Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Grinch Date with Jane

I dislike Chicago for many reasons, parking, schools, rent, crime, parking... I could go on...

But, I DO like Chicago for the super fun things we get to do whenever we want to, like today! Jane and I headed downtown to go see How The Grinch Stole Christmas: The Musical! We took the train down and skipped out of the train station holding hands, grabbed some donuts from our favorite spot, and then headed to the theater.

She was SO impatient/excited for it to start that she asked me every 20 seconds how many more minutes were left (we did that for the whole 10 minutes we had to wait) and she would cheer whenever another minute passed. She sat on my lap for the entire show because she couldn't see over the railing in front of her so I just sat back and enjoyed every minute of her being little enough to need me :)

One of our friends from church was in the cast and when she heard we were coming, offered to take us on a backstage tour so that's just what we did! It was fun and mind blowing for Jane. I think her favorite and most interesting part was seeing the wig room and understanding that people put those on to become characters and don't actually have that hair. We also got to meet the man who played the Grinch and the little girl who played Cindy Lou Who.

After that we headed to the Shake Shack for some lunch. While we were in line she saw a little 2 year old girl and started talking to her. She was being very sweet to her and gave the little girl a penny when she found it in her pocket. The guy behind us saw her do that and said, "Because you just did something really kind to that little girl I want to do something kind for you." He took off an LED reflector thing he had on his zipper-pull and put it on Jane's. If her day hadn't already been made, it was now! Turns out, that guy and his family (who were with him) were all going to be on Santa's float at the Chicago Lights Festival a few hours later.

Here are some pictures from our adventure:

Waiting for the train. She loves to wave at the train drivers and gets SO excited when they wave back.

 My princess and I before the show!

After the show, our friend Rebecca showed Jane and a couple other kids how the actors find their spots on stage.

Rebecca showing the kids how to stand when you are a "Who". Toes out!

Jane getting to hold Rebecca's (or should I say, Trixie Who's) broom.

Admiring the Grinch's sleigh.

Seeing the other props (p.s. she didn't take her owl hat off until an hour after we got home. She's obsessed!):

Ha! She got to try on Rebecca's shoes. Just a little too big.

Jane thought this was gross. It's the Grinch's costume.

She didn't think THIS was gross. Yummas! My favorite was when she tried getting the last bit out of my shake and said, "It's not gone till it makes that gurburbully sound." She then got the last si. Oh, no, my favorite part was when I asked her if she wanted the last fry, she said "yes", took it, then said, "Actually, no. Here."and tore it in half so we both got the last fry. She's SOOO awesome!

So fun and I feel so blessed to be able to do things like this with my kiddos.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Wendy's Apple Party!

We asked Wendy what kind of party she wanted and she said, "cereal". We asked her again and she said, "apple". I decided to go with the first of her two true loves, apples:

Introducing, Wendy's Apple Party!!!

Of coarse we had plenty of apples on hand:

Lots of yummy cupcakes:

And, lots of red...

... and green apple decorations:

My favorite, the pinata!

Grandma was able to fly out the same weekend of her party, which MADE the party!

Birthday girl so excited for "mine birfday party!":

Sisters! (Um, Brandt got them dressed... not sure what size shirt Jane-bo is wearing):

Lunch time! Wenders filling up on some veggies:

Pinata time! Birthday girl first!

Enjoying some of the spoils from her pinata:

I bought some caramel apple soda for the party. This is her "soooo spicy" face:

Pop the candy-filled balloon time!

She was a little shy this year anytime anyone sang happy birthday. She basically clawed her way up and over her nursery teachers at church and did the same at the party:

But in the end she braved it and made a wish. I'm sure it was for an apple (which she ate instead of this cupcake so... dream come true)!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wendy: 3 years!

So, it feels like WAY more than 3 years since we brought this girl into the world. I feel like she's about to be 4! It's impossible to explain her in one word. She's a riot when you tickle her and has one of the best belly laughs. She's very emotional and has always been able to squeeze out the tears in a second when you don't give her what she wants. She can handle herself when someone (namely Jane) does something to her that she doesn't like... she's feisty. She's SUPER sweet after she's done crying and my heart about melts when she says, "I. Wuv. You. Mom." and looks into my eyes with her big blues. She's a daddy's girl for sure, 100%. So, I guess if you summed her up in one word I'd probably say, "Me". Heaven help this world. J/k not j/k :)

She's a great helper and loves to help me cook and start the dishwasher. She secretly wants to be just like Jane. I say secretly because they fight ALL the time but she's obsessed with sleeping in Jane's bed for naps, sitting in her car seat when we go somewhere, and even tries to get ready for bed first so she can sleep in Jane's pjs. She is always in Boston's face saying, "my baby Bosson boy". And, while she usually ends up making him cry in the end because he's, well, a small human who isn't quite ready for what Wendy has to offer, she always has the best intentions. I think they will be good friends when he gets older. And Brandt, she adores him. Every day she asks, "work day?" and gets sad when he says yes. She loves helping him get dressed and picking out his clothes to match her. The sweet thing is that he usually accommodates her requests.

