Sunday, November 22, 2015

One potato...

Check out my little spuds:

We are so excited to announce that our family will be growing by one on or around June 11th, 2016! We are thrilled about this little one joining our family after a not so great summer/fall and some terrible morning sickness (the worst so far). Luckily each of my babies has been worth it so far :)

And speaking of my babies, here are some outtakes from our photoshoot:

Janers: She didn't believe me that I have a baby in my belly and has asked me a few times if I really have one in there. She has been so great with Boston and he loves her so I'm sure this new one will too.

I love that she pulled these glasses out at the end of her turn. She is such a funny girl. Classy, Jane :)

Wenders: This girl. Brandt and I can't stop laughing at this picture. Everytime I'm in the other room and I hear him laughing it's because he's looking at this picture again. This sums up this 4 year old firecracker. I'm shaking in my boots thinking about the teenage years!

Wendy is the MOST excited about the baby. She keeps asking to touch my tummy (which started showing way early this time) and gives it kisses. Her and Boston struggle being buddies probably because they are both too young to know how to treat each other but I know Wendy and the new baby will be besties like Jane and Boston.

Bossy Boy: Could do no wrong in my book. No matter how terrible I felt these last couple months emotionally or physically (started feeling sick at FOUR weeks!), if he came up to me and smiled, it fixed everything for a moment. 

Boston taking a closer look at this weird thing we handed him to hold for pictures:
I'm not sure what to expect where the baby and Boston are concerned. He's still quite a baby himself and they will have really close birthdays just 2 years apart so we'll just have to wait and see!

So, bring on 2016!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Wendy in the Windy City!

I love dentist appointments. Not for anything dental related but every time it's time for my 6 month teeth cleaning, I get to take one of my kids on a date downtown and have some fun before and after the dentist. I usually take Jane but Wendy has stopped her mid-day nap since my last visit so I got to take her! I've had to reschedule this appointment many times since August so her and I have been secretly talking about our plans for today and looking forward to it for a long time.

I asked her as we were leaving if I needed to bring the stroller or if she could walk and she said she could walk so I didn't even have to lug around a stroller! Someone is a big girl now! The first thing she said when we got on the train platform was, "We can't go on the blue, that's dangerous!" She's so smart! She rarely rides the train and she remembered me telling the kids that the blue stripe next too the edge of the platform is a dangerous spot and you can't step on it because you could fall off or a train could hit you. She waved to the conductor but he didn't wave back so she was bummed for 2 seconds before we got on the train and then perked right up in awe at her new environment.

First selfie of the date!

We switched seats so she could see better and she did not stop talking and shrieking about everything she saw, "Workers! Grass! Store! Park! We never went to that park before! Let's go to that park! Tractor!..."

Another picture of me and my little date. I love that she wears her headbands like this. Makes her look just like the girl from the Ewok Adventure movie. As we passed the Cubs stadium I showed it to her and she loudly began singing "Go Cubs Go! Go Cubs Go! Hey Chicago what do you say-say..." Everyone on the train started smiling.

When we got downtown we went to a donut shop first to get surprise donuts for dad (mainly for surviving the day with the other two kids at home). After we got them we headed to Shake Shack for lunch!

I told her that her job was to watch the buzzer and let me know when it starts flashing. She took that job very seriously and was actually scared when it went off she was paying so much attention!

It was so fun dining with this munckin. She ate a very expensive plain hot dog with no bun and we shared some yummy fries.

I told her we would get to have our shake as soon as she finished so she got down to business and gobbled up the rest of that meat. Ketchup face!

Worth it. Black and White shake! Mmmmmm. Even though it was 30 degrees out, you can't go to Shake Shack and NOT get a shake!

We had to race to the dentist but made it there on time. I carried her part way (which she'd been wanting me to do since we got off the train but I had told her we could just walk slower instead) and mid walk she looked up to me with a big love smile and gave me a sweet kiss. Best part of my day.

She was going to just play on my phone the whole time but the receptionist was so nice and colored with her instead. She made sure to grab a chapstick (my dentist always has them as samples) for her AND Jane on the way out. She wanted to make sure Jane had something fun since she didn't get to come. An hour later we were done with that and on our way to our next adventure! We stopped by the bank to get quarters since we walked right past it (SIX rolls! I don't mess around anymore. Laundry is serious business) and Wendy did the whole transaction herself, earning herself a sucker (and she made sure to ask for one for her sister too).

The plan prior to today was to go to Maggie Daley park but it was a little chilly out so we just went to the Bean instead which was perfect because she didn't remember it. Can you tell she was impressed?

She did this many times to make sure it was real :)

A quick stop in Old Navy where she was enamored with the escalators and then we hopped on the train back home. She waved to the conductor again and he waved back! He doesn't know it but he made her day (more so than anything I'd done with her)! She realized she didn't get to play with my phone at the dentist so I let her on the ride home. Needless to say, that train ride was awfully quiet.

I loved spending time with her. It was so hard to leave my go-to date Jane at home but on the ride home I was thinking about how nice it was to not have to be their referee and to just focus on Wendy who rarely gets to spend time with just me. Can't wait for the next excuse for a date with Wenders!

