Sunday, December 14, 2014

Pretty Girls in Pretty Dresses

This is our last Sunday in Chicago before Christmas so the girls got to wear their red holiday dresses to church this morning! I love having two girls close together. We headed downstairs before Brandt and Boston for a little photo shoot of these two little sisters.

My favorite one. Holding hands!

It's like they're saying, "We've got each other's back."

Peace out Chicago. Texas here we come!

 My two little blondes.

Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Chicago Christmas 2014

We all slept in this morning and at 7:30am, after Brandt got up to get Boston, Jane asked, "Can we get up now?" We told her yes and she ran into our room yelling, "Merry Christmas!!"

It was a perfect beginning to our Chicago Christmas. Since we'll be in Texas on the 25th we decided to have a pre-Christmas this weekend. We opened stockings and presents and then the girls played with their loot while Brandt and I made some Christmas donuts. Jane serenaded us during breakfast with a Thanksgiving song we had no idea she had learned last month while Wendy was going crazy after having eaten almost all her m&ms from her stocking before 9am.

Later that afternoon the two littles took naps while Brandt cleaned up the disaster of a house we had created while Jane and I went shopping with our friend Nicole. Me shopping and Brandt cleaning... Best. Christmas. Ever. For dinner we had some Navajo tacos since we had the fryer out and then scones for dessert since we had extra rolls. It's a good thing I'll be joining my dad at the gym when we go to Texas next week!

Kids are in bed and sheesh are we tired. Here are some pictures from our fun morning. The quality isn't great and some of them are actually pretty bad but I want to remember this morning so I'm posting them anyway :)

Bossy Boy's first Christmas!

Looking at the girls trying to make him laugh:

"Um, why did my stocking only have pureed peas and rice cereal in it?" 

My sweet Wendy:

Whoa! "Wendy, how did you feel when you opened your unicorn toy?"

"Show me your princess smile."

My sweet Jane:

 "Jane, how did you feel when you opened your unicorn toy?"

"Show me your new smile after losing your 3rd tooth this week."

I love this picture even though it's quite blurry. I love how they put their arms around each other unprompted:

 And this one! My two little girls who are often in a power struggle over any and everything being so... sisterly!

Boston's first Christmas present. He went down for a nap right after opening it and the girls opened the rest of his gifts but I'm glad he could be up and happy for at least part of it.

I love Christmas with these two. I fear this may be our last year before they wake up at dawn wanting to open presents but I look forward to many more Christmas mornings of fun and excitement!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Boston Knight: 6 months

The first 3 months drag on waiting for them to sleep through them night and figuring out life with a newborn but these last three months have gone by in a blink of an eye. This is my favorite stage so far. He's a perfect baby. He's wonderful. He sleeps well at night and for naps, he's quick at nursing, great at solids, and LOVES to snuggle and laugh. He'll only cry when Wendy's "over loved him" or he's tired (in which case you just put him down for a nap and he's good).

He's a car seat lover; he's always content while we grocery shop and he's in his seat, and takes great naps in his car seat too. Still super ticklish, loves baths, doesn't spit up too much and is in heaven when he sees Jane after school. He's just barely starting to be able to stay in sitting position but isn't rolling yet and is still wobbly when I hold him with only one arm but the Dr. said he's going to give him a little time and isn't too worried. I am not either. While it would be nice to be able to do things with one arm while I hold him, I'll just enjoy the snuggle time and do those other things later.

 My boy!
My happy, happy HAPPY boy!

He's so little and SO big at the same time!

I love seeing Brandt hold him because it's like baby Brandt and man Brandt at the same time.

Same brown eyes, same big smile:

Same hand sucking, I mean... um... 

This guy. He's pretty awesome.

I love these next shots. This is when Wendy comes close to "Bossy Man" (as Wendy calls him) and starts to lay down next to him.

Silly kids. Wendy trying out Boston's fingers:

Bossy trying out Wendy's thumb. Better watch out Wendy... he bites HARD!

I love his expression here. You SHOULD be worried Boston. Any minute this could turn ugly!

And just like that, he's tired. Ready for a nap now!

But when he wakes up, he'll be ready to play again!

This happened this morning:
Jane: Look Dad, I drew Boston!
Brandt: Hahahahaha!
Jane: Look Mom, I drew Boston!
Me: Hahahahaha!
Jane: And THAT is how I made both parents laugh.