Her loves? Baths, baby dolls, watching shows, getting her nails painted, going to the park (the swings!!), sitting in my lap, touching my phone (a huge no-no) and even pretends her play phone is an "iPhone". She loves apples, cereal, putting on and taking off dress-ups (about 30 seconds a dress-up), having a class of her own (tumbling, which she dominates) and sucking her thumb.

Things she doesn't love? Getting her teeth brushed, getting told no, rice, mac n' cheese, much cheese or bread and peppers.

Some other things about her: She is still learning her colors, numbers and alphabet but is starting to catch on. I finally took her to a speech therapy evaluation and they said she speaks like a 2 year and 3 month old but is beyond a 4.5 year old cognitively. I've always known she could understand everything, she just can't get it out. She's a super smart girl and I can only imagine what she will accomplish with more words. She says a lot of words but they are hard to understand and she still speaks really choppy (or cave woman-ish), not conversationally. The last few weeks, she has been blowing us away with 6-7 word sentences and new words every day. It's funny... Jane and I always recognize when she says a word for the first time and always say, "Yay!" and get so excited when she does it.

Some of our favorite/funny things she's saying these days are:
-Every time I ask her what she wants for her birthday or Christmas she says "ice meem".
-We had a jar filled with candy for a baby shower we were planning and I told the girls they could have it all if they guessed how many pieces of candy were in it. Jane guessed "nineteen hundred" Wendy guessed, "Pink".
-When their alarm goes off in the morning Wendy RUNS into our room every day yelling, "sbippters (scripture) time! Me eat food!"

-She constantly wants to be the mom and calls me "kid". "You eat your food kid?" "You sick kid?" If I'm not "kid" I'm "Seena".

She's starting to like coloring and drawing, she's napping like a champ, she's completely potty trained, even at night, and she gives the best kisses. I'll do just about anything to get one from her.

My little Wenders. It was so fun doing this little photoshoot with her:

Love you Wendy Mae!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Boston: 4-5 months

Oh, how I very much LOVE my little boy! Every time I look at him I almost cry because I waited so long for him to be here (long story). I always knew he would be and he is! He is the sweetest and smiley-est baby boy I've ever met. He just LOVES everyone! All you have to do it look him in the eyes and he'll pay you back with the happiest smile you've ever seen.

He used to only be content if you were walking around with him but now he also enjoys sitting in your lap and snuggling. His favorite though, is now standing in your lap holding onto your fingers. Also, no matter what mood he is in when you zip up his sleeper, he cracks up every time. Every. Time. He thinks it's the funniest thing as it gets close to his neck. He's enjoying tummy time to a point but is now really enjoying his play gym because he can grab the toys and put them in his mouth. He is very much at the stage where he loves putting everything in his mouth which brings me to my next point...

He's got 2 bottom teeth! He got them at 4 months. A week after the Dr. said he wouldn't be getting teeth for a while, I had a feeling he was teething and a couple weeks of sleepless nights later (he is my first bad teether) the first popped through! The next one came very soon after and he did better for that one. I love his little teeth. Well, not really... he was sucking on my finger and bit down so hard on my cuticle that it bled.

Another milestone is that he's a solid food champ! I tried giving him solids at 4 months thinking he was waking up three times a night due to hunger (it was teething) and he wasn't a fan. I took a three week break and he did much better. It didn't take him long to catch on and actually opens his mouth anticipating the bites. Good eaters are the best!

He is struggling a little on back strength but I'm sure he'll get there. I still can't hold him one handed and he doesn't sit too well in the Bumbo nor is he able to do the jumper thing yet (without leaning too far forward and choking himself) so we're working on that. He's also not yet rolling over but at 5 months is finally starting to arch his back like he will roll soon. He's getting in more hair and definitely has his daddy's dark eyes... my wish came true!

Needless to say, I am a fan of Mr. Bossy Pants. I'm typing this as he sleeps and I miss him terribly.

His sister's both adore him. Jane sings him songs all the time and feels SO proud she can carry him around (closely supervised) and Wendy is constantly in his face (not sure it's a great thing but she loves him).

Stats at 4 month check-up:
Weight: 15 lbs 11oz (75th %)
Height: 25 5/8 inches (75th %)
Head: 50th %

How does he compare? Bigger than Wendy but doesn't actually have rolls and obviously bigger than Jane. Wearing 6-12 month clothes at 5 months. Also, HUGE thumb sucker like both girls. Guess it's in my genes? He is also a great napper. I'm starting to finally try out a 4 hour schedule to see if that's what's causing him to wake early in the morning so we'll see if that works.

Here's my Boss Man 4-5 months old:

And a couple from a little bit ago I got on my cell phone:

How does he open his eyes so wide?!? My Big-Eyes Boston!

And, a picture from his first solids: Not a fan...