Saturday, November 03, 2018

Wendy's 7th Birthday

 Wendy woke up and suddenly she was 7! It was fun setting up the fireplace for her and she loved it when she woke up. She got a princess tent with a spinning sparkly light, a real metal gum ball machine, a bead bracelet making set, some other jewelry and Jane got her an LOL ball, gum and a super pink bird clip.

Last year she wanted cookies for her birthday breakfast so I was a little worried about what she'd ask for this year. Luckily it was her dad's German pancakes.

She's so stink'n cute! I love that she wore that bird every chance she got. I'm pretty sure it is a Christmas decoration but it has a little clip on it so she just wears it in her hair. She's adorable.

She opened all her presents and then off to school she went. I got to go with her to read a story to her class but SHE wanted to read it. She practiced the book right before we left for school and when we got there, she walked straight up to the projector, knew exactly what to do and read the whole story to her class! She was SOOO brave! This is probably the biggest, bravest thing she's ever done. 2 years ago there is no way she would have ever done anything in front of anyone. And, she read so well! I'm so proud of her.

It was really cute when she'd read a funny part and the whole class would laugh. It was just perfect.

We went home and I cleaned the house for a while until it was time for the sitter to come over so I could go out with Wendy for our biannual birthday/half birthday lunch. Luckily her birthday was on a Friday so Texas Roadhouse was open! She didn't eat much and then her ice cream came out and she dug in. Smart girl saving room for the best stuff. I asked her a lot of questions to pass the time of her eating incredibly slow (we were there for an hour and a half!) and my favorite was this:

Me: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Wendy: A mom... 
Me: Awe!
Wendy: ...but without any kids. 


 One day I will put together a book with our selfies from every birthday/half birthday lunch we've had and it's going to be one of my favorite things. I love this girl and our special tradition.

Since this year is a "family birthday" instead of a friend's party for her, we thought and thought about what special thing to do with her and finally decided on taking her to the store after lunch to pick out a new movie and a treat for the family after dinner. She was so cute and picked out a Minnie Mouse movie, Luigi's Italian Ice for the treat and then at checkout I surprised her and asked if she wanted to get a candy that she never gets and she picked out a juicy drop squirt candy. I hope she remembers my surprises and knows I love her.

Aunt Anna came before we picked up the girls from school and we ran to get her some balloons so we could surprise her. We were running late to surprise her with them which would have been lame because that was the whole point of getting them but we got there right as she was crossing the street to go to our meeting spot. Woohoo! Birthday balloons!

Aunt Anna brought Wendy the best gift, a furniture set for her doll! The girls got their dolls out and played for ages until it was time for her to go to tumbling. She was super excited to bring rice krispy treats to her tumbling class like she did for her class at school. We picked her up and headed straight to Cafe Rio for her birthday dinner. Her dreams came true and she got double sides of pico, a side of black beans and her own drink. It's amazing how the little things can make her smile so much.

We also gave Wendy a vanity table for her birthday. She's been asking for one for forever. Grandma gave her a make-up set (and a baby doll for the bathtub) that went perfectly with it.

The day we gave it to her I went looking for Logan and found him smiling like this in the mirror and snapped a picture before he saw me. Ha! He's such a funny kid.

It was also a big day for Jane. She'd lost another tooth the night before so when she woke up on Wendy's birthday there was a surprise for her too. I've been saving it for her for an entire year and felt like it was a good gift to give her for this tooth. She didn't take the cape off for 3 days so... I'm so glad she loved it! 

Funny story about how she lost her tooth and how sweet she is. The night before, she realized she hadn't gotten Wendy a gift. She was freaking out about how I HAD to take her to the store that night so she could get Wendy something. There was no way I could because when Brandt got home I had to go to a youth activity and then I had a Bunco group I'd committed to immediately after youth night. I decided to skip helping setting up for the youth activity since it was SO important to her (sorry Laura) and the second Brandt got home, her and I ran to Walmart (the closest store). That meant I didn't get to eat dinner because it finished right when Brandt got home but it was worth it. I had to rush her but she was adamant on getting the right gift for Wendy and didn't care how much it cost. She finally picked out the gifts and at the checkout she saw some gum. Wendy loves gum but Jane HATES it. Jane won't even be in the same room as someone chewing gum but she knew Wendy would love it so she added it to our stuff. I was totally going to pay at least half of what the gifts cost but Jane was so proud to pay for it all so I let her. She was so selfless because she's saving up so hard for an echo dot. On the way home I told Jane that she'd spent $10 so she better lose that wiggly tooth soon (the Texas Tooth Fairy helps fill her wallet). I was slightly kidding. When I got home her tooth was in a bag on the counter. Haha! I bet she'd wiggled it non stop since I told her to finally pull it out. Well, that was easy. I love that girl!

A perfect day celebrating our Wendy Mae!

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween 2018

 Halloween is so fun! It's never just one day, it's an entire month of dressing up in every costume we own, going to every activity we can handle. I'll start with Halloween Day and go backwards:

The kids were fed and dressed and ready to get all the candy they could in 3 hours.

