Saturday, October 07, 2017

BYU Homecoming 2017

BYU may be ridiculously terrible this year but we still love 'em. We met up with family at our usual spot in Provo to watch the Homecoming parade this morning. My brother Joshua and sister Anna got to join us this year and they made it even more fun than last year. I could hear Joshua's voice going horser and horser with every float that passed. Here are some photos from the parade:

A rare family photo:


Logan ate THE WHOLE TIME. You'd think I never feed him. My favorite Logan moment was seeing him share Grandma's donut:

Bossy Boy! We were both parade survivors. A young man threw a candy that hit him smack in the face and a young woman threw a Snickers smack into the top of my head when I was leaning down to help Boston collect candy. It hurt SO bad but at least it was a Snickers. She felt bad and everyone on the float was laughing in disbelief so I held it up and said, "Thanks! I love Snickers!"

Brief moment of Grandpa and Wendy together. We love living near grandparents!

Jane found that blue tinsel on the road. She said she saved it after being run over and didn't let go of it the whole time. 

Brandt and his little girlies:

We love parades! We especially love parades that give out amazing candy! Yay for the good stuff and not just Fruities and taffy!

After the parade, we went to Target to get paid to get flu shots. That's where Joshua met a super foxy lady.

Love at first sight.

Once we got home, the boys went down for naps, and we went to Costco while Brandt stayed home and cleaned the house (best husband) to prep for a get-together we had that night with our old West Jordan pals. I love our old friends, I love that we have a house big enough to easily host them all and I love that Joshua and Anna could join us. Such a fun-filled Saturday!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Women's Conference

I'd been looking forward to taking Jane to Women's Conference once she turned 8 and I tried to get tickets to the session at the conference center like I had the two previous conferences but this time our ward didn't get tickets so we decided to have her first time be the beginning of a tradition where we go to a "fancy" dinner and then go to the stake center to watch it.

 I knew she'd like Olive Garden because she loves breadsticks and noodles so we went there for dinner. She made friends with everyone in the lobby while we waited 30 minutes and even tried the sample of shrimp which she got to have a second sample of because she befriended the waitress.

Her doll is 8, apparently, so she got to join us. My favorite was when the waiter said, "I'll be your server tonight." and Jane responded, "Our servant!?" He was really awesome and went along with her calling him our servant. She even talked him into an extra order of breadsticks and lemonade for the road.

I can't wait till Wendy gets to come and all us girls can go together!

She did surprisingly well sitting for the session. She drew a little and laid in my lap a little. I love her.

While we were gone, Brandt was home with the kids and did dinner/bedtime duty there. He said he jokingly put Logan in Wendy's bed to see how he'd react and Logan LOVED it! He didn't move a muscle for 5 minutes. Brandt went and grabbed his phone for a picture because these two are just too cute. He'll never be grow up and need a big bed right? He's gonna stay this little forever?

Monday, September 04, 2017

Precious Sleeping Babies

I'm excited for my kids to get older but one thing I already know I'll miss is catching them still asleep when I go to get them up. So precious.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Stitches Sundays

We moved into our house and decided to start a new tradition. Every two weeks, on Sundays, someone in our family will get some type of stitches. Sounds fun right? J/K it needs to stop. What's even funnier is that on the off Sundays someone is too sick to go to church.

It all started the third Sunday we were in our house. We were just about to leave for Orem for family dinner. I asked Wendy to grab a garbage bag for me when she went inside to change after church. She took forever. Finally she came out quietly sobbing and holding her head. I asked her what was wrong and she said, "I was twirling in the kitchen and hit my head on the (very unforgiving granite) counter." I asked her to show me where it hurts and when she pulled her hand away, blood started pouring everywhere. I grabbed some tissues, applied pressure and ran her inside.

Long story short, it was on the line between tape/glue and stitches so we had our paramedic neighbor come look at it and he patched her up. Wendy was a nightmare. FREAKING out the whole time. It was just taped like a bandaid but she couldn't handle it. 

The next day I took her in to her doctor because we weren't sure if the tape would hold and/or if she did need stitches. They said she needed three stitches but they could also just re-apply the glue and tape. I looked at Wendy and looked at the doctor. I ran the scenario of stitches in my head and finally decided to just glue it. My poor Wendy wouldn't be able to handle all that stitches entailed so I spared her. Good thing because it took four of us just to do the glue and tape because she was flailing and screaming so much. No swimming or splash pads for a week.

2 Sundays later, one of my children was showing Logan a knife while clearing off the table. He grabbed it (like any baby would when shown something) and his sibling (knowing he shouldn't have it) pulled it out of his hand, slicing two fingers, one of which very bad. I knew right away he needed stitches. I made frantic calls to find an open instacare near us and I found one that closed within 10 minutes of me being able to get there. I drove as fast as I could and before even getting Logan out I ran inside to ask if they could help him before they closed. Prayers answered, they could.

