Friday, May 08, 2015

First Stitches: A Nightmare

Today has been hard but let me go back to the beginning...

Last Sunday, while Brandt was at a church meeting an hour away, I was in the bathroom helping Wendy when I hear a blood curdling scream, "He's cut! He's cut!" I ran into the living room, looked at Boston and started yelling, "Where!? What happened!?", because I didn't see anything wrong... AND THEN... blood started pouring from Boston's face. Both girls were screaming next to me as I tried sopping up the blood with Boston screaming and batting his fists at me. I couldn't do it on my own.

I grabbed Boston and ran downstairs to my friend's apartment where I knocked on her door and said, "I need one of you to come up with me. It's an emergency and I need another adult." She came up with me and helped me calm the girls, figure out what I should do with Boston, and the best thing was asking if I wanted her to say a prayer. I hadn't even thought of it! She said the prayer I needed and I knew I needed to take Boston to the hospital. She took the girls and I took Boston to the ER.

{ At this moment I didn't quite know what had happened as Jane was really too traumatized to explain but throughout the week I think I got the full story. My sharp scissors were on Jane's craft table. Jane grabbed them, opened them and then decided she didn't want to use them so she set them down and grabbed a book that was now under the scissors. Grabbing the book caused the scissors to fall on the floor and since Boston was on the floor next to her, he grabbed them. She said, "There was a ball under my chair and it made me stuck. I tried to scoot out and get the scissors from him but I couldn't and then he cut himself." Boston brought the open scissors to his mouth and then closed them. }

Many tears had been shed by me. My baby's beaming smile would never be the same! My boy! I could hardly keep calm as I got him registered but was trying my best. A guy in his 20's walked past and Boston smiled at him. He said, "Oh man! This kid! He's the coolest! Man, he's got the best smile! Hey man, you gotta come over and see this kid (talking to his friend). He's so beautiful! He's the coolest kid!"

I lost it. I started bawling. Here is this guy who looks like he's way too cool for school and probably in a biker gang and he's telling me that my son who was cut from cheek to cheek was beautiful... the very thing I was heartbroken about. Can you say angel!?

We got a room and the doctor came in. The very first thing he said was, "Oh no! (laughing) You look like The Joker!" I do realize that he did look quite a lot like The Joker but it was not funny. The very worst thing he could say. They decided he needed two stitches on his left side. Thank heavens the rest of the cut was minimal after a good cleaning. The process of getting the stitches was a nightmare. I first had to hold his head but emotionally I couldn't so a doctor switched me and I had to hold his arms. The whole time he just screamed and sweat and tears covered his face. His eyes were locked on me saying, "Why!? Why are you letting this happen to me!? You're my mom!" It was awful and it took me at least a day to recover from that. He wouldn't let me put him down the rest of the night. He was only happy in my arms, held tight. The next day he was his chipper, smiley self and his wound looked much better.

Boston the next day:

Fast forward 5 days later. I was so excited to get the stitches out. I knew he'd be more comfortable when I massaged it with ointment if they were out. Unfortunately it was a nightmare again. 

The stitches were pretty tight and the Dr. couldn't get his hook scissors under them. He thought he had so he made the snip but he had actually missed the stitch and instead hooked into his wound and snipped right through it. It took ALL I had not to punch him. I am still so mad about it. I had offered so much help/advice during all this but he kept saying he could get it. After lots more blood, tears, sweat and pain from Boston and me having to watch those betrayed eyes as I held his arms, the Dr. got the stitches out 15 minutes later.

So, Boston has more healing to do and will probably (definitely) scar now. But, it could have been way worse.

I think I've cried enough this week (and eaten a lot of ice cream). I'm ready for happy. Today was Jane's birthday but with all that's happened (and her waking everyone up at 4am) we decided to really celebrate tomorrow. She got Lucky Charms for breakfast and McDonald's for dinner (both her choices... yuck) but we'll really party and do gifts tomorrow when everyone has happier hearts.

So grateful for a generally healthy family! I don't think I could handle worse! Lesson learned: Even if the kids can't reach dangerous things (knives/scissors), they can fall or get knocked off the counter/table and then become super dangerous. Put things away when you're not using them!

