Saturday, June 30, 2018

Lehi Round-Up Parade

Parade season has begun! 

We started it off by attending the Lehi Round-Up parade in our city for the first time! We missed it last year since we didn't close on our house till the day after and didn't realize there was a parade.

I took the kids over bright and early and Brandt joined us after he was done picking berries with his mom in Orem.

This was Logan attempting to put his hand over his heart after we told him to despite him having no clue what that meant, ha! He did great for not knowing what or where his heart is.

The parade was super fun!

We all enjoyed it and got a ton of candy, 4 shirts, a spatula, water and a ton of other random things.

Well, Logan enjoyed most of it, when it wasn't loud.

He sure knows where his ears are and where they reside! Haha, I love this picture.

Some random person in the parade thought Logan was cute so he gave him a pack of pops out of his pocket. Here's a video of them throwing the pops when we got home. Boston still did his starfish hands but only a teeny bit. Please say he's not growing up!

Friday, June 22, 2018

Field Trip Friday: Hogle Zoo

 We finally hit up the Hogle Zoo for the first time since moving to Utah and what better time to do it than a Field Trip Friday!?

The very first thing Logan did after getting through the entrance and out of the stroller was running up to the completely flat picture of an elephant and saying, "I snuggle it!" He stood there for ages and we all laughed the whole time. He sure loves to snuggle animals (when they aren't real), and I guess he loves animal posters too, haha!

I love the zoo AND these kiddos!

I tried 5 million times to get a good picture of all of us but they kept turning out terrible. So, as we waited for the bird show to start, I asked stranger number 7 to take our picture. It was close (Jane and Wendy look so cute!) but I didn't love how I looked. After I told her thank you I told the kids to get close so I could take another picture and the kind lady turned back around and asked if I'd like her to take another one. I embarrassingly told her yes.

And we got it. I'm satisfied, ha!

While I spent most of the time trying to get a good picture of us all, Boston spent most of the time walking around looking at the map. He was obsessed with the map and was so adorable walking around looking at it.

Huge lizards!

Ha! While we were waiting for another show to start I caught this picture of Boston. I have no idea what he's thinking but THAT face!

We spent the next hour or more at the play area. Jane made a friend and played with him the whole time.

The boys climbed around. It took Logan a good 15 minutes to get him to walk cross the bridge.

It took Boss less than a second.

While Jane and Boston hung out at the play area, Logan and Wendy played at the splash pad that was next to it. 

Logan is still in the camp of "playing at splash pads is uncomfortable" but he made great progress today.

While he didn't get soaked...

... Wendy sure did! She's my water LOVER.

Boston joined us near the end and had a blast getting soaked too.

The girls were kind of bummed they didn't get any souvenirs but they didn't need anything they had (meaning they had a million already of everything in the gift shop) and nothing was priced for how much they had to spend. Jane especially was losing it because she wasn't going to have something to remember the zoo from so we settled on me taking these 4 pictures and printing them out for them. Win!

On our way to a friend's house that lives close to the zoo I saw a street with Logan's name on it! I had to (almost slam on my brakes) to take a picture!

We met up with Brandt for dinner at the mall downtown and relaxed while the kids played in the play area and then we headed home for some much needed rest. What a day. A nice, successful Field Trip Friday.

On the way to the zoo I pulled over to try and (finally) get a video of Logan singing twinkle twinkle little star and this is what I got. All of it makes me laugh. I love his cuteness and how Jane and Wendy were holding hands because they wouldn't stop fighting. Jane was sure to let go as soon as the time I told her she had to hold Wendy's hand until came on the clock. Oh those two. One day they will be friends.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Thanksgiving Point Playdate

 Grandma invited us to Thanksgiving Point today so we spent some time inside the Museum of Curiosity. First the kids spent a lot of their time playing with money in the bank vault and then we went to the water room where they got soaked so we finished our trip up outside to dry off.

Check out this big boy in a big boy swing! He also totally did the zipline which I couldn't believe!

Cousins on the teeter totter:

Then we walked over to the pond to feed the fish:

It's always so fun to watch the koi flip all over each other to get the food. Now that I think about it, kinda exactly like human's with Costco samples. That's embarrassing...

Already looking forward to our next playdate there with Grandma!

Monday, June 11, 2018

Manila Creek Pond

 While the boys napped, Jane watched Harry Potter 2 for the first time. She read the book a while ago but we were making her earn the movie by getting ready for bed when we asked her, without getting distracted, for a week straight. My sister advised me to let her watch it during the day and I'm glad I did. She was terrified of the spiders but was able to forget about them by bedtime. 

