Friday, June 23, 2017

Field Trip Friday: Mrs. Cavanaugh's

This week for field trip Friday we went to Salt Lake to tour Mrs. Cavanaugh's Chocolate Factory. I'm always up for a good factory tour and this place did not disappoint. We got samples, the kids learned a lot from a movie on cacao plants and then got more samples. I was nervous doing it on my own but I kept Logan in the stroller and the older three kids did so great. It was a win of a field trip.

Watching a worker mix chocolate and nuts and put them into cups:

Looking out into the whole work area:

They asked me if he wanted a sample. Um, yes... I paid for him to be on the tour AND who would say no? Especially not an eager 1 year old who just sat through a very boring (to him) 10 minute movie:

I expected his full size chocolate to bring on a full size mess but what you see if about as bad as it got! He is a very smart baby so I have no doubt it was because he wanted the chocolate in his mouth and not on his mouth:

This picture cracks me up. I'm such a mom. Just holding my breath from 7am-7pm that I can make it through and keep these kids alive. I hope my kids have fun this summer and that it's a memorable one for them:

I'm grateful for each one of these (crazy) kiddos:

Obligatory "stick your face in a whole" pictures (Jane's idea):

Hi Wendy!

Cheeser Boston:

Jane held him up so I could get a picture of him. He wasn't a fan... ha!

I let all the kids pick a treat at the end because things were very reasonably priced which shocked me. Jane and Boss chose and giant gummy rat (insert vomit emoji here), Wendy chose giant Smarties and Logan is holding a big bag of caramel corn that a kind lady wanted to buy for my kids:

I let them eat their candy on the way home (minus Logan) and this is how it went down: Jane started crying that she didn't want to eat her rat because it was her pet so she traded it to Wendy for some of her Smarties who then ate some of it, decided it was disgusting and threw it away when we got home. Boston took one nibble off his rat's nose, said, "Ew, me no wike dis." and handed it to me. I put it on the counter when we got home and Wendy eventually came to me telling me she threw it away because it was disgusting just sitting there on the counter. I'm so glad I spent $4 on those gross rats!

It was a super fun trip though and I'm excited for more field trips this summer!

And as far as the rest of the day? We ran a few errands after naps and one of the places was Target. Boston HATES stickers. He gets really grouchy when people offer them to him. I always wait to see how he'll respond before saying, "Sorry, he has a phobia of stickers." This time he said he didn't want one but the lady gave him two on a piece of paper for him to give to Jane who had run off. Surprisingly he took them! As I waited for Jane to pick out a different color binder than the one she paid for I saw Boston look at the stickers, peal one off (!!!) and then put it on his shirt!!!!! This was HUGE! I told the girls and they both gasped and we cheered for him. After a picture of the monumentous occasion I noticed his sticker was gone. I asked him where it went and as he pointed to it on the wall he said, "Ew. Me no wike sticker." Ha! Well, I'm glad I have it down in history that for once in his life he was happy about a sticker and not screaming his head off that we stuck just one on him!

Later the night Brandt surprised us with pizza for dinner since it was leftover from a big team meeting at his work. It was a nice surprise, especially because I didn't want to have to make dinner and the kids had been asking for pizza! After dinner Brandt asked Wendy to wipe off the table:

After finishing the dishes I was washing I looked over to find her cleaning the table like this. Well done Wendy. Good job getting that table suuuuuuuper clean... ha!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Logan Fox: 1 year!

What. A. Year. 

We started off the year in Chicago and when he was two weeks old we drove across the country to Utah, flew back to Chicago to pack where we spent that week packing with just Logan and eating way too much food, drove with him back to Utah (so much traveling in his first month!) and then made our home in West Jordan, Utah!

Logan is probably my smartest baby. He blows us away with the things he does and seems to understand. He says dada, momma, uh-oh, thank you and go. He loves sliding down the stairs on his tummy, throwing balls, his grandma, milk (!), most food and frozen yogurt, splashing in water, chewing erasers off pencils, sticking his hands in toilets and smiling. He doesn't like bananas, playing rough or being tossed even slightly in the air, diaper changes, or being left alone in a room.

He can stand on his own and has taken one step a few times but still has a bit before he's a walker. I weaned him a week before his birthday so we could leave him with his grandparents while we went to Disneyland and he loves cow's milk! Wendy didn't love it and Boston hated it so it's such a relief having him like it. It has to be warm and in a bottle in the morning and a sippy cup the rest of the day but he downs it! I love holding him while he drinks it and am super happy to still get snuggle time with him. I also love seeing him hold it on his own. My other kids didn't hold their own sippy cup until waaaaay later.