Friday, October 02, 2015

Building, apples and hats

I just realized it's been half a month since I've updated this blog so it's more than time for an update on the crazy crew!

Jane building a fire truck at Lowe's:

Jane is doing really well in school. She is acing math and reading and has a million friends. She hates school lunch (unless it's chicken and bread sticks, in which case her friends give them all to her and she eats way more than a 6-year-old should) and always asks me to pack one for her (school lunch is free in Chicago). I send her with a lunch about twice a week because otherwise she only eats a fruit and drinks milk. She's always starving when I pick her up.

She has been super sweet to me lately and tells me I'm the best mom ever multiple times a day. She tries doing "service" for me to make me feel happy. She's a super fan of tacos, always puts Boston in his high chair at meals, is obsessed with her teddy bear, and still loves to be tickled. She is in soccer after school and is totally one of those girls who would rather be anywhere else and doesn't try very hard. Doesn't help she has to run a good half mile at the beginning of each class. She is also in gymnastics and really loves that. She currently wants to be a singer and graphic designer when she grows big.

Wendy building her firetruck at the same Build-and-Grow event at Lowe's:

Wenders! This girl is a fireball! My favorite moments with her are when she looks at me with a straight face, waits for me to respond with a facial expression and when I smile she smiles back real big as if she's saying, "Ok, phew! I'm not in trouble!" Ha! She changes her clothes 4 times a day and changes dress-ups 10 times a day. She either wants to be in a leotard with a tu-tu or a "spinny dress" and always requests I put on princess music for her to dance to. She hates real clothes. Her favorite princess is Cinderella (not really the princess per se but the dresses and accessories Cinderella wears). She is loving school and gives me two hugs before class each day prior to running in and playing with her friends. I'm so glad school is a success so far! She also loves gymnastics and is so good at it. She's built for gymnastics (she's really strong) and you can tell she feels accomplishment in it.

She totally rode Jane's bike last month without training wheels! I knew she could do it for months but we finally tried it and success! She is a little small for Jane's bike but by next May, when we get Jane a bigger bike, she should be big enough for it. I'd say Wendy is 90% done sucking her thumb and that 10% is only occasionally at night. I'm so proud of her! I can tell she's trying SO hard to stop. She loves baths and is always telling me her armpits are stinky so I'll give her one :)

Boston waiting for Wendy during gymnastics:

This boy LOVES apples! I thought Wendy does but man, give this boy an apple and he'll sit still for an hour until he eats the whole thing down to, well, this:

Needless to say, I bring apples with me to places where there will be waiting. It's the best baby sitter!

Boston! Dude! This kid. I cannot express how much I love him and how grateful I am for him. He is one amazing kid. He is so funny and makes "jokes" all the time even though the only words he says are "hi" and "da" (which he uses for "that", "yes", and every other thing he wants to say). Speaking of "hi", he's started saying it to everyone he sees and it's adorable. People are so shocked and friendly when they hear him saying it and see him waving and smiling SO big. It hasn't gotten old to me yet and I basically smile because of him the whole time I'm out in public. He LOVES to throw balls, play with cars, and have us chase after him. It's funny seeing his interest in these things because the girls have had the same toys he has but were never interested in ball or cars. It's totally got to be a nature, not nurture thing.

He loves his blankets that we try and only give to him for naps and bedtime (instead of having it and needing it all day) and loves his thumb too. He's still not a fan of milk so he really only gets dairy through food but he IS drinking water now, which I'm SO grateful for! He loves all the food we like and the girls are way pickier than him at meals. He's had chocolate cake three times this last week and you can't get it in his mouth fast enough he loves it so much!

He's walking! He started walking while I was in Texas for my brother's funeral and now (almost two months later) walks most of the time. He can't stand up on his own (he has to have a wall or chair or something to pull himself up on) so he only does his funny scoot now if he falls while walking. He did stand up on his own once this week and I got to see him do it. I was so proud of him! He does well so far with other people holding him and loves people. He even gave the man at the hardware store a high-five. He's at two naps still but is ready to drop one. I'm holding out till Wendy's schedule changes in December. Hopefully we can make it that long! I didn't see this coming because he's a pretty tired baby (the anemia) but he's about there.

He sat when I asked him to sit down for the first time today. He sits really well for me when I put his shoes and socks on but he always has to pick one sock up and throw it multiple times because he did it once a while ago and I laughed so now he does it to be funny. He also HAS to brush his own teeth after I brush them. If I don't give his toothbrush to him when I'm done he screams like life is over and if I take it before he voluntarily discards it on the floor I'm in big trouble. My boy is a teeny bit picky.

 Lastly, this is the hat Boss needs this winter. He loved it and got so mad when I put it back on the shelf. I only didn't get it because it wasn't on sale and EVERYTHING goes on sale at Target. The couponer in me makes me have patience :)

Both Wendy and Boss are super sick right now, with high fevers and bad colds but we still managed to have a wonderful day today. Love these kiddos!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Wendy Mae: First Day of Preschool 2015

After waiting SO patiently for her day... it finally came! Little miss Wendy started preschool today! We are doing it through the park district again this year so she goes to Berger Park MWF for 3 hours each day.

