at the InstaCare:

These two videos crack me up. I couldn't stop watching them, ha!

Then, as I was putting Jane down for the night, she said she wanted to play with SnapChat like Wendy did so I let her have a few minutes with it:

Sunday night, Logan grabbed Wendy's toothbrush and I didn't see him until right after he stuck it in his mouth. I frantically rinsed his mouth out hoping it would help but I knew it wouldn't. Aaaand, he woke up on two days later in the same boat Wendy was in.

Poor little thing!

But, at least he's cute when he's sick.

The doctor said she should be feeling better by Wednesday but Wednesday rolled around and she was still couch ridden, drinking medicine non-stop to keep her fever down from 104 degrees and doing nothing but watching shows ALL DAY. I took her, Logan and Boston to the doctor because Logan was super sick and Boston was starting to feel bad so I thought if it was something antibiotics could help, we might as well get them all on it but guess what? Still a viral infection for Wendy, a viral infection for Logan and croup for Boston! Boston got a steroid shot and it helped SO much. He was back to normal the next day.

Wendy started feeling better right after the doctor and didn't have a fever since then so she was finally able to go back to school the next day. Logan? Uh, Logan really wasn't feeling well. Here he is right before...

...he threw up all over me. 
With his high fever he had a cough and when Logan gets a cough it's bad news. He has an overactive gag reflex like Jane so he gags when he coughs and throws up (and I realized this week that they got it from because I realized I gag when I cough too!). At least I've learned to give him light colored food when he has a cough (after feeding him blackberries when he had a cough once and cleaning them out of half the upstairs...). After he threw up on me he said, "Dat's better. Oh yes, Better." I'm glad my shirt could sacrifice itself to make you feel better bud.

The next few days were filled with snuggling him, doing all I could to not catch it (including washing my hands/wrists raw) and worrying he'd throw up whenever he coughed. It was a very difficult week. 

But near the end of it I got a few smiles.

You know, just eating an apple as we walk around the house in our jammies. Gotta get some sunshine to help us feel better, huh bud?