He's still on two naps a day, always finding the edge of his blanket and holding onto it, scrunching into the corner of his crib and sleeping on his tummy. I love getting him from his crib when he's standing at the end waiting for me. He gives me big smiles when I walk in. He also just learned how to give big kisses! He opens his mouth super big and sticks his tongue out like he's about to take the BIGGEST lick of an ice cream cone and then leans in for the slobberiest kiss ever. I. Love. It. Makes me laugh so hard every time.

He's got 7 teeth which make for the cutest grin. He has the bluest eyes, blondest hair and though he's 12 months old he's way out of 12 month clothes. His nicknames are Logey Bogey, Loges, Bubs, Chunkers, and now Bubbles after poring a huge bottle of bubbles all over himself. Also, Logan Fox gets thrown out there when he makes a big mess.

His stats-
Weight: 23 lbs (75th %)
Height: 30.3 inches (75th %)
Head: 47 cm (75th %)

Ah, we just love you to pieces Logan! It's hard splitting my love and attention with 5 people but I love the moments I have with just you. I love laying on the floor with you as you crawl away and then come back to lay your head on me giving a snuggle sound, rinse and repeat a million times. You are so funny and already make jokes. We are so glad you're in our family. You came after a really hard/dark time and make us forget that time because you have such a bright personality. I'm excited to see you grow and watch you as you figure things out. I love you Logey Bogey!

Sunday, June 04, 2017

Boston Knight: 3 years!

Bossy Boy is THREE! I look back at pictures of him as a baby and I can't believe he's not that same little tike. I feel like those moments were yesterday which has me feeling good because I have been enjoying every moment of this kid. I have no regrets with him so far. He has brought so much fun, laughter and unbelievable cuteness to our home.

He doesn't really have favorite foods. I think he likes something and then he says, "Ew no fank you. Me no wike dat." However, I THINK pickles, oranges (ooges) and hot dogs (he'd eat 4 if we let him), yogurt (woget) and sour cream and onion chips are up there. Oh, he does love pizza. That's probably a solid favorite. He said when he grows up he wants to be pizza and he'll eat half a large Papa Johns pizza. He doesn't really like baked goods like cookies or cakes and REALLY doesn't like milk or whipped cream. He's always asking for "piece candy" and cocks his head to the side with a huge grin when he says it. It's really hard not to give him one every time he asks. 

He is talking so much! It makes me laugh just hearing his cute little voice saying such big things. At his two year visit the doctor recommended speech therapy because he wasn't talking but I had a feeling he'd get there and he totally has the last 4 months or so.

Boston is the most polite kid I have ever met. He is always saying, "Oh fank you!" or "No fank you." or "You wecome!" It surprises me sometimes because he uses his manners even when I don't think one would need to. A year ago I decided I wanted a little recognition for changing diapers. I would stand Boss up when we were all done and ask him to say "thank you mom" and give me a hug. It was mainly just to get a little love but it has sure stuck and I love it. I don't think it's what made him so polite, I think that's just who he is. He's pretty awesome.

When he was little he was diagnosed with having slight anemia. They said it would just make him a  little more tired than most kids and he sure was. He took more naps than my other kids and slept longer. He also loved sleep and never fought it. We had him tested when he turned two and he was no longer anemic (which they said would probably happen) but he's still a very tired boy. He lets us know half the time when he wants to take a nap by saying, "Me ready seep." Once I just told him to go in his room and I'd be there in a minute and when I walked to his doorway I saw he'd already gotten his blanket, turned on his sound machine, just turned off his light and was climbing into bed about to slide into his covers. He was totally putting himself to sleep! I always sing him Twinkle Twinkle while I rub his hair and when I leave I say, "Sleep well Bossy." He always turns over and says, "Good night." At nighttime his favorite songs are One Two Buckle My Shoe and The Wheels On The Bus. 

He LOVES Jane. The other day she came home while he was napping and I forgot to tell him she was home from school when I got him up so when he found her downstairs he said, "Oh, Jane! You home!" He is at her side every moment of the day. She is so sweet to him and I love watching them together. It'll be fun to see how they interact as they get older. He doesn't really like Logan only because Logan is loud (Boss usually either responds to Logan's crying by covering his ears or by genuinely crying too) and because Logan drools/spits/makes things wet and Boss really doesn't like gross things. Once I tried to give him Logan's blanket to sleep with (they look the same) because I couldn't find Boss's and when he put it next to his face as he started sucking his thumb, it took about 2 seconds before Boss held it out to me and said, "Eww! Baby! Me no want dis!" Haha! He could smell Logan on it. And Wendy? Hmm. I hate to say it but they fight a lot. I hope they get along better when they get a little older but for now I think it's just that Wendy can sense that he has a special bond with Jane and stays distant from him and is a little jealous. I feel sad for her. Silver lining... she has Logan :)

He loves his balance bike and scooter he got for Christmas. He's really good at both though I get so terrified when he goes fast. He was too small for the balance bike just a few months ago but can now ride it, well, like a boss :) He also likes me to do his hair if I do the girl's hair (because they get to play my phone while I do it) and gets bummed when I'm done after 2 seconds. Ha! Poor boy.

