Thursday, September 11, 2014

Curse of the Yellow Track Suit

Many, many years ago... 10 to be exact, the curse of the yellow track suit began. This track suit has been passed around from child to child in my family and with it goes the curse. Each and every time it was worn, the wearer had a massive blowout. I'm not just talking a little leak, I'm talking rumble, rumble, up the back and past the head kind.

It started with my nephew Tyler. I will never forget holding him in the visitor center of the LDS Temple when I heard it, felt it and then saw it. It was then passed to his brother Jimmy and then to Jane just to see if the curse still existed, which it did. The mantle was passed to Boston today as he got to wear it for the first time and sure enough... that track suit still has MASSIVE powers.

I put it on him and took some pictures. He was giving me some funny faces and I wasn't sure why his mood had changed. After I was done I picked him up and to no surprise he'd pooped! I was laughing so hard because, "oh the memories" and went to change him. If only I'd known the curse was just getting started.

I laid him on my bed, opened his diaper and mid change, the volcano erupted. I'm talking, BOOM, across the room, through the mesh on one side of his bassinet to the other side of it and on the closet doors. Wendy missed it by inches and screamed bloody murder, crying for 10 minutes she was so scared. Me? I was covered in poop, had a HUGE mess to clean up but was laughing my head off. I was thinking the whole time, "I'm so glad I got to experience the curse of the track suit again. I'm so glad it didn't let me down."

The best part? The track suit is the same color :)

After about an hour of cleaning and scrubbing the bed, bassinet, clothes, sheets, myself, Boston, the floor and the closet door, all I've got left to do is one load of laundry. Oh, that outfit. Luckily I've got some cute pictures of my Boston experiencing the curse for himself!

 This is why we call him, "Big Eyes Boston" :)

My cute little helper:

Probably the moment it began:

The outfit in all it's glory:

I love this kid and this track suit so, SO much. They will both always make me smile.

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

See Jane: Lose Her First Tooth!

For 3 weeks, Jane has asked me about 673 times a day if I want to wiggle her loose tooth. Each time I was as excited as the first to wiggle that scrawny little tooth of hers. It's been super fun to see how excited she is about it and to tell her about what's happening.

Today she told me that she "sneaks" wiggles when her teacher isn't looking because apparently they aren't allowed to have their hands in their mouths. I think that's a great rule but I can see how upsetting this can be to a 5 year old who is losing her first tooth!

After school she asked me if I wanted to wiggle it and after 3 little pulls on it, while wiggling it, AND Jane jumping up and down with each one... it popped right out! She was SO excited and also alarmed. She was panic-laughing and a little blood started pooling in her mouth, at which point she started getting nervous. I laughed about the blood to calm her down and said, "You want me to tell you why it's bleeding? It's really funny! It's bleeding because your mouth is saying, "Hey! Wait! What's going on!? There used to be a tooth there! Where did it go!?!?"" She thought that was way funny and wasn't nervous anymore.

She immediately wanted to call her dad so we did after taking a billion pictures... cause I was as happy as she was for this milestone :) We made a little tooth pouch necklace so she wouldn't lose it, which she wore the rest of the day and is now hanging on her bed post.

Brandt and I had decided that even though the tooth fairy is super fun, we didn't want to lie to Jane (no judging of what others do). It helped that she asked me point blank, "Is the tooth fairy real?" I told her that Dad and I were so happy for her that we would swap out her tooth in the middle of the night with an awesome surprise. After making me hold her pink wand and put on her butterfly wings to play the part, she seriously went to sleep in .000004 seconds. When she wakes, she will find a brand new tutu/leotard (b/c I found one earlier today that was on clearance and she doesn't have one that fits her) in the place of her tooth. I can't wait to hear her squeal in the morning.

Here's my beauty minus one tooth:


I should also note that Wendy went to the dentist for her first cleaning today and did awesome! No cavities but has an "open bite" probably from sucking her thumb, has a large "frenulum labii superioris" or "skin flap under top lip" which may need to be cut after all her adult teeth are in, and they are watching her front tooth because she injured it when she fell a month ago and they said the color has changed slightly. In other words... Wendy will probably bankrupt us with dental costs down the road but her cute little smile is worth it :)

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

See Jane: Go to School!

Today was Jane's first day of school! That's right, her first day of full-day Kindergarten! She put on her big girl jumper and mom put on her big girl pants to prepare being away from each other for 7 (felt like 597) whole hours.

 Who's ready for this?

We started off the day with me getting Janer ready for her first day. I got her dressed very carefully (even put her socks and shoes on her) so everything would be perfect. I fully realize that she's a big girl and doesn't need that and by the end of the year (or quite possibly the week) I'll be impatiently telling her to just throw the stuff on but she's my first baby and this was probably my last time to do it.

 My cute 5 year old in her school uniform:

Trying to get her to smile I told her a joke. Her response was, "huh?" I love her "huh" face.

This cute smile isn't going to be the same much longer... she's got 3 wiggly teeth!

Before we left I took some (ok, more like a million) pictures of Jane-bo and then we all (Brandt included) walked her to school. This was probably one of the longest walks of my life. I have been super excited about her starting school and getting to focus on Wendy and Boss but my tune changed this morning.

