Thursday, May 11, 2017

Wendy Mae: Preschool Graduation

My baby girl graduated preschool today! She has LOVED school this year. Loved (even in all caps) is an understatement. She looked forward to every single day she had school, enjoyed doing her homework (even got super fast at it near the end), had great friends there, had an AMAZING teacher, and really owned it. She made it hers and really blossomed this year. I seriously didn't think school was really going to work out with my anxious, super emotional, easily intimidated child. I mean, when we asked her how her first day of school was (the "meet the teacher day" where she screamed and cried, wouldn't look at the teacher and hardly even enter the building) she responded, "It was noooooot awesome." Well, every single day of school after that WAS awesome. I am beyond proud of this girl and what she accomplished this year.

My Wendy and her Wendy: Twins!

Her graduation was the best one I'd ever been too. It was even better than my high school graduation!

Sunshine Square preschool is amazing. So loving, so nurturing, so happy. They really know how to make a group of kids feel like best friends.

Wendy practiced her part multiple times a day and she ROCKED it! "Hi mom, hi dad, hello everybody!"

I was blown away that she said her part instead of cowering into the microphone so when she walked down those steps all by herself toward a huge group of strangers staring at her I couldn't even believe it. Wow. Wendy, I am SO proud of you! "When I grow up I want to be a ballerina teacher."

Wendy and her friend Hallie. Besides asking if Grandma was coming every time I picked her up, she also asked if she could have a play date with Hallie. I finally got her mom's phone number after her begging me to at graduation.

Wenders and Harlen. He is one of the funniest kids I've ever met. Every time I interact with him I almost die laughing. Wendy always groaned in the car when I asked who was going to be special leader next class and it was him. She said he always brought nasty snacks (ha!). Last week I asked her how school was and she said, "Harlen was special leader and his snack WASN'T disgusting!" Bahaha! Yay, Harlen!

Wendy, David (Davey) and Harlen:

At first a boy named Logan was her best friend but I think he was a little too rough for her (he's REALLY boyish) so then she took to Davey and hasn't looked back. They were sweet together and she always had nice things to say about him.

When asked what her favorite part about graduation was, she said, "that Grandma came" every single time.

I'm so glad we live close enough for her to come to all their special occasions (and take care of the kids so I can get good pictures during them)!!

The other star of the show... Mrs. Karen! She is seriously the best! I don't think Wendy would have thrived as much as she did with anyone else!

Friends. Don't they look so cute in their pink dresses and sweet embrace!?

 Today and September. Less squish but same smile (though 4 of those teeth are new).

Wendy Mae, you are awesome. Last night you reminded me about 20 times to wash your "wedding dress" so you could wear it today. You even woke up around 11pm to go potty and told Dad you needed to talk to me so he guided you into my room and you said, "Don't forget to wash my dress for tomorrow." Ha! Your enthusiasm is adorable.

I hope next year is as awesome as this year was for you.

Today you told everyone we saw that you graduated today and everyone thought it was from Kindergarten. You seem so much older than you are, always have. This year you learned your letters, you love to write words and ask us what letters the words need, your drawings are adorable and always have pockets and really big hands, your frowns always go above your noses, and your speech is so great! I love hearing you say new words as well as you do. I love having conversations with you. 

I love you sweet girl! We got a treat after graduation and since mine had way too much chocolate on it I kept giving you chunks of hard chocolate coating from it. You were surprised each time I gave you one and were genuinely thankful. You said, "Wow mom, you're being nice today!" I'm sorry you feel like me being nice is a rare occurrence but I'm glad you felt loved today. Today was your special day and it felt like it. When you were just about done with your donut you held it out to me and asked if I wanted the last bite. That meant so much to me. You're always the first to be sweet and generous and always want people to have what you think they want. Never change that. Happy graduation cutie!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Logan Fox: 11 months

Our little guy is 11 months and quite the mover! He gets around anywhere he wants and doesn't stay put anymore. If I put him in the living room, he immediately starts up the stairs to the kitchen. He's a master at climbing stairs and is juuust starting to be able to slide down on his belly but he's not good enough to be on his own yet so we watch him like a hawk. Just last week he let go of what he was holding and stood there for about 5 seconds. He did it a few times and I was so proud! He cruises along furniture and I know he will LOVE it when he can start walking.