Saturday, May 02, 2015

My 30th

So I don't look back and think, "Now, what did I do for my 30th birthday?", I am making a note of what went down here:

I woke up WAAAY too early for a birthday girl. 6am baby. The kids have been waking early the last little bit and today was a record. That was their gift to me. After we gathered our composure we headed south for some yummy donuts at Stan's Donuts. Delicious. Birthday donuts are a must.

When we got back, Brandt took the girls to a park while I stayed home so Boston could nap. And, what did I do with the kid-free hour I had on my birthday? Clean my bathroom! Isn't that what a 30 year old is supposed to do? I'm so ready for this.

I took Wendy to swim class (she rocked it), did a little decorating for Jane's "heart" party next week, played with mister Bossy pants and then we headed back downtown for my birthday dinner. Traffic was awful. It took us like an hour to get where we were going and once we finally got to the restaurant we noticed all the streets were blocked off and hundreds of people were walking around for some sort of activity at the restaurant. Boo. We decided to hit up one of Brandt's favorite places, Big and Littles. We had a delicious fish taco and Hawaiian burger and only spilled one full cup of water! My favorite part of the evening, besides the yummy food was seeing a guy in a car right next to us, clip his fingernails outside his window as he waited for a light. Why have I been wasting my home life doing it! I could have saved so much time clipping them on the go!

My bestie Nicole made me her famous lemon blueberry cake for my birthday so we picked that up on the way home, put the kids down and are now breathing. Yeesh! It's been a long day but the best I could have hoped for. I love my family and friends... they make life amazing. Here's to 30! I swore I wouldn't cook a Thanksgiving turkey till I was old (meaning 30) so I guess I'm hosting this year!

Oh, and a funny from today... It's also Wendy's half birthday. I hadn't planned on giving her anything or doing much for it but she pulled out a cute stuffed animal I had been hiding in the closet for this past Easter so I exclaimed, "Happy half birthday Wendy!" She was beyond excited. Win for everyone!

 At the donut shop. Chocolate everywhere!

I gave this little boy 3 pieces of my donut and after a thorough examination he was a big fan.

At swim class. She jumped SO high and SO far.

At dinner:

These two kill me! 

These two? THEY are just crazy. "Mom, I need you to come here so I can lay down and you can fan me." -Jane

And, two seconds later you get Jane kicking Wendy and Wendy screaming and clawing Jane. The other people at the restaurant loved us, I'm sure.

Fun times! It's been a great 30 years. Traveling backwards, I had three kids, worked at a design firm with Brandt, moved to Chicago, graduated from BYU-Idaho, got married, graduated high school, was a super awkward teenager (who would only re-live that if I knew what I do now), had a fun childhood and was born. Thanks for that mom (and dad)!

Friday, April 24, 2015

They make me laugh

Sometimes when Jane comes home from school, after being gone for 7 hours, it takes a little time for her and Wendy to learn how to play together again. Lately it's been great but today was not so great. Jane kept saying to Wendy that she wanted to be alone and have her own space. Wendy did not like that idea. They played off and on, between fighting, and at dinner they had this conversation:

Jane: I just want to be by myself.
Wendy: I just be with you!
Jane: No, I just want to be by myself!
Wendy: I say I be with you!
Jane: You CAN be with me!
Wendy: Yeah!
Jane: It's like the same thing. I mean, you CAN but I actually mean the opposite. You know, like you can't. Yeah, like not even really.
Wendy: Hmmm. Ok.

At least they worked it out.

And during prayer tonight Wendy threw in there, "And that Jane not go to jail." I pray she doesn't too!

What's Boston up to? Crying... Yup, in between smiles he's all crying. He's learned to sit up in his crib and pull himself up onto his knees and feet so that developmental leap is a little rough on him. He also suddenly became OBSESSED with me. Even if I turn around so my back is facing him he cries like it's the end of the world. Poor kid is going to get exactly what he wants because those crocodile tears break my heart and I just love him so much! Looks like nothing is going to be getting done around here except snuggling while he's so sensitive.