Wendy had watched cartoons in another room for 2 and a half hours so by the time the boys woke up, I actually had to wake them up, I felt like we needed an adventure because the girl's brained were fried from TV and the boys were so sleepy that I needed to wear them out so they'd be ready to go back to sleep at night.

So, even though it was 4pm and I had no plan for dinner, we got our swim suits on and headed to Manila Creek Pond for the first time.

It was surprisingly uncrowded but maybe that's because everyone else in Utah County is responsible and were getting ready for dinner.

Us on the other hand decided that dinner would work itself out and we needed to play. The water was much clearer than this pool of "chocolate milk" as Boston kept calling it.

Apparently you can fish here but they had a section roped off for the kids to play in. I could't find Logan's swim suit because we'd used it so much this week but he was totally fine in shorts and a shirt. He never ended up getting too wet either so it was fine.

It wasn't sand like we are used to but close enough and much easier to get off when trying to leave. Boston and Wendy played together almost the whole time.

The beach and pond area is really nice in that it's small enough that the kids can explore on their own and I can still see them all. No one can get too far. Wendy kept going out into the pond and asking how far she could go. It was fun telling her that she could go further than she thought because it wasn't too deep. She was the only one who really played in the pond. The others just got their legs wet. I just laid on a towel soaking in some sun.

Jane made friends the moment we got there so she was plenty busy playing with them and making little pots out of clay. I found the pile of "clay pots" and thought it was pile of dog poop at first. I was horrified when she reach in and grabbed a clump.

One of the funniest moments was when Logan had super dirty hands and somehow got some of it in his mouth. He stood there silently frustrated every time he wiped his mouth to clean it off. I looked over and saw him trying to wipe his tongue off with his dirty hand and went over to help him. Poor kid!

And totally random but this was Jane's lunch earlier in the day. She really wanted a taco so she grabbed some cut up lettuce and grapes (she actually sliced up the grapes). At first there was just lettuce on her taco I asked her if that was all she was putting into it. She said, "No, and some grapes in place of tomatoes because we are out of tomatoes." Ha! Whatever makes you happy.

And when we got home, Brandt actually ended up getting home at the same time and made hamburgers for us while I bathed the kids. They got to bed over and hour late but it's summer so I don't really care and they've been sleeping in every morning so maybe the new bedtime is 8pm!

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Logan's 2nd Birthday

 Logan slept in on his birthday so Brandt and I went in singing happy birthday so him. He just laid there with his eyes closed and a small smile while we sang. When we finished he said, "I still sleeping." Ha! Too bad bud, we are ready to celebrate you!

We asked what he wanted for breakfast and he said pancakes so Brandt made Logan's favorite oat pancakes with yogurt (also Logan's favorite) on the side.

We have morning church so we didn't get to do much before then. Logan and I were running late and I didn't know where Brandt was sitting so him and I just sat out in the foyer the whole time. That morning Logan had been walking around with a balloon in his mouth blowing it up a little and then letting the air out. I tried to take it away from him when we got to church but he started throwing a fit so I let him keep it. He spent the whole first hour of church walking around doing the same thing with the balloon. I'm keeping a balloon in the church bag forever now.

When we got home, we had lunch and then him and Boston went down for naps. I got ready for family to come over and Brandt took the girls on a bike ride while they napped and then it was present time! He already got his big gift the day before, a sweet water table, and today he got to open a new "pet" puppy and a blowup ball pit. He knew just what to do and loved opening his gifts.

All 4 kids loved the ball pit.

It's the new clown car. How many can we fit inside?!

Three. The answer is comfortably three.

He wanted to ride his scooter so I rode a scooter with him to the park and then it was time for his party!

His Brinkerhoff grandparents, Brody's family and our cousin Kevin's family were able to come. Brandt grilled some chicken and pineapple and it was delicious. When it was cake time, Logan ROCKED it! We sang to him and on the last note he blew out his candles with one quick blow! We were all so surprised and confused as to how they went out!

After dinner we all went on a long walk/ride around the neighborhood and then he opened his last gift from his grandparents which was two awesome pull-back cars which he loves and a coupon for a date with them.

When it was bedtime I got to tuck him in and before I put him in his crib we laid on the floor together singing his two favorite songs, twinkle twinkle and I am a child of God. I love singing with him. It's so cute hearing him sing the words he knows. Happy birthday bud!