Boston is our clutz. He can't run without falling at least once. His knees only get a break in the winter when he's wearing pants. I always remind him to be careful when he starts to run off but inevitably he'll fall. He got tubes 2 years ago and one has fallen out (I got to see the other one today at his 3 year visit) and they worked! He only got one ear infection since. We tried potty training in April but I quit after 2 days. Not because he was doing horribly but because I couldn't handle it with being in a rental with carpet, having three other kids, and the anxiety. The last two days he's decided he's ready! He's done so good with no accidents! I decided to let him wear pull-ups so I don't have to clean up messes or have anxiety over accidents or having to remember to take him all the time and it's seemed to work for him. I just take him a few times a day and before and after his nap. Fingers crossed!

I am thankful every day that this boy came to our family. He's a dream. He makes life fun and happy. Even when he's grumpy or mad, I have to laugh half of the time because he's so cute when he's grumpy or mad. I probably baby him too much and spoil him even more and it's probably going to get me in trouble but I can't help it. 

I love you Bossy!

3 year stats:
Weight: 33 lbs (75th %)
Height: 39 inches (80th %)

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Wendy Mae: Preschool Graduation

My baby girl graduated preschool today! She has LOVED school this year. Loved (even in all caps) is an understatement. She looked forward to every single day she had school, enjoyed doing her homework (even got super fast at it near the end), had great friends there, had an AMAZING teacher, and really owned it. She made it hers and really blossomed this year. I seriously didn't think school was really going to work out with my anxious, super emotional, easily intimidated child. I mean, when we asked her how her first day of school was (the "meet the teacher day" where she screamed and cried, wouldn't look at the teacher and hardly even enter the building) she responded, "It was noooooot awesome." Well, every single day of school after that WAS awesome. I am beyond proud of this girl and what she accomplished this year.

My Wendy and her Wendy: Twins!

Her graduation was the best one I'd ever been too. It was even better than my high school graduation!

Sunshine Square preschool is amazing. So loving, so nurturing, so happy. They really know how to make a group of kids feel like best friends.

Wendy practiced her part multiple times a day and she ROCKED it! "Hi mom, hi dad, hello everybody!"

I was blown away that she said her part instead of cowering into the microphone so when she walked down those steps all by herself toward a huge group of strangers staring at her I couldn't even believe it. Wow. Wendy, I am SO proud of you! "When I grow up I want to be a ballerina teacher."

Wendy and her friend Hallie. Besides asking if Grandma was coming every time I picked her up, she also asked if she could have a play date with Hallie. I finally got her mom's phone number after her begging me to at graduation.

Wenders and Harlen. He is one of the funniest kids I've ever met. Every time I interact with him I almost die laughing. Wendy always groaned in the car when I asked who was going to be special leader next class and it was him. She said he always brought nasty snacks (ha!). Last week I asked her how school was and she said, "Harlen was special leader and his snack WASN'T disgusting!" Bahaha! Yay, Harlen!

Wendy, David (Davey) and Harlen:

At first a boy named Logan was her best friend but I think he was a little too rough for her (he's REALLY boyish) so then she took to Davey and hasn't looked back. They were sweet together and she always had nice things to say about him.

When asked what her favorite part about graduation was, she said, "that Grandma came" every single time.

I'm so glad we live close enough for her to come to all their special occasions (and take care of the kids so I can get good pictures during them)!!

The other star of the show... Mrs. Karen! She is seriously the best! I don't think Wendy would have thrived as much as she did with anyone else!

Friends. Don't they look so cute in their pink dresses and sweet embrace!?

 Today and September. Less squish but same smile (though 4 of those teeth are new).

Wendy Mae, you are awesome. Last night you reminded me about 20 times to wash your "wedding dress" so you could wear it today. You even woke up around 11pm to go potty and told Dad you needed to talk to me so he guided you into my room and you said, "Don't forget to wash my dress for tomorrow." Ha! Your enthusiasm is adorable.

I hope next year is as awesome as this year was for you.

Today you told everyone we saw that you graduated today and everyone thought it was from Kindergarten. You seem so much older than you are, always have. This year you learned your letters, you love to write words and ask us what letters the words need, your drawings are adorable and always have pockets and really big hands, your frowns always go above your noses, and your speech is so great! I love hearing you say new words as well as you do. I love having conversations with you. 