At least today was a day where I didn't raise my voice at all (even though everyone else did). Who's the winner!?
My three cuties:

 Enjoying the tulips after school:

Maybe not EVERYONE was enjoying the tulips... Can't. Breathe.:

Thank you Spring, for finally coming our way! Can't wait to spend more time outside!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

A new smile

Little Janie has had a loose top, front tooth for a while and tonight at dinner it started bleeding after she bit down too hard so I asked her if I could pull it with the paper towel I was using to clean her up and out it came! She looks so different with the big gap but her baby teeth are getting so tiny. I can't even imagine both of them gone and the other top tooth is a few weeks away from coming out too!

Here's my little rugrat in all her gappy glory:

My favorite thing about her losing her tooth was the note she wrote the tooth fairy, which said, "Dear Tooth Fairy. I like it when you come around."

Ha! She went straight to sleep tonight obviously VERY excited to see what she gets in the morning.

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Boston Bunny

It's been a while (like a month) since I sat Boston down for some photos and since I have the PERFECT quilt for an Easter backdrop (thanks Aunt Susan!), I made it happen. First, this boy is a dream. Sure, we had a few rough days last week with him not wanting to eat and he wasn't his normal chipper self during that time but those days are SO few it's unbelievable. I seriously can't even believe he's mine! I know I don't deserve him, that's for sure.

He's started scooting a little while in sitting position and can slowly, with great effort, scoot/crawl on his belly if he's on carpet or my bed. He gives sloppy high fives on command and gives the best light-up-the-world smiles whenever he sees me. He loves Jane, swings, his tooth brush, baths, his thumb, riding in his car seat and reaching his arms out of his crib to grab the girl's animals or play kitchen, both of which sit next to his crib. He tolerates Wendy (Ha! She's a little too rough with him.) and getting his face wiped off. He hates noodles, hearing his sisters cry and... that's all I can think of!

Here's my little Bossy Bunny:

Happy Easter from Boston!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Easter in Chicago 2015

I decided last week I didn't want to take the girls to an Easter egg hunt with the other billion children in Chicago so we hosted one ourselves today with their friends from church. We had a great turnout and it was super yummy and fun. Here are some pictures:

This is before everyone showed up with the rest of the food. We had SOOO much! The decorations are now down and put away which is record time for me but I miss them already.

After eating and playing inside we headed outside for an egg hunt!

Even though it snowed twice this week (one of which was yesterday) it all melted and the ground was clear and dry! Prayers answered!

The 17 (!!) children who hunted for eggs had to hunt for eggs with a specific number, making it fun and non stressful for the littles who normally wouldn't get any eggs.

I told the girls they could have 2 eggs today and the rest another day.

I think they had about 6 because I just couldn't say no one more time (they asked a bazillion times for more).

But kids are only kids for a short time (and we made sure to brush their teeth extra long tonight).

Love this girl!

She was so happy to have her OWN basket with her OWN eggs.

And this girl found all her eggs on her own! She getting much too big!

After Wendy woke up from her nap they opened all their eggs and traded/counted/sorted their treasure. Jane gave Wendy her stickers for nothing in return and Wendy was so delighted she almost squealed. It was so fun listening to and watching them do this. Oh, to be a child again.

Next weekend we'll do this again in Utah! Can't wait!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Tacos, Cheese and Inside Mouth

Today was just an average day but thinking back on it still makes me laugh. Boston had a doctor appointment (20lbs and 28 inches long at almost 9 months) which was super far away. I googled the doctor's address and it sent me to this building 40 minutes away. I had been to this Dr. once before but went in the wrong entrance that time so I thought maybe it was still the same place. It wasn't, the office was basically abandoned and lights were out. I called the Dr. and asked for their correct address. LUCKILY they were a couple miles away and apparently this wrong place used to be their office a long time ago. So, that was fun. We were a little late for the appointment but still made it AND my favorite taco place was on the way home so we stopped and got some tacos to-go.

Wendy was walking back and forth on the chairs in the waiting area and after a while walked over to me and gave me the sweetest snuggle. I said, "We've got to take some pictures." and pulled out my phone.

My little friend:

 She wanted to take a picture of our mints so here is a picture of our mints:

We spent like 5 minutes taking pictures of ourselves and during that time she dropped the mints out of her mouth three times. I kept giving her new ones and laughing each time it'd happen again. When we got to the car she was opening a new mint to replace the last one that fell and it popped out of the package right onto the filthy Chicago ground. I gave her one more after I got her buckled in and we weren't more than 1 minute away when I hear some choking from the back seat. I turn around and noticed the new mint wasn't in her mouth anymore. I asked her if she was ok and where the mint was and she replied, "In my belly." I couldn't stop laughing at this little girl! 4 fallen mints and one swallowed accidentally. Needless to say we were done with mints for the day.