Stats at 6 months:
Weight: 17 lbs 8 oz (50th%)
Height: 27.5 in (90th%)
Head: 17.5 in (60th%)
Boston got 3 shots and actually did cry this time (last time he didn't at all) but he was fine after I picked him up. We took him for some blood work and it was the saddest thing having to hold his chubby little arm out straight for them to draw the blood. I can't believe they even found a vein his arm was so little. He actually only cried for a second when the needle went in and then sat there like a big boy while they filled the vials (and they even had to adjust the needle after a bit because nothing was coming out). Super trooper!

And, we took Wendy in for her 3 year at the same time so here are her stats:
Weight: 36lbs (90th%)
Height: 38.25 in (75th%)
No shots for Wendy but she also had to get some blood work a couple days later and she didn't even flinch! She just sat in my lap and watched them stick her and then dig around for a couple minutes trying to find the vein. I cannot even believe how well she did!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Grinch Date with Jane

I dislike Chicago for many reasons, parking, schools, rent, crime, parking... I could go on...

But, I DO like Chicago for the super fun things we get to do whenever we want to, like today! Jane and I headed downtown to go see How The Grinch Stole Christmas: The Musical! We took the train down and skipped out of the train station holding hands, grabbed some donuts from our favorite spot, and then headed to the theater.

She was SO impatient/excited for it to start that she asked me every 20 seconds how many more minutes were left (we did that for the whole 10 minutes we had to wait) and she would cheer whenever another minute passed. She sat on my lap for the entire show because she couldn't see over the railing in front of her so I just sat back and enjoyed every minute of her being little enough to need me :)

One of our friends from church was in the cast and when she heard we were coming, offered to take us on a backstage tour so that's just what we did! It was fun and mind blowing for Jane. I think her favorite and most interesting part was seeing the wig room and understanding that people put those on to become characters and don't actually have that hair. We also got to meet the man who played the Grinch and the little girl who played Cindy Lou Who.

After that we headed to the Shake Shack for some lunch. While we were in line she saw a little 2 year old girl and started talking to her. She was being very sweet to her and gave the little girl a penny when she found it in her pocket. The guy behind us saw her do that and said, "Because you just did something really kind to that little girl I want to do something kind for you." He took off an LED reflector thing he had on his zipper-pull and put it on Jane's. If her day hadn't already been made, it was now! Turns out, that guy and his family (who were with him) were all going to be on Santa's float at the Chicago Lights Festival a few hours later.

Here are some pictures from our adventure:

Waiting for the train. She loves to wave at the train drivers and gets SO excited when they wave back.

 My princess and I before the show!

After the show, our friend Rebecca showed Jane and a couple other kids how the actors find their spots on stage.

Rebecca showing the kids how to stand when you are a "Who". Toes out!

Jane getting to hold Rebecca's (or should I say, Trixie Who's) broom.

Admiring the Grinch's sleigh.

Seeing the other props (p.s. she didn't take her owl hat off until an hour after we got home. She's obsessed!):

Ha! She got to try on Rebecca's shoes. Just a little too big.

Jane thought this was gross. It's the Grinch's costume.

She didn't think THIS was gross. Yummas! My favorite was when she tried getting the last bit out of my shake and said, "It's not gone till it makes that gurburbully sound." She then got the last bit. Oh, no, my favorite part was when I asked her if she wanted the last fry, she said "yes", took it, then said, "Actually, no. Here."and tore it in half so we both got the last fry. She's SOOO awesome!

So fun and I feel so blessed to be able to do things like this with my kiddos.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wendy's Apple Party!

We asked Wendy what kind of party she wanted and she said, "cereal". We asked her again and she said, "apple". I decided to go with the first of her two true loves, apples:

Introducing, Wendy's Apple Party!!!

Of coarse we had plenty of apples on hand:

Lots of yummy cupcakes:

And, lots of red...

... and green apple decorations:

My favorite, the pinata!

Grandma was able to fly out the same weekend of her party, which MADE the party!

Birthday girl so excited for "mine birfday party!":

Sisters! (Um, Brandt got them dressed... not sure what size shirt Jane-bo is wearing):

Lunch time! Wenders filling up on some veggies:

Pinata time! Birthday girl first!

Enjoying some of the spoils from her pinata:

I bought some caramel apple soda for the party. This is her "soooo spicy" face:

Pop the candy-filled balloon time!

She was a little shy this year anytime anyone sang happy birthday. She basically clawed her way up and over her nursery teachers at church and did the same at the party:

But in the end she braved it and made a wish. I'm sure it was for an apple (which she ate instead of this cupcake so... dream come true)!