Saturday, November 25, 2017

Girl's Bowling Date

Wendy had been wanting to go bowling at the place next to the grocery store we frequent so I told her we'd go when Brandt was home for the Thanksgiving holiday. Unfortunately we ran out of time and the last day of vacation he was at the temple with some friends so instead of giving up, I found a sitter while the boys napped and took the girls bowling!

I love hanging out with these two! They had me put my name on the scoreboard as Momma Llama, Jane was Hurricane Santa and Wendy was Unicorn Wenders. Very fitting. 

I love the boys too (actually very much) but it's nice to have a certain level of maturity when doing things like this.

It's been a long time since Jane went bowling. In fact, I think the last time was nearly 3 years ago with my family in Texas. She did so well though! She threw the ball the right way (verses Wendy throwing it with a loud smack onto the lane haha) and it was cute seeing her so grown up.

It took Jane a long time to stop feeling upset that she wasn't winning though so every time we chatted about it I told her that I didn't take them there to win, I took them to have fun. Finally at the end she felt happy and even congratulated Wendy and I on winning. Check out my last frame! That never happens!

I wasn't going to let them do the arcade after we finished bowling because bowling isn't cheap and I had to pay a sitter but it's hard for me to say no sometimes. I also take after my mom and like spoiling them. Their minds were blown when I handed them each their own cards with $5 on them. They both said, "WHAT?! We get our own cards!?" They even got to pick whatever they wanted to play instead of me hovering (sometimes I can't help myself).

Wendy got an airhead and this headband (my little diva) and Jane got an airhead and some disappearing ink which I HILARIOUSLY fake tripped and spilled on her before she had a chance to understand what it really was. We all had a good laugh at her reaction and so did everyone around us.

A little grocery shopping and then back home. Logan had woken up right before we got there and Boston was still asleep so he had no idea there was even a sitter, ha! Definitely something we'll have to do again!

Saturday, November 04, 2017

Wendy Mae: Party Time!

 She's six! I wish she were still 2. She's losing her squish but at least she still wants my snuggles. She said she wanted cookies for breakfast so cookies it is! I think we should have cookies for breakfast more often. Mmmm. 

Wendy is my girly girl so when I saw this pink wrapping paper around her birthday there was no question if she needed it. 

And being such a girly girl... Aunt Anna gave Wendy her first make-up kit! She put it on many times every day for weeks.

She was getting the hang of it by lunch time. Ha!

Grandma watched the kids and Wendy and I went out to our special bi-yearly birthday/Half birthday lunch. One my my favorite traditions ever. Sharing her special day and sharing mine with her makes me so happy.

Later that day we hit up Target Halloween clearance where we found THE PERFECT dress for her. Since it was her birthday I let her get it. Though, my furniture, carpet and lungs are full of glitter.

We saved the big gift for right before bedtime. She used to have a big pink puppy like this but it met it's demise in a bedwetting accident (I won't name names) years ago so when she recently said she missed it and I saw this, it had her name on it. She named it Cookie. Makes things a little confusing when she says things like, "Logan has my Cookie!" but it's a cute name.

I'd been asking Wendy for months what kind of birthday party she wanted and every single time she told me many ideas and couldn't just pick one so when it got down to the wire we decided to do exactly what she wanted. See invitation below :)

She makes a perfect cowgirl princess.

Ugh! She kills me!

I don't think she could get any cuter!

We did a movie (Peppa Pig, her favorite) and popcorn first:

Face painting next:


 Then some games and gift opening:

She's been excited for this part for ages!

Ah! Cute princess! 

My kids don't like cake so they always request ice cream for their birthday. They must have gotten that from Brandt. I want an excuse to make cake! Come on children!

Ok, fine, enjoy your ice cream sweet girl :)

I love that she has so many friends.

I especially love this friend. His real name is Tatem but we call him Blackie now.

After ice cream they played on the inflatable basketball goal the old owners left behind.

They love that thing. It's like their own little bounce house.

I'm so glad we could give you a special day sweet girl! We love you so much!

Thursday, November 02, 2017

Wendy Mae: 6 years!

My sweet Wendy Mae is 6! Wendy is my love bug. She loves to love and be loved. Since she was tiny she's thought of everyone as her mommy. She loves to snuggle and almost always a snuggle fixes everything that's wrong. She's full of big hugs, hard high-fives, and doesn't know her own strength so sometimes her love turns into owies for the love receiver. She's the biggest of most of her friends and can lift all of them. I know that because when she sees a friend she gets so excited that she runs straight at them (even though they know what's about to happen and they yell, "No Wendy! No Wendy! No Wendy!") and wraps her arms around them, lifting them off the ground and hugging as hard as she can. This one has lots of love to give.

Behind that strong exterior is a super soft soul. She's always been sensitive. Harsh words hurt her more than most and she internalizes everything said and not said. I think that's why I always call her "Sweet Wendy" because she has such a sweet, soft little heart. She's the first to give what she has to make someone happy. Some people, cough Jane, use that to their advantage and I try to protect her from it but then she usually gets mad at me because she truly wants to make them happy and doesn't care that she won't have whatever she had anymore. Making people happy means a lot to her.

 She's my best helper. I could give her twice as many chores as Jane and she won't complain a bit. I think she finds pride in being able to accomplish the things I ask her to. Also, I think she likes to mentally see that she's better than Jane by doing things and not complaining. Like, when I brush her hair. I can tell sometimes that it's uncomfortable but she's only complained twice (unlike Jane who throws a tantrum EVERY TIME). The look on her face and breathing is like she's saying in her mind, "You're better than Jane, don't cry like she does." I don't know if this is a good thing but she sure can own whatever she's doing. She's a genius at making beds and feels a sense of pride when she does it. I always tell her, "You made this bed!? No way! It looks like I made it!", and I'm totally not exaggerating. She's also a really great helper with Logan. She won't wipe his nose but she does everything else. When I mowed the lawn this summer she would put him in the stroller and walk him around and play with him without me even asking so I could get my job done. I love being able to depend on her and she's only SIX!