I dropped her off at school and headed home to chat with my long lost friend Amanda while Boston napped. It was SO good to talk to her as I haven't really talked to her for 14 years (she moved away in grade school and we lost contact).

Then I picked up Wendy from school, played, got Jane from school and then came home for some more playing and then dinner. I gave Boston some cheese cubes for dinner and he was so ridiculous. He LOVED the cheese but refused to pick it up with his own hands. I would put one in his mouth, he'd smile super big and eat it and then scream like he hasn't eaten in 10 years till I put another one in his mouth, rinse and repeat. Ha! I couldn't even get him to eat any initially and as I walked away to get something, Jane hopped up from her chair, sat it mine and shoved a piece in his tightly closed mouth. As I walked back she said, "It's the best when he cries because then his mouth is open and you can put food in." She's gonna make a great mom. :)

The plan was to make the girls pizzas on tortillas but when it came time to make them I realized we were out of tortillas. I was defeated for a minute until I realized I have a quick recipe for tortillas and all the ingredients so the girls helped me make them. Best decision of the day was letting them have some of the dough to play with while I rolled the rest of the dough out. It occupied them for ages and they loved every minute. Jane used a cookie cutter on hers so I heated that one up and she ate a palm tree tortilla. Wendy just played with her "playdough" as she called it, trying out different things. Playdough is definitely on our list of things we need now.

Brandt worked late tonight so the bedtime routine was all me. When it was Jane's turn for brushing, flossing and prayer she was going crazy. It was hard to wrangle her but I managed and after she was all done she sat on my lap complaining about some pain in the back of her mouth. She asked what that part of her mouth was called and I thought about it for a minute and just said, "Uh, I think it's just called inside mouth." She thought that was THE funniest thing. She almost died laughing so hard without breathing. She asked me to say, "inside mouth" a million times and laughed the same way every time. Saying her prayer was, um, impossible because she kept looking at my face which was trying really hard not to smile each time she giggled about "inside mouth" so I just said it for her. She's hilarious.

And I get to do all of this again tomorrow but with different jokes, difficulties, mishaps and snuggles. Can't wait!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

The best job

Some days are tough, some days are painful, some days are exhausting but days like today make every day worth it. I was doing some late night kitchen cleaning and as I swept up the mountain of crumbs from around the table a flood of happy and fun feelings swelled in my heart. It was a good day.

School was closed for the 4th day this year due to extreme cold (I think it was -8 at one point without windchill?) so we got to keep Janie Babe home with us! She was so excited when I told her to get dressed in play clothes instead of school clothes and jumped with joy. We spent the morning playing and coloring and doing her first 50 piece puzzle. Jane and Wendy played so well together and Jane and Boston loved laughing together.

I had a neighbor take care of Boston so I wouldn't have to bring him outside for Wendy's art class so it was just the girls and I and they had so much fun making a paper gumball machine with fuzzy pompoms. We then ate lunch together and Wendy napped while Jane and I chatted, worked and did another puzzle. After Wendy got up I got serious about making dinner to bring to some friends and pretty much did that while wrangling all three kids until dinner was dropped off and we were fed ourselves. My favorite moment this evening was surprising them with licking the icing off the beater and spatula. I called out to them in their room, "Who wants to lick the icing off the beater!?" They came running. Then I squirted the extra icing from the piping bag into their mouths and they couldn't even believe what was happening.

Seems like a typical day but we don't get to see Jane very much since she started Kindergarten and it was so nice to be together. I was actually thinking today how, though I think I would go mad, it might actually be nice to homeschool Jane. 7 hours is a long time away and we all miss her.

A few things about the little spirits I've been so privileged to take care of...

Jane: She can laugh and has so much energy! She LOVES playing, coloring, reading, "guiding" Wendy in playing pretend. She LOVES getting Boston to laugh. I think they are going to be best friends. She is still quite the hurricane but she is SO sweet and loves to snuggle me. She never forgets I need that from my "first baby". I still hear her ask, "Can I be your kitty that listens and obeys?" ALL. THE. TIME. So, she's almost always a kitty.