He needed three stitches. I held him tight, giving him as much love as I could while three other people did what they needed to do to patch him up. It was the saddest thing. It was also nauseating. I will spare you the details but it was so hard to watch that I slept horribly that night dreaming about blood and gore and I've been there for many sets of stitches as a mom. I think it's just starting to take it's toll.

2 suckers, a bouncy ball (why do doctors give those choking hazards to babies!?), an hour and a half, and two new finger accessaries later we got home to put the poor boy to bed. No swimming or splash pads for a week.

Aaaand, two weeks later I was all proactive about getting ready for church early in the day even though we don't have church until 1pm and as I'm blowdrying my hair Brandt runs in with Boston in his arms to get a towel for HIS injury. Roughhousing near a coffee table doesn't end well.

One look and I knew just where he needed to go. This time I had another adult with me. Yay for Uncle Joshua visiting!

Snapchat filters are the perfect distraction for a hurting three year old. They did 4 staples in the back of his head and no swimming or splash pads for a week. I'm now saving church clothes until right before church to spare the stain treating.

A week later I took him in to get them out. He was a champ for the first one and it got progressively worse for each one after that with me basically having to restrain him at the end.

But, they are out and we are done with that.

While waiting we had some more snapchat fun to distract him. He was laughing so much making videos and these are my favorites:

Two weeks later no one had to get stitches but I had to go to the ER for a ruptured ovarian cyst, kidney stone and bladder infection. But, it wasn't on a Sunday (missed it by 26 hours) so it doesn't count apparently. Have we broken the cycle?!

Yay for meeting our deductible so fast! We are winners!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Last Day of Summer Vacation 2017

Even though we tried SO hard to fight it, the last day of summer came. I decided to treat ourselves to a fun day celebrating the last day of our freedom before school starts next week. We were going to go to a pool but they were either closed for maintenance or opened too late in the day so we chose Chuck E Cheese. Unfortunately when we pulled up we noticed they weren't just closed, they were gone, bye-bye, no more occupying that space. So, Nickel City it was!

The first thing Boss wanted to do was ride this merry-go-round:

Jane didn't but it had three seats so I told her to hop on. "It would be fun", I said. Ha! After half a turn around on this shockingly slow ride Jane said, "This is weird", laughed, and then jumped off and ran away.

Wendy is still young enough to enjoy it!

Normally I have a hard time letting the kids play non-ticket giving games because... tickets, but this time I didn't care and anything they said they wanted to play they got. Plus, how cute are my two kids on their "mokey cycles"? I love the way Boston screams that pronunciation when he sees one... every time.

This game needed real nickels instead of the swiped card so I gave Jane a few dollars and let her have at whatever she wanted. She's loving this freedom!

At one point I lost Logan for a split second. This is where I found him, between an elephant and a hard place.

So, I swiped my card and let him have a ride :)

Our prizes: Boston a flashlight that has hard to find, expensive batteries that'll need replacing ultra soon, Wendy a taffy and puffy donut key chain that didn't come with the key chain attachment (we got a ticket discount on it) which Boston tore in half that night, and Jane a wallet that I told her not to get because she has so many wallets but I finally gave in and after taking the tag off she was super (SUPER) bummed because she didn't actually want it. Sigh.

So, after working out our feelings about our less that desirable ending to what was supposed to be a fun time at Nickel City we headed straight back to Lehi for their school open house where they got to see their new school and meet their teachers. Both girls were beyond excited and their teachers seem really nice. Logan though, um, he wasn't thrilled about being there because he was starving.

 After we toured all the rooms relevant to them, we got to McDonald's as fast as possible to end our fun day. Fact about Wendy: She ALWAYS want a chicken nugget happy meal. She also ALWAYS says, when I tell her to eat her nuggets, that she doesn't actually like chicken nuggets and I can barely get her to eat two of them. Fun fact about Jane: She is now a two ketchup-only hamburger fanatic but could eat 4 if I'd let her. Fun fact about Logan: He was SO hungry that he screamed until the moment I gave Jane the food and told her to shove it in his mouth FAST to get him to calm down. As some customers were leaving a mom said to me, "It was so funny how hangry her was!" So true. Sorry, Logan, for being so busy you didn't get your sippy of milk that usually tides you over till dinner!

I told the kids to clean up their trash so we could go and while they were doing it I ordered everyone ice cream cones as a surprise. I have to tell you, watching Jane carry all four cones from the counter to our table was very scary. I don't think I took a breath waiting for a sad outcome but she made it! Why so serious Logan? It's ice cream! This was his perma-face all evening.

Sharing food with him is starting to become a new diet for me. He's packing it in and leaving hardly anything for me!

My soon to be 3rd grader! Side note: 3rd grader who is still wearing the dress she wore in 1st grade... it just gets shorter and shorter but still fits.

Soon to be Preschooler!

Soon to be Kindergartener!

We had a great summer. We did a ton, they played a ton... what more could you ask for?