Tuesday, February 21, 2017

A Wendy day

Today was a super windy day. It also happened to be a day where everything I took pictures of involved Wendy. We joke sometimes when it's windy that, "It's windy outside! Wait, Wendy's outside!? Oh no! Wendy come inside!" Then she laughs and says, "I'm right here!" We're funny like that :)

Anyway, here are some pictures from our day:

Since yesterday was President's day she was supposed to dress patriotic today from preschool. When I picked her up she was wearing this hat she made. It made me laugh. She loves preschool so much. I'm so glad that's the one I chose when I googled preschools in West Jordan right when we knew we were going to move here. It's perfect for her.

One of the kids at her school was gone last week so he brought his valentines today and she shared the treats with Boston. She always shares without anyone even asking. Her siblings are lucky to have her.

This picture makes me laugh too because it was so windy that her hair was flying around and Boston was like, "I'm trying to be brave for this picture!" After I got the picture I said, "Ok, let's go inside!" He screamed and ran as fast as he could.

After that Walgreens we went to another because... Valentine's clearance. At this store they had stuffed animals for $1.50. I'm not supposed to spend money on stuff we don't need right now, especially stuffed animals. I can't even spend my birthday money on stuffed animals. Brandt rarely gives me rules. I can do what I want as long as it's not wasteful, Texas themed (haha) or stuffed animals. I know why, we have a ton but I saw a fox and since I was getting a fox Wendy wanted the adorable unicorn. I stood there trying to be strong, really, but how could I say no to a $1.50 unicorn of her dreams!? Then, since I was getting one for her I had to get one for Jane because I'm not dumb... the fighting would never end. If you give a mouse a cookie...

So, three stuffies later (we're pretending the fox is Boston's until he loses interest like he always does) and we were back in the wind and on our way home.

Later that afternoon Wendy was playing with Logan kind of rough right after he ate and got a nice spray of spit-up in her hair/face. She said, "Oh, I hope he didn't spit up on me. Did he?" I made her stay like this for a minute while I grabbed my phone for a picture. After I was done she said, "Ok mom, now you need to wash it off." All is forgiven. She's so in love with him.

We had some time before needing to get Jane from school so we played on scooters (that they all got for Christmas) while Logan napped. Boston is getting SO good at riding it!

Wendy is really good too! Jane has her handle bars up really high so Wendy demands that hers be up really high too. Whatever makes them happy...

Boston just started to be able to clear that corner without falling or stopping to adjust this week!

He's such a cutie!

Go Bossy go!

Wendy and I got out Jane's scooter and she stood on it while I rode it. It was a fun afternoon but a storm started coming in so we had to put the scooters away.

I love this girl. She has a kind heart, gives great snuggles, and has a fierce yet sweet attitude. Love you Wenders!

Monday, February 20, 2017

President's Day: GIRL DATE

The 10 years we lived in Chicago, Brandt never got President's Day off work. The first holiday of the year at VSA was Memorial Day in May so it was always a loooong 6 months between Christmas and then. At his new job at Axis 41, President's Day is a paid holiday! We sat down last night and made a list of things I wanted to get done today. On that list was laundry, vacuuming, Costco, Target, cleaning mud off a million shoes that have been piling up that instead of cleaning I've just been ignoring them and pulling out new shoes from our new shoe bin... AND Nickel Mania! I had promised Jane that if I could throw out her super disgusting HUGE gobstopper from Christmas I would take her and Wendy on a date to Nickel Mania and today was the day.

We started off the day with me taking the older three to Target first thing in the morning to return some things (but really it was in case the Valentine's Day clearance was 90% off which it was). They got to finish the Planes movie that they watched on the way home from Grandma's the night before while we waited for the store to open (gotta be there first thing on 90% off clearance days). When we got home my lovely husband had already put Logan down for his first nap and made us ebelskivers for breakfast. I spent a few hours doing the laundry and vacuuming and then it was time for our girls date!

Neither girl had ever been to a place like this before and they were so excited. They even brought all their nickels and dimes to use. It was crazy busy but we still managed to play what we wanted and had a blast. Here are some pictures:

Girl Date! I love my girl team.

Get 'em Wendy!

Jane played this a few times. She was actually really good. I think I can only lift my heavy body up about twice before I lose at that (past experience... many times...)

Some serious air!


Wendy's first time at ski ball. I was so distracted by getting a picture that I forgot to tell her how to do it. She immediately threw it really hard OVERhand. Whoops.