She was SO excited. We set out her clothes and had her snack and school supplies all packed up last night. Before we left for school we took some photos of this cute girl:

She has so much spunk. She's like 56 different children all in one little body. It's so hard to believe she's only three. It also feels like this should be her last year of preschool but she has one more year next year.

I LOVE that Wendy got to wear the same outfit Jane did when Jane started preschool a couple years ago:

We went upstairs to get Boston and before we started our bike ride to school I had to take some MORE photos of Wenders because come on... look at her!

She sure does have one amazing smile!

After a few minutes she started hamming it up:

Shifty eyes! My favorite!

Ok, now this face. She was completely happy when she made it and was only trying to make a funny face but this is the face I get from her whenever I tell her "no" and it's always joined by a "NO FAIR!" and a foot stomp. She is SO expressive/emotional!

 Smiles again after our bike ride to her school! Here's to hoping Berger Park is a bigger success than Loyola Park last year. She refused to go after Winter session last year because her friend switched parks and she had a bad (overtired) day one day. Fingers crossed!

When we walked in she was super shy and hid behind my legs. A couple minutes after the teacher told the kids they could play with the toys she hesitantly started exploring and eventually quietly pulled out some toys to play with. I gave her a kiss and headed out with a very unhappy Boston (he wanted to stay and play). At pick-up the teacher said she wouldn't participate in music time and instead just laid on the couch but other than that she had a great day! When I asked her what her favorite part was, she said, "my friends". She also told me that one of her friends liked her hair clip. That meant a lot to Wendy who is very much a girly girl. She plans to wear her puzzle hair bow on Wednesday to show her friends :)

We left straight for Costco and a couple other places and on the drive home, her and Boston fell asleep in the car. School must have been exhausting! We bike over to Jane's school to pick her up and then we all biked over to Lickity Split to celebrate Wendy!

We met up with Ina, Wendy's friend, who ALSO started school today (different park) and Jane and Ina had ice cream while Wendy decided to get some gummy candies.

Crazy faces!

Hopefully soon we can get these two cuties at the same park for preschool because they are great friends together! Have a great year girls!!

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Jane's First Day of 1st Grade

Ok, all you "old" people who told me to enjoy every minute because it "goes so fast"... you were right.

Dropping Jane off at Kindergarten last year wasn't hard but today was beyond difficult. I'm clearly not the center of her universe anymore and dropping her off without so much as a goodbye glance from her was heartbreaking. I have been noticing this change in her for the past few months and I won't stand for it. She just simply can't grow up. I think we're going to have a talk tomorrow about my needs :)

She woke up this morning really excited, coming into our room at 7:03am with the announcement, "It's seven zero three so it's time for you to get up so I can go to first grade!" We had breakfast, got dressed for school and then went outside for some pictures. On our bike ride over she started getting quiet and distant and wouldn't talk to me about it. I hadn't realized that my outgoing Jane might be getting nervous but she definitely was. As we waited for her to enter the building, no parents allowed, I don't think she took one breath as she stood there holding hands with her friend Candy. I watched her walk in and almost cried the whole way home wanting to run back and give her a big hug. She was missed, big time.

When we picked her up from school she was super quiet too. She looked like she was going to cry. I could tell she had had a LONG day and she wasn't expecting so much to change between Kindergarten and 1st grade. I asked her all about it, doing the whole, what was awesome, what was different, what was funny, what was sad, etc questions and I never got anything positive out of her. She was sad because a boy drew on her picture and then her friend laughed about it and she was also sad there wasn't a guitar (her teacher last year played the guitar and was REALLY into singing and music which is Jane's LOVE). My heart breaks for her. Part of me hopes she can adjust and figure it out but part of me wants her to not have to and get back what she had last year. Ugh... parenting. It's hard.

Well, who knows what tomorrow will bring but I will be sure to hug her millions of times before she's out in public so I can get my fill because I love this girl... my first baby.

My sweet Jane:

Getting too big for her britches:

Who's going to first grade?

I asked for a silly face. This definitely counts:

Silly girl:

Wendy had to give Jane a big hug before we took her to school. We all missed her!

"Ahhhhhh! The hand is going to get me!"

You know, just a couple of cool kids waiting for the crossing guard to give 'em the ok to cross:

Wendy kind of enjoyed Jane being gone actually. There's no way she would have been able to drink the last bit of juice out of the carton if Jane was there. Wendy asked for a cup and I surprised/shocked her with telling her she could drink out of the carton.

After I picked her up we headed to the celebratory place of her choosing, Lickity Split. She got to pick out 7 pieces of candy since she's 6... which is almost 6 and a half... which is almost 7 :)

Crazy kids. Jane and Wendy doing who knows what and Boss finishing the end of my cone:

My first grader surprise hugging her siblings. We love you too Jane! Please stop growing up!

Now... let's have an awesome school year!