When we got there she was super excited but we had to wait on the playground FOREVER before they could go in and she started getting sad and clingy. By they time they lined up to go in she was super sad. As I walked away my heart was torn. I wanted to go rescue her. I wanted to burst into the cafeteria, swoop her up and run out of there but I quietly walked home with the rest of my crew and a sad heart. My baby! Not knowing how quickly (or even if) she cheered up killed me the entire day.

Jane and Dad:

Jane showing me how she's SUCH a big sister, she can lift Wendy:

Jane and her teacher Mr. D.:

Sad little Janie as she walked into the building feeling all alone... broke my heart!

Fast forward to picking her up. I waited ages at the door the principle pointed me to and when no more kids were coming out a teacher asked me and a couple other parents what class we were waiting for and pointed us to a different door on the other side of the school. Eeek! Jane was one of 3 kids in her class who's parents were "late" and she had to wait by the main office. I felt super horrible. As she ran down the hall to meet me I couldn't tell if she was crying or smiling and was relieved to see a HUGE smile as she got closer. She was in high spirits and had a wonderful day. I gave her a cookie, her "pet" rabbit and her balloon that she just bought with her own money, both of whom were sooo lonely without her all day.

 After her first day. Success!

The cutest thing was seeing her with Boston when we got home. I could tell she missed him a ton. I almost couldn't get him out of her arms. She just wanted to hold him, talk to him, sing to him, and even asked to change his diaper for the first time. She did a great job with it and then wrapped him up for his nap. I sprouted a few grey hairs watching her carry him around the house (with my arms under hers) but she was such a sweet sister to him. She even shared her uneaten lunch with Wendy after Boston went down for his nap.

There was only one hiccup (other than me not being at the right door) and that was that she got in the line to buy her lunch because she didn't understand what the teacher was asking so she got school lunch instead of the one I packed for her. No loss... apparently everyone gets free lunch and she ate the one I had packed after school.

We missed this little girl SO much but are so happy she enjoyed her time. She even thanked me for sending her to that class!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Downtown Girls

Today I took Jane downtown with me to my dentist appointment. I love that she is old enough now that it's fun instead of just having to take her with me because I don't have a sitter. We've been looking forward to this all week and kept the details of our little adventure a secret from Wendy and Brandt so they wouldn't get jealous (mostly Wendy). We said goodbye to the family at about 9:30am and hopped on the train.

After switching seats about a hundred times "to find the right one" Jane asked for my camera so she could take pictures of things so she could remember the train ride.

Very important stuff here... that one should never be forgotten :)

Like me! She just HAD to take a picture of me... I told her it was only fair to take one of her.

Then she was back at it. At one point she said, "The train is just going too fast for a little girl to take pictures." Ha!

After taking this one she said, "See mom! See those flowers (in the tiny open window)!?! I don't want to forget those!"

She really wants a camera of her own for Christmas. "A pink camera that takes pink pictures of pink flowers and is a phone. A REAL one that never runs out of batteries but does run out of batteries" to be exact.

Our first stop... Do-Rite Donuts! I had no idea it was right next to my dentist which is probably a good thing because I'd be a lot less healthy and a lot poorer.

About to take the biggest bite of her life of the biggest donut ever!

Yeah, I had to put the camera down when she actually started licking it.

That's better. And, much more hygienic.

It didn't have sprinkles but it was chocolate and that's all that really matters in her life.

She made the mistake of dropping some of the bread bits on the ground and quickly made a whole lot of new friends.

Then she wouldn't stop feeding them. I couldn't take a picture when there were about 20 more of these rats with wings because it was getting a little scary but you get the idea.

She thought it was hilarious. 

Next up, the Bean!

Here she is discovering her reflection:

It was fun watching her experiment with it.

And obviously she had to take some pictures.

After this we headed to the dentist and then home. It was a super fun outing with my big girl!

Oh, it did help that there weren't any anti-genocide "parades" this time, although she was sad to not see one :)

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Boston's Baby Blessing

We were able to bless this little stud muffin at church on Sunday! Brandt gave him a very nice blessing and Boston didn't make a peep the whole time. We are so happy to have him in our family and are so excited to watch him grow and see what kind of personality he will have.

Special thanks to my mom for buying him this adorable outfit. It fit him perfectly!

 Oh, bless you! Little guy sneezes just like his mom... quantity wise... I don't punch myself in the face double fist style like he does E-V-E-R-Y-T-I-M-E. Sorry Boss, had to add this picture in here :)

 Our little family after church:

Although, it's not so little anymore.

The bigger big sister:

The little-er big sister:

Don't you just want to squish those cheeks!?!

Boston, we all love you so much!

Since I'm doing this post the week he turns 2 months, here are his stats from his 2-month check-up...

Weight: 12 lbs (75th %)
Height:  23.5 in (75th %)

He's smiling, sleeping an average stretch of 5 hours at night (but almost 8 hours last night!!!) and his eyes are much more focused than they were at his last appointment. The doctor said his leg twitches and choking episodes should subside by his 4 month appointment. He still loves being held and just found his fingers, which he loves to suck on :)