Wendy: She's funny. This girl. I'm still trying to figure her out. She's very strong willed but also super willing to help. Sometimes she'll just do or say something so random it cracks me up. Like today in the car she started laughing so hard for no reason (I think it was to just hear how it would sound). She always rushes to grab me things when I ask (and don't ask, like my phone... she's always bringing it to me for no reason) and is such a great helper. Sometimes she'll tell me, "just minute" when she's too busy to do what I need and she's so cute saying it I can't help but allow her that minute. She's such a girlie girl and is almost always wearing her Cinderella dress. She's never taken dance but she is actually quite the graceful ballet dancer. I've got to sign her up for that and expand her talent. I do love this girl so much. She has got such a soft heart inside her little body. She just got up to go potty and after she was done she said, "you hold mine hand to mine room?" Of course I will, any day!

Boston: This kid is an angel. I adore him. I could hold him all day every day if my back would allow (he's getting pretty heavy). He is so smiley. So smiley, it's almost like he's rewarding you for taking the time to look at him by giving you a huge smile. He is very ticklish and I can't help but tickle him A LOT because I love his laugh. Maybe it's a third time mom thing but I am seriously enjoying this baby. With Jane I was always looking forward to the future, the next milestone, making sure to capture everything. With Wendy I was so stressed out trying to deal with two kids and the change in Jane after having Wendy (it was a hard adjustment on her). I just thought two kids was really hard. Three has been a breeze. I'm able to live in the moment and take in him being a baby. Don't get me wrong, I'm exhausted a lot (should have gone to bed 2 hours ago) but we are in a good place right now. I could have 10 more Boston babies easy.

I have the best job. I am so grateful every day that I get to stay home with, laugh with, bond with, grow with these three kids. I've never wanted a different job and though mine is waaaaaaaaay more demanding than office jobs, mine is waaaaaaaaaaay more awesome. I would only change one thing-- maybe I could get some sick/vacation leave every once in a while? :)

My Wenders: She's awesome.

Enjoying my left-over cereal milk (which she demands every morning that I have cereal after she's already eaten).

Janers after building her "first project with REAL nails". 

It was so fun taking her to do this last Saturday.

Friends. Friends with heart eyes :)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Boston Knight: 8 Months

Boston woke up from his nap today in an especially great mood (who am I kidding, he's always happy) so I decided it was a good time to take some pictures of my little 8 month old boy. I almost melted looking at the photos after because each one was just perfect. It took me ages to choose which ones to post so I hope you enjoy!


This boy. Man, he's got everyone wrapped around his little finger and we are all more than willing to be! He's the happiest baby I've ever known and just absolutely loves life. Some details about him at 8 months... He's got 7 teeth (nearly 8) and Brandt calls his top teeth "hippo" teeth because he's the first of our three kids to get their two front teeth last. He's not a great teether and has all the classic teething signs (our girls never did). 

He still has 3 naps a day and sleeps 12 hours at night. He's really good at sitting up now (just graduated from the Bumbo to a booster high chair), loves sleeping on his tummy, can roll onto his tummy super quick but doesn't really ever flip back to his back. He isn't scooting or inching to things he wants and is perfectly content just sitting there, munching on a toy within reach. He is an amazing snuggler and beams when he sees anyone. He isn't too great at picking up food and putting it in his mouth yet but he's getting there. He loves puffs, rice cereal, apple sauce, bananas and even eats peas and green beans like a champ. My least favorite thing he does while eating... he's a teeth grinder! Between bites he grinds his hippo teeth and bottom teeth together, drives me crazy!

He isn't blowing raspberry's but has starts gurgling in the back of his throat for fun. When he starts jabbering it means he's ready for a nap and even though you don't think he'll go to sleep he just sticks his thumb in, flips over and to sleep he goes. He's pretty healthy and has really only been sick twice so far. We're about to start iron supplements and hopefully that'll give him more energy and help his anemia (which isn't full blown yet).

Blah. blah, blah... He's the perfect thing for this family at this time and we feel extremely blessed to have our little Bossy Boy in our lives. Boston, we love you SOOOOOOO much! Mwa!