Thursday, August 27, 2015

Wishing all days were like this

Yesterday I let the girls watch a show called, "Creative Galaxy" on Amazon while Boston napped so they'd be quiet and so I could get stuff done on the computer. After the episode was over Jane got SO excited to do the craft that the kids did at the end of the show. She asked if she could but I didn't know what she was talking about so we watched that part together and then made a plan of how we could make a fun and crafty snack table.

We got to work. I grabbed the colored paper, scissors and glue and Jane and Wendy dug through the recycling bin looking for stuff we could use. We probably worked on the table for a good hour and a half before it got to this point:

My favorite parts were probably Wendy's people (the person in the canoe and orange person in front of the tree) and the grass Wendy made because she did it all on her own without any instruction or help. I also really liked Jane's tree with the coconuts. What you don't see in that picture:

Luckily they were CHAMPS at cleaning it up before they were allowed to choose the snacks for the table. Here are my proud girls about 2 hours after Jane decided we should do this project:

With the mess cleaned, table set with lots of snacks (my favorite now is Jane's alligator snack cup), the girls were ready to dig in. They had the most random lunch (bread, goldfish, grapes, cheese, pepperoni, rice, etc) but had lots of fun. Boston took a 2.5 hours nap (!!) so it worked out perfect (there were scissors all over the ground during our craft and we all know what happened to Boss last time he got a hold of scissors...)

They basically destroyed the house with crumbs but it was nothing I couldn't handle after locking them all out on the balcony for a little while :) After cleaning up the mess we hopped on our bikes and went on a ride to the bank for laundry quarters (I did 7 loads on Tuesday!). Jane and Wendy rode over a mile to the bank and REALLY wanted to stop and play at the 6 different parks we passed on the way but we were on a time limitation for Boston's next nap so we couldn't and they were sad. We got to the bank, got their suckers, my quarters (and Jane found a quarter!) and were just about to start our ride home when they spotted a park I had never noticed before. They were ok with 10 minutes of park time so we rode over to it and had some fun. Here are the girls after I said, "Make a pose!" (cannot get over Wenders):

After 15 minutes (I gave them 5 extra because I'm a nice mom), we got on our bikes and headed home. Wendy was a rock star! She coasted a quarter mile straight on her balance bike down a slight hill at one point! I rode behind her and was almost in tears at how well she was doing keeping her balance (there was lots of cheering). She is SO ready for Jane's real bike but I think we're going to wait until Jane's birthday when we get her a new bike and can then make her old bike Wendy's. She's not even four and she is SO ready!

We got home, got Boss down for another nap and spent some time coloring on each other, playing tic tac toe and wrestling. Here's Wendy's new mustache:

We had to run over to the produce market for some green beans for dinner and when we got back there was a package for Jane... a new book from Aunt Angela! The girls were quiet AND happily sitting next to each other looking at the book for an HOUR unmonitored while I made dinner! This. Never. Happens. I basically owe Angela my life.

I overcooked the pork pucks chops (new recipe), Boston had 5 messy diapers (7 the day before) and there was rice ALL over my living room for a good part of the day BUT it was a fantastic day. There was love in our home, there was fun in our home and when I put the kids down for the night I had no regrets.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

First Haircut/First Boy Chase

Boston is 14 months old! I've touched up his hair as it's grown in/fallen out just to fix any patchiness but I wouldn't have considered those his FIRST haircut. His hair has been sticking over his ears and flipping out in the back so I was just going to touch that up when I decided to just give him his first haircut. I can't believe I did it! I kind of regret it because I wanted his hair to be long and thick and take him to a stylist around age 2 for his first haircut but he was distracted by Baby Einstein and I just went for it.

He definitely doesn't look like a baby anymore!

Little dude played "peek-a-boo" all on his own to me today for the first time!

He also loves mimicking sounds, especially his sister's screeches and my coos.

He went down for a nap (still 2 a day) and then we gave him a mo-hawk and headed to a park.

Today was full of firsts! Boss climbed up the stairs and went down the slide all by himself! He did it a few times before I got him on video. It was so cute seeing his sense of discovery the first time he scooted himself closer to the edge until he went down the slide.

I'm so proud of him for being so brave!

He's still crawling with one knee and one straight leg (his peg leg crawl) but he took his FIRST steps this last weekend! Brandt was holding his hands and walking towards me and when Brandt let go, Boston took three steps toward me! It was the best feeling! Our whole family saw it and clapped and applauded him. He even clapped :)

These two. They love each other so much.

Ha! I LOVE LOVE this picture of Boston AND the look on Jane's face.

He also clasped his hands together and made the rowing motion to the song Row Row Row Your Boat this week! I don't know where he learned it but when we sing it he does it and gives the biggest smile. I just can't get enough of him. He points to his A/C when we get him from his nap because he knows we pick him up and then walk over to the A/C to turn it off. He just discovered pointing and it's pretty much my favorite.

While I was playing with Wendy and Boston at the park, Jane was off playing with a friend from her Kindergarten class and another girl they just met at the park. I loved watching her play with them. She was different today. She always played with boys AND girls equally but today she teamed up with the girls and stuck to them like glue.

There was a boy who was just teasing them and asking for attention and they were happy to give it to him. She spent half the time doing cartwheels and flips with the girls and the rest of the time chasing that boy with her friends.

It's beginning! Chasing boys! 3 on one... not very fair Jane!