He's still eating baby food but I think he's done with rice cereal since he can eat most of what we eat in the morning. At every meal I give him some of what we are eating. Last night he ate his first chicken nugget. It looked disgusting after he was done with it but he enjoyed what he did eat. Some of his dislikes are bananas or avocados. He pushes out anything I put in his mouth with his tongue so I've learned to hold it until he's pushed it out, analyzed it and decided he's ok with it. He loves yogurt, graham crackers, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and cheerios and is my first baby to actually like milk! He drank 3/4 of a sippy cup of milk at dinner which was good because we dropped the nursing feeding before bed last week and it was good knowing he got enough milk as he cried for an hour. He loves that last feeding (he usually dozes off during it and I just get to keep holding him) but we have to start weening him since we are leaving him for a trip and I think both our hearts were broken. He doesn't suck his thumb or take a pacifier so what does comfort him I want to give him. Sigh. But, after the first rough night I started sitting with him in my lap in his room while I held the sippy for him and he's gone down without a peep! Funny how I feel like I'm doing this for the first time even though he's my fourth.

He had his first haircut this month just to trim the long locks of hair he had behind his ears. He has the blondest hair of all my babies. He got three new teeth this month, one on the bottom and two on the top (one on each side of his front teeth) for a total of 7. He doesn't spit up much anymore! He used to spit up a ton but this month I think he's getting a better handle on his gag reflex. I'm very very happy about this leap. Also, he can sign "more"! I didn't start teaching him around 6 months like I did with the others but because of that he learned super fast. All I did last week and show him the sign for it and he could do it and does it when he wants more.

He's at 2 naps a day now and it feels so much better to be able to go do things instead of being stuck at home plus he stopped liking that third nap so he's happier too.He bear crawls when we are outside because he doesn't like the ground on his knees and it makes us all laugh. Speaking of laughing, he's not easy to impress but last night as we were eating dinner, Boston said something funny and had us all laughing really hard. I looked over at Logan and he was smiling and laughing too. I assumed it was because we were all laughing and it's kind of contagious so on the count of three we all started laughing and after about 30 seconds he KINDA cracked a smile. Ha! Stinker boy. He does love to play and will smile a ton if you get on the floor and roll around with him. But, you have to be careful because he doesn't like playing rough. He doesn't like to be thrown in the air, even a little.

He just started to show shyness this week. He cocks his head to the side and squishes his face into his neck while grinning and showing his big teeth. It's adorable. He's also started showing when he wants someone by leaning over and reaching out to them. Brandt and I took turns holding him and he kept reaching for the one not holding him. Made us laugh. He also really doesn't like when you take something away from him now. We try our best to keep choking hazards off the floor but with 3 other kids it's a lost cause. I frequently find him trying to conceal that he's got something in his mouth and when I scoop it out he gets really mad at me. Sorry for saving your life dude!

Oh and the cutest thing he learned this month... clapping! Here's a video of him clapping for the first time at Costco. I probably looked like a weirdo squealing and celebrating but I was just so proud of him! (Boston's yelling, "I want more sample!" in the background...)

We adore this little boy. His smile makes us smile and he's been an awesome addition to our family. Jane is such a great helper with him and can move him around safely when needed, Wendy is still ALL OVER him and just can't stop herself from touching him and Boston thinks he's gross and doesn't like to touch him (ha!). Daddy loves seeing him when he gets home from work and has to give him a snuggle first thing. Mommy wants him to stay her baby forever.

Can't wait to throw you a big party next month baby boy!

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Jane's Pajama Movie Party!

Today was one of the busiest days of parenting so far. Busy but perfect. Brandt started the day off on a yummy note by making us ebelskivers and then I gave Jane a shower and did her hair so we could knock out her baptism and 8th birthday photos. Just her and I went to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple and she looked so beautiful in her dress. I can't believe she's almost old enough to be baptized! She was such a sweetheart and held my hand as we walked to and from the temple. Please let her stay this way forever.

We had to stop at home to feed Logan before going to do her birthday photos and then we headed to the park to do those. The trees at the park we went to were huge and a perfect backdrop BUT they were COVERED in tiny green bugs and the grass was covered in cotton-like stuff from those trees and even more bugs. We both tried not to think about it and did the photos super fast. When we got back in the van I thought we were fast enough to not get bugs on us but I felt some crawling on my legs and when I looked, my shoes and legs had a bunch on them. Eek! We jumped out and shook ourselves super hard to get them off. It was a good bonding moment :) We then went to 7-Eleven to find some fidget spinners (they didn't have any) so she picked out some ICEE candy spray stuff. I loved weird candies as a kid so I get excited when my kids have a chance to pick something like that out because I know what it means to them. Jane paid with her own money and we went outside to try it. It was weird... but she loved it.

When we got home we made lunch and Grandma and her friend Heather came over for a visit. It was fun chatting with them on the back deck while we ate our lunch and then Jane and I opened our gifts from them. Jane will probably never know how spoiled she is. Heather gave her the best timed gift of a Trolls pajama dress perfect for her pajama movie night featuring Trolls tonight! Grandma gave her her very first pair of roller skates (and some very appreciated elbow, knee and wrist pads)! We immediately went outside for a test run. Jane didn't really know what to do at first but Brandt was a good teacher and eventually she was doing GREAT! I was so proud of her!