I love you sweet girl! We got a treat after graduation and since mine had way too much chocolate on it I kept giving you chunks of hard chocolate coating from it. You were surprised each time I gave you one and were genuinely thankful. You said, "Wow mom, you're being nice today!" I'm sorry you feel like me being nice is a rare occurrence but I'm glad you felt loved today. Today was your special day and it felt like it. When you were just about done with your donut you held it out to me and asked if I wanted the last bite. That meant so much to me. You're always the first to be sweet and generous and always want people to have what you think they want. Never change that. Happy graduation cutie!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Logan Fox: 11 months

Our little guy is 11 months and quite the mover! He gets around anywhere he wants and doesn't stay put anymore. If I put him in the living room, he immediately starts up the stairs to the kitchen. He's a master at climbing stairs and is juuust starting to be able to slide down on his belly but he's not good enough to be on his own yet so we watch him like a hawk. Just last week he let go of what he was holding and stood there for about 5 seconds. He did it a few times and I was so proud! He cruises along furniture and I know he will LOVE it when he can start walking.

He's still eating baby food but I think he's done with rice cereal since he can eat most of what we eat in the morning. At every meal I give him some of what we are eating. Last night he ate his first chicken nugget. It looked disgusting after he was done with it but he enjoyed what he did eat. Some of his dislikes are bananas or avocados. He pushes out anything I put in his mouth with his tongue so I've learned to hold it until he's pushed it out, analyzed it and decided he's ok with it. He loves yogurt, graham crackers, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and cheerios and is my first baby to actually like milk! He drank 3/4 of a sippy cup of milk at dinner which was good because we dropped the nursing feeding before bed last week and it was good knowing he got enough milk as he cried for an hour. He loves that last feeding (he usually dozes off during it and I just get to keep holding him) but we have to start weening him since we are leaving him for a trip and I think both our hearts were broken. He doesn't suck his thumb or take a pacifier so what does comfort him I want to give him. Sigh. But, after the first rough night I started sitting with him in my lap in his room while I held the sippy for him and he's gone down without a peep! Funny how I feel like I'm doing this for the first time even though he's my fourth.

He had his first haircut this month just to trim the long locks of hair he had behind his ears. He has the blondest hair of all my babies. He got three new teeth this month, one on the bottom and two on the top (one on each side of his front teeth) for a total of 7. He doesn't spit up much anymore! He used to spit up a ton but this month I think he's getting a better handle on his gag reflex. I'm very very happy about this leap. Also, he can sign "more"! I didn't start teaching him around 6 months like I did with the others but because of that he learned super fast. All I did last week and show him the sign for it and he could do it and does it when he wants more.

He's at 2 naps a day now and it feels so much better to be able to go do things instead of being stuck at home plus he stopped liking that third nap so he's happier too.He bear crawls when we are outside because he doesn't like the ground on his knees and it makes us all laugh. Speaking of laughing, he's not easy to impress but last night as we were eating dinner, Boston said something funny and had us all laughing really hard. I looked over at Logan and he was smiling and laughing too. I assumed it was because we were all laughing and it's kind of contagious so on the count of three we all started laughing and after about 30 seconds he KINDA cracked a smile. Ha! Stinker boy. He does love to play and will smile a ton if you get on the floor and roll around with him. But, you have to be careful because he doesn't like playing rough. He doesn't like to be thrown in the air, even a little.

He just started to show shyness this week. He cocks his head to the side and squishes his face into his neck while grinning and showing his big teeth. It's adorable. He's also started showing when he wants someone by leaning over and reaching out to them. Brandt and I took turns holding him and he kept reaching for the one not holding him. Made us laugh. He also really doesn't like when you take something away from him now. We try our best to keep choking hazards off the floor but with 3 other kids it's a lost cause. I frequently find him trying to conceal that he's got something in his mouth and when I scoop it out he gets really mad at me. Sorry for saving your life dude!

Oh and the cutest thing he learned this month... clapping! Here's a video of him clapping for the first time at Costco. I probably looked like a weirdo squealing and celebrating but I was just so proud of him! (Boston's yelling, "I want more sample!" in the background...)

We adore this little boy. His smile makes us smile and he's been an awesome addition to our family. Jane is such a great helper with him and can move him around safely when needed, Wendy is still ALL OVER him and just can't stop herself from touching him and Boston thinks he's gross and doesn't like to touch him (ha!). Daddy loves seeing him when he gets home from work and has to give him a snuggle first thing. Mommy wants him to stay her baby forever.

Can't wait to throw you a big party next month baby boy!