Honestly I feel like she's been 14 for the last 3 years. That's probably why I mistakingly treat her like she's older than she is most of the time which isn't fair to her but she has an old soul. She's rarely immature. If this is what child Wendy is like, I'm scared to see what she'll be like as a real teenager. She has always cared about how she looks, what others think and wants to do big kid things. However, she loves baby dolls so maybe there's a child in her somewhere.

Ever since she was in a wedding back in April, she has come leaps and bounds braveness-wise. She'll talk to people and answer their questions, pay for things with her own money (instead of me doing it for her), go up on stage for primary stuff, say prayers in front of strangers, basically everything now! I'm beyond proud of her. Today she even went up in front of her class at school and said the pledge of allegiance all on her own. I can't even believe this is the same girl from a year ago who I almost started anxiety therapy for.

For a long time she wanted to be a ballerina teacher when she grows up but lately she's been saying she wants to be a rockstar. Talk about change in braveness! She LOVES to dance and sing and has got the attitude to be a rockstar 100%. Scary but I can totally see that in her future.

Her favorite foods: She only eats carrots with hummus, loves salad, Kind bars, apples (should have put that first), cooked broccoli and jam sandwiches. She likes the idea of kids meals but only gets chicken nuggets and then throws a fit about eating them because she doesn't like them. She also always asks for noodles (with just parmesan cheese) but doesn't really love it. Some food she really doesn't like: Most pastries or baked breakfast things, chicken pot pie, lasagna, pizza, macaroni and cheese and grilled cheese. She's a hard one to please but at least she likes her veggies.  

Lately she is obsessed with drawing and writing letters. With drawing she usually draws them for me and writes "Wendy Mom" with a heart on them. She loves to draw her with me or just me and give them to me. She's such a sweetheart. Today she came into my room with a notebook and pen, waiter style, and said, "Excuse me, do you have any words in here for me to write?" I couldn't believe it! I pointed her to the bookshelf and she copied some of the words off the books for a while. She has had the hardest time learning her letters and sounds but she's almost got all her letters figured out (sounds are another issue) and is now obsessed with writing. I LOVE it! She has the neatest handwriting for a six year old too. Like I said above, she likes to be perfect in everything she does so she puts forth real effort.

Her and Boston share a room and they do such a good job together. Wendy falls asleep in about 2 minutes after we leave the room. Boston is a different story but I'm proud of him for letting her sleep and not pestering her or keeping her awake. She usually wakes up at about 10 or 11pm to use the bathroom. One night she scared the life out of me. I was walking through the dark house after just turning off a light and I was trying to turn on the flashlight on my phone but kept hitting the wrong button when all of a sudden something stomach hight had wrapped arms around me. I seriously almost screamed! I realized it was Wendy and asked her if she needed to go to the bathroom. I took her and then brought her back to bed. It took me a good 10 minutes to calm my heart down. Gah!

Wendy Bendy, you are awesome. You are so different than any of your siblings and I love YOU. You're starting to love your own things and become who you are. I hope I can be a better mom to you with each day that passes before it's too late. You deserve the best and I try again every day to be who you need. I love your snuggles and when you act crazy. I love that you always want me to do your hair and paint your nails. Also, you have such a beautiful smile.

Your daddy loves you and gushes over you any time I bring up your name. When I see you and Jane play together my heart gets so happy. You guys fight a lot (usually not your fault) so when you play pretend with each other for more than 10 minutes, it's a big deal to me. I always tell you two that you are the only sisters you'll ever have so I hope you become best friends one day. Boston cries and misses you SO much when you go to school. "Nooooo! I gonna miss Wendy!" Though you two basically pretend each other don't exist, he notices when you're gone. You've been more hands off Logan the last few months, which we are grateful about, but I love the little mom you are to him. We are so proud of you and all you're learning and what you are becoming. Love you Wenders! Happy birthday munchkin!

Saturday, October 07, 2017

BYU Homecoming 2017

BYU may be ridiculously terrible this year but we still love 'em. We met up with family at our usual spot in Provo to watch the Homecoming parade this morning. My brother Joshua and sister Anna got to join us this year and they made it even more fun than last year. I could hear Joshua's voice going horser and horser with every float that passed. Here are some photos from the parade:

A rare family photo:


Logan ate THE WHOLE TIME. You'd think I never feed him. My favorite Logan moment was seeing him share Grandma's donut:

Bossy Boy! We were both parade survivors. A young man threw a candy that hit him smack in the face and a young woman threw a Snickers smack into the top of my head when I was leaning down to help Boston collect candy. It hurt SO bad but at least it was a Snickers. She felt bad and everyone on the float was laughing in disbelief so I held it up and said, "Thanks! I love Snickers!"

Brief moment of Grandpa and Wendy together. We love living near grandparents!

Jane found that blue tinsel on the road. She said she saved it after being run over and didn't let go of it the whole time. 

Brandt and his little girlies:

We love parades! We especially love parades that give out amazing candy! Yay for the good stuff and not just Fruities and taffy!

After the parade, we went to Target to get paid to get flu shots. That's where Joshua met a super foxy lady.

Love at first sight.

Once we got home, the boys went down for naps, and we went to Costco while Brandt stayed home and cleaned the house (best husband) to prep for a get-together we had that night with our old West Jordan pals. I love our old friends, I love that we have a house big enough to easily host them all and I love that Joshua and Anna could join us. Such a fun-filled Saturday!