Grandma and Heather took the girls to the park while the boys napped and Brandt and I cleaned, decorated and wait for it... watched a show! It was amazing having such freedom! They came home with some donuts and bread (promised to Boston ha!) and then had to take off. I love living so close to family! We told Jane she had to clean her room before her party and neither of us thought she'd be able to do it. It was super messy. I checked in on her when I went down like 10 minutes later and she was putting the finishing touches setting her doll just so. She looked so proud. I couldn't believe it.

We had an hour before the party so I took her to Target and to get the pizza for her party. Halfway through Target I got frantic texts from Brandt saying kids were showing up. I was confused because I knew I had another half hour. More texts later and I realized I had the wrong time in my head! By the time we got the pizza and got home we were the last ones there! Ha! I was super smooth though and told Brandt to tell the kids they were going to surprise Jane when she got there. They loved it. Man, having 4 kids will ruin a brain.

We had pizza and popcorn while we watched Trolls (with a few dance parties in between), opened gifts and had ice cream sundaes (Jane didn't want cake). Some more playing and then the kids headed home. It was the easiest and probably most fun party I've ever thrown. We do family parties every other year because it's tiring hosting so many parties but if she wanted to do this again next year I'd be up for that.

 Jane was so focused on the movie (she gets so hypnotized by shows) she was the last one to finish her pizza by about 10 minutes.

Everyone else was in the living room watching the show and eating popcorn. This little fella spent the first 15 minutes looking at everyone eating popcorn and then realized he could snatch what they dropped. He also enjoyed putting this balloon in his mouth and bouncing/knee-hopping around. And the biggest Logan event of the evening... He stood up unassisted!!!! He did it for a few seconds like 4 times!! Argh! Logan! Stay my baby... but I'm so proud of you!

More pics from the party:

I haven't even included what Brandt did today (mowed, took care of and played with kids, cleaned, hosted when I wasn't here...). I'm glad I have a husband I can count on. I couldn't do this all myself.

More celebrating Monday, on her actual birthday and I can't wait. Happy early birthday Jane!

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Jane's not a baby anymore

"I'm basically a ninja now."-Jane who earned her white belt in karate last month and has all sorts of self-esteem :)

It's weird, sometimes I still think Jane is 5 but she's almost 8... in only 4 days! I typed out that she has it the hardest in our family but I deleted it because honestly, Wendy has it the hardest. I always get upset at Wendy because I feel like she should act like Jane and I forget she's 2.5 years younger than Jane. But, Jane does have it hard being the first born and us learning from our mistakes parenting her. I DO love those moments when we are able to let her do something special that the other kids can't and a big one is staying up later. I put her to bed at 7 but spend time with her after I put the other kids down and then let her read till 8.

One of my least favorite things though is that after I say good night she comes out... Every. Single. Night. Sometimes she comes out a bunch of times and it drives me CRAZY! We have a list of things she will lose if she comes out after I leave her room and it makes me sad always threatening her but we don't know what else to do. Mommy just needs to clock out and shutting her door as I'm leaving is me clocking out.

Anyway... that's the backstory to this post.

Tonight she wanted me to beat a level on her camera (it has games) so I agreed to do it if she read the whole page we were on of the scriptures. She rocked it! She totally focused and read the whole thing! I checked in with her half way reminding her that she needed to pay attention to what was being said and she did "meh" with that but she FOCUSED! That's HUGE! After we were done and it was time to say good night she told me to stay where I was on her bed and she tucked me in. She said, "You go to sleep, I'm going to go help dad clean the kitchen." Ha! She was trading roles with me! I said, "Ok" and she left. After a while I came out to find her in the living room with Brandt folding laundry (the 5 loads I did today) and right as I sheepishly peeked my head around the corner like Jane always does they both said, "Ok, you lose your emoji pillow. You know you're not supposed to come out!"

I rattled off all the excuses Jane always has while doing the fake urgent/sad face with a little smile she does. I told her I didn't want to lose my pillow (that's what she always says) and she said she'd take my bear instead as she took my hand to take me back to "my" room. We joked a bit and then she said she REALLY wanted to stay up like a grown-up and help fold the laundry so I let her and we had one of the best bonding times with her. She was so awesome. She folded the socks and chatted with us and I loved it. Apparently before I came upstairs, her and Brandt had this conversation:

Jane: I tucked mom in bed.
Brandt: Oh, are you going to be a grown-up tonight?
Jane: Yeah!
Brandt: Oh, well let's turn on a show and get all the candy out!
Jane: (looks at Brandt shocked) What?!
Brandt: Isn't that what grown-ups do?
Jane: I don't know, I've never stayed up late before!
Brandt: Well, I'll tell you what grown-ups really do. First we will figure out our health insurance for the year, then we'll clean the kitchen and then we'll fold all the laundry. Which do you want to do first?
Jane: Clean the kitchen, no, fold the laundry.