Then, while I was taking a picture of Jane doing it Wendy came over to me screaming and holding her nose. I had no idea what happened but eventually I got it out of her that Jane's elbow hit her in the nose. Tonight as I was looking at these pictures I laughed so hard because I got the exact moment on camera and didn't even know it! And, here is when Wendy was standing too close to the hurricane and got an elbow in the nose:

A good snuggle and everything was better.

Back to having fun!

I asked Wendy what her favorite part about Nickel Mania was tonight and she said, "The thing you sit on and go round and round." This was the slowest and most uneventful carousel but it was her favorite. I had them try and give me high-fives as they sloooooooowly went around. Surprisingly they could hardly hit my hand! Now that I know it was her favorite part I feel sad I didn't let her do it a second time when she asked after it ended.

They each got about 260 tickets...

And, got quite the loot! Jane got one more toy than Wendy so we got a few more nickels in hopes of getting enough tickets to get a tiny toy for her. We weren't doing very well but Jane found a ticket and a nickel on the floor so that helped. We played Deal or No Deal and were SO close to getting a ton of tickets but when we had the option of taking the deal of 39 tickets (enough for a toy) or chancing it with 8 or 70, Jane felt really strongly to not take the deal. We got 8 tickets, womp womp. I got a few more nickels and we tried some other games, finally getting enough. At the redemption counter something really weird happened, I'm still not sure what and somehow we got way more tickets to spend then we walked up with. The girls both got friendship necklaces and Wenders got a mini flashlight like Jane.

When we got in the van they both chose ME to have the other half of their necklaces! I think it was a successful date :)

We went to Costco where instead of lunch after shopping we got ice cream, because why not? Boss was super happy to see me as I pulled up to the house. He was super cute riding his scooter as Brandt watched from the porch holding Logan. The girls JUMPED out, grabbed their scooters and spent some time outside while I cleaned the upstairs. 

We decided on BLTs and tots for dinner so I needed to go to the store for bread and when Logan and I came back, Jane was in the middle of cooking bacon! Brandt was guiding her through every step of making dinner and she did everything! She said she didn't like burning her arm on the griddle (not too bad) but other than that she felt super proud that she made dinner for everyone. I was super proud of her too. 

The kids went to bed and that pile of muddy shoes is just gonna have to wait (until everyone outgrows them) because I'm not getting off this couch. 

What a fun day. Now to remember tomorrow isn't Sunday when I wake up...

Sunday, February 19, 2017


We spent the weekend in Orem and one of the things we did was go to Midway, Utah and watch the skijoring competition. We'd never heard of it until my brother-in-law Brody sent us a text with a woman on skis being pulled by a horse. His mom loves horses and skiing so it was amazing to learn this actually exists!

Here are some pictures from that day:

That's MY man! Look at all that stuff he's carrying! That's what happens when Boss decides he won't walk and sits down in the mud.

Most of the snow was gone so I'm glad they didn't have to cancel this. It was super fun(ny) to watch.

Grandma and the kiddos:


Brody, Brandt and Logan:

There was a playground near where we were standing so the kids spent most of the time over there.

Though, they did spend a lot of time eating Goldfish and watching other little kids riding snowmobiles. It was $12 for 10 times around. Even if it were free I don't think I'd let my kids on one!

And looking around I think we were the only family in tennis shoes, whoops. Our feet were pretty cold.

Logan did pretty well for about half an hour and then he was done.

We stayed for a bit more and then I took the two boys back to Orem for naps while everyone else stayed back. 

Boston walked back to the van almost the whole way and did a fairly good job at dodging the horse poop on the road.

Wish I could have stayed longer but now I can say I've gone to a skijoring competition... even though most people won't have a clue what I'm talking about :)

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Logan Fox: 8 months

Tonight was a night that will make me miss my babies. We went to a friend's birthday party and stayed until after their bedtime. Everyone did so well, even Logan who missed his last nap so we could go. He didn't even show he was tired which was a first. He's only missed his last nap once before. Tonight he got passed around from stranger to stranger who wanted to hold the cute fella. I didn't even know most of them, ha! On our drive home I didn't want him to fall asleep so I reach back into his carseat and put my hand next to his head so distract him. He was still for a moment but then he reached his tiny hand up, grabbed my hand and put it closer to his face. It was one of the sweetest moments. He didn't even know where that hand came from or who it belonged to but he wanted it and trusted it.