We went to the Mecham's first. They had this creepy zombie in their front yard and my kids were TERRIFIED of it. They wouldn't even go close to their house. One day Wendy and Boston wanted to play with their kids and after 5 minutes of standing at their mail box, Wendy finally turned around and said, "Yeah, we're gonna play with someone else." They immediately ran off. Ha! One time I tried bribing Boss to bring their mom something so I wouldn't have to get my shoes on and after 10 minutes of bribing him with more and more pieces of candy I finally did it myself. He was so sad to not get the candy but would NOT go over there. I laughed and laughed this month at their fear over this zombie but the Mecham's felt bad. They told my kids they would make it up to them. On Halloween I texted them when we were heading over there and they hid the zombie and gave them full size candy bars. I didn't realize till later that they photobombed this picture with the zombie, hahahaha!

Trick-or-treating with a two year old and nine year old was really hard. After a while I ditched Logan and Boston (they stayed home and had a blast handing out candy with Brandt) and the girls and I got on scooters to cover more ground faster. That's the best way to do it. I had so much fun scootering house to house with the girls.

They sure got a ton of (really good) candy!

The Saturday before Halloween I took the kids down the street to trick-or-treat at the Beehive Home. I thought it would be cool to have the kids do some service for the older folks who live there (though was it service if they got candy??).

They were super sweet to the residents and I loved seeing them give the residents smiles.

For this event, Boston REALLY wanted to match Jane. He REALLY didn't want face paint but I talked him into a few whiskers. It was fun doing Jane's face painting. I'm glad I bought that good set on clearance earlier in the month.

This is Boston eating a Warhead he got at the Beehive Home.

Another event we went to the week before was at the Traverse Mountain Outlets. I heard about it on Facebook so after picking up the kids from tutoring we drove straight over there. It was fun but way too many people. We probably won't go back next year now that we've experienced it.

Boston's stance cracks me up, and Logan's face... Ha! We grabbed some Papa Johns and then went home to eat it with Brandt.

These next few are from our ward Halloween party.

Jane was the cheetah again, Brandt was a blowup horse, (why didn't I get a picture of that?!) and Wendy was Elsa. I loved that Logan and Boston were in zip-up hooded costumes.

What am I going to do when I don't have toddlers to dress up in adorable costumes any more?!

The only costume I didn't get a picture of Boston in was for his school party. For that he went as an alien from Toy Story. He made SUCH a cute little alien!!

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Pumpkin Carving

What better to do on an October Sunday than carve pumpkins?! We had lunch, put Logan down for a nap and the other kids carved pumpkins with Brandt while I prepped food for our cousin dinner later that night.

Their feelings on pumpkin carving-

Boston: Ok, I’m done. This is gross dude. 

Wendy: Jane, it’s like we are bakers making food but the food is gross. 

Jane: No, I can’t, I can’t touch it. I need gloves or something.

My feelings exactly, ha!

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Touch-A-Truck Just Boys

 When I heard there was a Touch-A-Truck event in Orem I was super excited because they used to have one every year in Chicago but I haven't heard of once since Boston was old enough to care and I knew he would love it. I decided to brave the crowds and headed to Orem with just the boys. Here's Boston driving a city bus:

Oh man, Logan loved it too. Bus Driver Logan is ready to hit the streets! He can just ALMOST reach the pedals, ha!

I always love to compare the size of those huge tires to my little kids. Logan sat on the tire and said, "It's a chair!"

Boston wanted to do it too. Check out those sweet shades he got at the first booth we went to when we got there.

The lines were really long for the fire truck, police car and the ambulance but not so much for any of the service vehicles like the street sweeper or garbage trucks so the boys got their fill of sitting in all of those and we just slowly walked around the others. It was so perfect. 

Boston discovered manual windows on one of the trucks and his reaction was priceless. He couldn't stop laughing as he rolled it up and down.

Don't scoop up my cute boys!

Boston also loved the FBI mobile command center. Overall it was super fun and I'm glad we went. It's fun showing the boys interesting things and seeing their reactions.

They even had free hot dogs, chips and water which was awesome. Not awesome was when Logan put his water bottle, only slightly closed, on the ground and jumped on it for no logical reason I can think of. I was immediately covered in water. Thanks pal... 

Friday, October 12, 2018

So much partying!

 We got double booked today but we managed to make it to both parties. First up was our cousin Lily's 5th birthday! I checked the girls out of school an hour and a half early so we could make it to some of her party in Provo before our next event.

My girls chose to be wrapped up by a partner for this game. So much spinning!

The craziest reindeer I've ever seen.

Silly Jane.

Next up, our neighborhood Halloween party! It was so fun having my sister Anna in town for it.

Boston was SO sick. It took all his energy to get his new construction costume on.

But we weren't going to let that stop us either. I just put him in the stroller and he sat there watching movies on my phone the whole time.

Logan the leopard.

That. Face.

Could he get any cuter? I'm 100% sure the answer is no.

Ooh la la, cheetah Jane!

That's more like her.

Bahahaha! She cracks me up.

The perfect costume for my cheetah loving child.

My beautiful Elsa Wendy.

So fancy!

The perfect costume for my girly girl child. She won a prize for the most beautiful costume, too.

I didn't get any more pictures of Boston but eventually he was cold, thirsty, tired, tired of sitting in the stroller, and feeling worse so we packed up and walked home. I'm glad we didn't have to miss out on the fun!