I love Jane. She drives me crazy sometimes but I think it's just because she's learned bad habits from me (like a short temper) and she's a super space cadet but she's my pal and she's a huge part of me. I look forward to more fun/special moments like tonight... and her actually staying in her room after we say goodnight (insert eye roll emoji).

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Goof'n Off At Gardner Village

Janers has art at a place called Gardner Village on Tuesdays and this Tuesday the weather was SUPER nice so we went a little early and stayed a little after dropping her off. We went straight to the chocolate store where the kids like seeing taffy be pulled and where we can get a very tasty sample of caramel. Jane and Wendy also bought a couple Warheads with change from "their" pocket in my purse (where we put money they randomly find). We dropped Jane off at class and then the other kids saw a bridge that sat over a little lake so I took some pictures of the kids next to it.

This little cheeser is officially a 2 nap a day cheeser! He's exhausted by dinner time but that last nap just wasn't happening. It's nice having the flexibility of not having that "nap".

I think he's getting one of his top teeth! I'll know in a few days but I think I see white coming through!

I'm not in a rush though... this little toothy grin is my favorite.

This picture is so appropriate because I took about 8,900 pictures of him trying to get a smile but he was pretty tired. Makes me laugh... "No more photos mom, no pictures please."

I love you little chunk! You have a long lock of hair behind each ear and I can't bring myself to cut them. I also have two teeny bits of blue nail polish left on my big toes from the pedicure I got the day before you were born to celebrate your birth. It's almost gone but I've left it. I hope it stays until your birthday. I saw a one year old at the park today and though you are three months younger you looked three months older. As long as you have those funny locks and I have a speck of blue on my toes you will stay my baby. I love kissing your chubby cheeks. I love the look you give me when I say, "Uh uh, not for baby!" as you are about to do something you shouldn't. I don't love how to do back bends and roll over while I'm changing you. Maybe you could stop doing that?

 Wenders and Bossy Boy!

Wendy was such a good sport taking these pictures. Boston was NOT cooperating and she sat there the whole time giving me smiles so I could hopefully get one of Boss. She's such a sweetheart. We matched shirts that day. I like being twinkies with her. She's getting too big too fast.

My two favorite things Boss says these days are how he says his name, "Bozzy" and how whenever he's excited or happy something happened the way he wanted he says "Horray!" in the cutest little 2 year old voice.

Boss likes to walk instead of ride in the cart when we go to grocery stores now. He usually does a good job of staying by me except for at Macey's where they have orange samples and salsa samples. He runs straight to those and throws a huge fit if I stop him. He loves "oosh"es and "sawsa". He doesn't really like cookies which would be fine if he'd at least take them and give them to me when we get samples from the bakery but he gives a yucky face to the worker and says, "Ew, no." Ha! This kid.

Wenders lost her third tooth on Saturday. She was eating a strawberry, held her tooth up and said, "Um mom, my tooth came out." I thought it had a few more days left on it. That night the tooth fairy forgot to come (eek!) so we distracted her by saying "Wendy, want to hold Logan?" Works EVERY time. I jumped out of bed and wrote a note from the tooth fairy saying she had to find her surprise  and hid it downstairs. Wendy was super excited to find a book of mazes, color changing click pen and three airheads (I felt bad for forgetting) which she shared with Jane and Boston all on her own.

I threw the tooth away and a few hours later we talked about how she was supposed to bring something that started with the letter t to school the next day. She really wanted to bring her tooth but the tooth fairy already took it. I told her we'd write a letter to the tooth fairy and ask to borrow it. The tooth fairy dug it out of the giant yucky kitchen trashcan (not easy mind you) and left it with a special note that she could bring to school. She was SO happy. When Wendy left it out for the tooth fairy to take back that night the tooth fairy was so proud of her for taking care of it and returning it that she left Wendy a giant pencil. Wendy was thrilled to have such a long experience with the tooth fairy. It was fun for me too :)

I like these two kiddos. Wendy, you're my pal. Thanks for being so patient with me and loving and forgiving when I'm not patient with you. Thanks for telling me "Jesus doesn't like the way you're acting right now". I need those reminders. You have a kind heart sweet girl. You're the first to give up what you want just so someone else will be happy. You're too good to us. Bossy, you make us laugh each day. You're 100% boy and crack us up. I love hearing you talk and I get excited every time you say a word for the first time. Your laugh is the best and I might just keep you in diapers forever so I can tickle you as much as I want.

Speaking of funny...

This boy decided to bear crawl instead of regular crawl while we were at the bridge. I was laughing so hard watching him move around like this.

Kids... they are good entertainment.