When we got home Brandt put the middles to bed and I started getting Logan ready for bed. While I was changing his diaper he started doing this super funny thing with his tongue. It was like he was thinking, "What is this lump in my mouth? It moves around and I think I can control it!" He would stick it out and make it go from stumpy to really long and try and grab it with his hand. It was cracking me up. I started feeding him some solids and I was laughing so hard I had to get the camera and try and film it. He stopped doing it for the most part but I got it a little. Jane came upstairs and got some good smiles from him.

Here's the video. It's a long one but I know 5 years from now I'll be so glad to see him as a baby.

My little Logan Fox at 8 months. He loves food so much. He can grab food with his hand and put it in his mouth with 75% accuracy. He loves bread and puffs and eats almost all the purees I give him. When he's done he bats his hands at me like he's trying to get away. It makes me laugh. When he's done he's done. He's very mobile but in the most awkward way. He can't crawl but wants to so bad so it's more like an inch worm. He gets up like he's doing a push up on his toes but with his tiny bum so high in the air. Then, he gets his knees under him and lunges as far forward as he can with all his might. He does that over and over until he gets to where he wants to go.

He is so fast at rolling from his back to his tummy that diaper changes are SO hard! It's funny but also, seriously dude! Just let me put the diaper on you!

I love this kid. I am having a hard time with him growing up. With my other kids they were always "almost" the next age. For Logan he's exactly how old he is that day and not a moment older.

Monday, January 09, 2017

Texans in Utah!

My parents came to Utah! It was a super fun few days and I already look forward to the next time they come. I had a blast playing games with my dad, it was super fun seeing my mom play with the kids (they kind of demanded to play with her every second they were awake) and we even got to go out and see the new Star Wars movie with my dad and Josh while my mom watched the kids! Here are pictures from the other things we did...

 They made my dreams come true by bringing me some of my favorite food from Texas... Kolaches and armadillo eggs!

The day after they came we headed to Idaho for my niece's blessing. Brandt stayed home with Wendy and Boss, and I took Jane and Logan. Here we are at Firehouse for dinner once we got to Logan, Utah. I love seeing my baby brother Joshua with my baby boy Logan. These two blondes are so cute!

Anna, Chris and little Alivia!

My Mom and Dad! So thankful to my mom for holding cranky and tired Logan so I could stuff my face with delicious pizza!

It was so fun bringing Jane on this trip. She was really looking forward to it and I love that she was old enough to be fun to bring. My favorite moment with her at dinner was surprising her with Sprite to drink and then ice cream after her pizza because it came with her meal. She felt loved and I loved it. After dinner we went to the hotel and put Logan down and then everyone but him and my mom went to Walmart for a couple things. A cool moment was showing Jane some fireworks in the sky as we pulled into the parking lot. I realized Jane had never been awake to see fireworks at night before! In the store, we searched high and low for a snow globe since the one Jane brought broke when we got to the hotel but they didn't have any. Jane's normal bedtime is 7pm (though she reads till 7:30/8) so it being 10pm she was going crazy... bouncing off the walls crazy. After we grabbed what we needed we headed back to the hotel to go to bed. Logan was stirring, the A/C kept going off and it was hard to sleep so I gave up and Jane and I watched cooking/baking short videos on my phone. She thought it was SO cool. We finally fell asleep after 11pm.

 The next day we got up early, Jane stuffed her face with Fruit Loops and we headed to Preston for Alivia's blessing. Isn't she darling?!

The two girls of the hour:

While I took Jane to the bathroom my dad watched Logan and when I came out these two couldn't have been cuter. Logan and his Grandpa... a moment I'll cherish forever.

The next day, back at my place, I walked out to see my parents resting the same exact way. They're funny.

That same day, Brandt stayed home with the boys so they could nap and the rest of us went to the Aquarium for the first time.

We had a whale of a time.

Walking across the rope bridge in "South America".

It's much too muggy in "South America".

 Wendy on a frog.

Jane on a frog.

Joshua and Dad on a turtle. Then we lost Josh for a while.

Saved the best for last... SHARKS!


I have cute girls.

We are all very grateful for that glass.

How big was it?


As we were leaving my mom saw a snow globe and bought it for Jane. She is now keeping it in a safe place and never taking it anywhere. Lesson learned. Mom, Dad and Josh went home the next day and they are very much missed. It was definitely a really fun New Year. Hopefully we'll see them this summer for Jane's blessing!