I'm not ready for this new phase Jane is in. I want my 3 year old Jane back! I'm not ready for Boston to grow up either. I would be fine if he stayed the same age his whole life! And Wenders, I've got to enjoy her RIGHT now because I have a feeling I'm going to want 3 year old Wendy back when she's chasing boys in a few years!

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Summer Fun 2015

Summer didn't really start until we got back from Branson a couple weeks ago. It had been cold and rainy but the day we got back from vacation the sun was out and has been out nonstop! We have been taking full advantage of the warm weather and we've had some very full days.

Since our apartment is quite small, we have been spending time on the front lawn during Boston's naps so I don't have to shush the girls every two seconds. (It's basically our backyard and we have a video monitor) Here are my pretty girls in between practicing cartwheels and chalk drawing:

I love my girls!

They are so crazy! 

Or, as Wendy has hilariously started saying, "cray-cray":

And when my little dude wakes up... he joins us!

The girls love going to Costco. It's got samples (or "ee-zamples" as Jane calls them) but most importantly, it's got BOXES! Jane likes to spend a few minutes picking out the perfect tea party table EVERY time we go. Here are the girls having a tea party (water and blueberries) that they set up all by themselves (oh, and Wendy is wearing a 24 month top and skirt I randomly found in a bin and my 5T wearing 3.5-year-old claimed the outfit and wears it at least twice a week). They invited Brandt to join them and they had a "delightful" time discussing princesses and how to make blueberries.

 Boston wasn't invited to the tea party but he has his own crowd he hangs with. Here's Boss at a park with his buddies Gwen and Alana. His first besties.

Poor Boss. Surrounded by girls. While I was making lunch, Jane was in her room aka hair salon. She carried him out to show me his new hair style. It's nice, right?

She was very proud of it and he LOVED it.

He got the headband off but we kept the bow on for a few minutes cause he looked like a little present :)

You may start feeling bad for Boss but trust me, he earned this one. Stinker wouldn't stop climbing into a hole I was digging at the beach so... this happened. Consequences buddy...

We've been spending lots of time downtown too. On Wednesdays, Wendy has gymnastics near Brandt's work so we met up for lunch this week at his favorite fish taco place. I love these two together!

After naps that same day we met up with our frinds who are moving to Utah next week so they could go to the Skokie Exploritorium one more time. I love these two together too! I'm going to miss them SOOOO much!

Today we went to the beach with our same friends for the last time and Nicole made the girls into sand mermaids and then sand butterflies! She' is amazing!

The girls LOVED it! Nicole is way more fun than me...

And afterward we went for slurpies because it was hot outside AND we just HAD to try the new Sour Patch watermelon flavor.

 For the record... it's sour.

Now for some more summer fun!!

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Kindergarten Complete

Kindergarten FLEW by! It seems like just a few months ago I dropped off my baby at full day kindergarten and was so nervous I waited by the phone all day because I just knew something would happen. Nothing DID happen, she had a marvelous year. She had a wonderful teacher, the perfect teacher for Kindergarten.

She excelled in every subject. Reading is her best and she's well above the year end goal. She made lots of friends and it was always so cute hearing all the kids say "bye" to her after school each day. I loved hearing her sing me the songs she learned each week and she still sings them all for us. That kid has a great memory.

We are definitely glad she's home for the summer because 7 hours is way too long to be away from our cute girl.

We were rushing out the door for her graduation so we could hardly snap any pictures of her that morning but we did get a few to remember the day...

Sisters! They wanted to match for graduation.

If only they got along this much (or even a fraction of this much) each day after school.

My happy girl all ready to receive her hard-earned diploma:

I wish I could freeze her and make her stay this young forever.
I made her stop like 57 times on the walk to school for pictures.

June 19th and yes, we wore jackets.

The best picture I could get of her getting her diploma. Go Jane!

 Someone's ready for first grade!

Here's 5 year old Jane on the first day with her awesome teacher:

And 6 year old Jane on the last day! What happened to her baby face!? 

Our friends came to watch her graduate and then joined us for lunch at Steak n Shake afterward (Jane's choice). It's always a mad house when the two of us bring all 6 kids but always fun.

Who knows what 1st grade has in store for us but Jane's ready. Well, after we buy her a new set of uniforms cause that girl has grown!

Here are her stats from her recent 6 year well child visit:


Height: 46 1/4 inches (75th %) She grew three inches this year!
Weight: 49 3/4 pounds (75th %)

Boston's 1 year well child the same day:

Height: 31 inches (75th %)
Weight: 22 pounds (30th %)

Friday, July 03, 2015

Photo Fail

The kids decided they all wanted to match so I decided pictures needed to be taken. Things started off rocky with Boston having just woken up from a nap. He usually likes to be held for at least 20 minutes after waking to adjust back to life but we didn't have time for that since we were rushing out the door for the groundbreaking.

Jane tried to help by holding him close. Oh, look at Wendy's adorable smile!

This was the best picture.

Boston doesn't like being restrained by his sisters so after many screams I told Jane to let go.

Trying to stand him up didn't work either. Ha! Jane tried to help by holding his arm under her chin.

And JUST as Boston was about to cooperate, I went and bonked Wendy in the head with the camera. That was the end of picture taking. She tried to be obedient and brave for pictures but her cheeriness just wasn't there.

Oh, well. Kind of a funny experience. Sometimes you take a hundred pictures and don't get the money shot but you do get a slice of reality with 3 kids...