Saturday, August 16, 2014

Downtown Girls

Today I took Jane downtown with me to my dentist appointment. I love that she is old enough now that it's fun instead of just having to take her with me because I don't have a sitter. We've been looking forward to this all week and kept the details of our little adventure a secret from Wendy and Brandt so they wouldn't get jealous (mostly Wendy). We said goodbye to the family at about 9:30am and hopped on the train.

After switching seats about a hundred times "to find the right one" Jane asked for my camera so she could take pictures of things so she could remember the train ride.

Very important stuff here... that one should never be forgotten :)

Like me! She just HAD to take a picture of me... I told her it was only fair to take one of her.

Then she was back at it. At one point she said, "The train is just going too fast for a little girl to take pictures." Ha!

After taking this one she said, "See mom! See those flowers (in the tiny open window)!?! I don't want to forget those!"

She really wants a camera of her own for Christmas. "A pink camera that takes pink pictures of pink flowers and is a phone. A REAL one that never runs out of batteries but does run out of batteries" to be exact.

Our first stop... Do-Rite Donuts! I had no idea it was right next to my dentist which is probably a good thing because I'd be a lot less healthy and a lot poorer.

About to take the biggest bite of her life of the biggest donut ever!

Yeah, I had to put the camera down when she actually started licking it.

That's better. And, much more hygienic.

It didn't have sprinkles but it was chocolate and that's all that really matters in her life.

She made the mistake of dropping some of the bread bits on the ground and quickly made a whole lot of new friends.

Then she wouldn't stop feeding them. I couldn't take a picture when there were about 20 more of these rats with wings because it was getting a little scary but you get the idea.

She thought it was hilarious. 

Next up, the Bean!

Here she is discovering her reflection:

It was fun watching her experiment with it.

And obviously she had to take some pictures.

After this we headed to the dentist and then home. It was a super fun outing with my big girl!

Oh, it did help that there weren't any anti-genocide "parades" this time, although she was sad to not see one :)

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Boston's Baby Blessing

We were able to bless this little stud muffin at church on Sunday! Brandt gave him a very nice blessing and Boston didn't make a peep the whole time. We are so happy to have him in our family and are so excited to watch him grow and see what kind of personality he will have.

Special thanks to my mom for buying him this adorable outfit. It fit him perfectly!

 Oh, bless you! Little guy sneezes just like his mom... quantity wise... I don't punch myself in the face double fist style like he does E-V-E-R-Y-T-I-M-E. Sorry Boss, had to add this picture in here :)

 Our little family after church:

Although, it's not so little anymore.

The bigger big sister:

The little-er big sister:

Don't you just want to squish those cheeks!?!

Boston, we all love you so much!

Since I'm doing this post the week he turns 2 months, here are his stats from his 2-month check-up...

Weight: 12 lbs (75th %)
Height:  23.5 in (75th %)

He's smiling, sleeping an average stretch of 5 hours at night (but almost 8 hours last night!!!) and his eyes are much more focused than they were at his last appointment. The doctor said his leg twitches and choking episodes should subside by his 4 month appointment. He still loves being held and just found his fingers, which he loves to suck on :)

Friday, August 01, 2014

Boston: 8 weeks

Boston wore leggings for the first time yesterday so obviously I had to take some pictures and do a blog post. He's 8 weeks old now! A few items to note...

-He hasn't spit up yet.

-He hasn't had a blowout yet.

-Now that I typed those two things out loud I expect both things to happen.

-He has woken up only once the last 3 nights. One feeding at 3am and then again at 7am when we all get up. I'm loving it!

-There is a moment with each child that I will always remember... the first time we "connected". With Boston, I had just started singing him "I Am A Child Of God" for the first time and right as I started the song he looked me right in the eyes and smiled. Words can't express how I felt.

-He still falls asleep during feedings. My favorite moments are when I lay him on my chest to burp him and he falls asleep with him little hands resting under his chin. I could just sit there forever giving little kisses to his tiny noggin.

-We had our first (and hopefully last) scare... He was stretching after a nap yesterday before I fed him and he suddenly started choking. He thrashed and didn't breathe for about a minute. SO scary. I did everything I could to get him to take a breath and then burst into tears once he finally did. For the next 45 minutes he would drift to sleep and then scream and act distressed for a few seconds and then drift back to sleep (on repeat every 5 minutes) like something was still in his throat. I really hope that doesn't happen again and am SOOOO grateful he's ok and still with us!

So, on a brighter note, here are the many faces of my little Boss:

Brandt felt bad for this little fellow when I put leggings on him but Jane said, "Leggings are the best part of life." I win. However, I do promise to stay away from the pink leggings :)

Friday, July 25, 2014

Mr. Boss Man: 7 weeks

Aunt Anna's asked again so this morning I took a few photos of our little Bossy boy. He's 7 weeks old now and has started being way more alert. He even... wait for it... gave his first real smile at 6 weeks! I can get him to smile about once a day and it's usually in the morning. This morning though, he saved his smiles for Brandt and gave him way more than he's ever given me. Not fair, Boss, not fair.

He's still waking twice a night which I hope he stops soon and we've been able to wean him mostly from his binky. Well, I guess I mean I have stopped giving it to him and after a REALLY rough day he was fine. I may break and give it to him again but hopefully I can hold out :) Lastly, he's grown out of his newborn and most of his 0-3 month clothes already! He's growing up so fast!

Obviously, we love this little guy to pieces. Here are some pictures of him:

These are not the best quality pictures but they depict his life so perfectly that I have to post them.
She HAD to take a picture with him this morning. Like Wendy, she can't stand to be more than 6 inches away from him. Good luck with that Boston...

See, she's ALWAYS at least holding his hand. She's a sweet big sister. The other day as she was holding him she told me, "I am going to hold him forever. You don't need to take him back." She was  serious. I didn't get to take him back for at least 30 minutes after that.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Wendy BEND-y

We had a BBQ at the beach this past weekend with some friends which is always fun. Every time I see Lake Michigan I feel blessed it worked out that we could live SO close (a block and a half) away from it and the surrounding beaches and parks because I had no idea it was even there before we moved here AND we signed our lease without seeing our apartment (where we've lived almost 8 years).

ANYWAY, my favorite thing about this BBQ (besides the ooey gooey rice krispy treats) was seeing Wendy eat chips with her super filthy feet. It's true what they say about 3rd time parents... you just stop caring about certain things. So, here's Wenders showing the Bishop of our church how she eats chips with her feet...

Hey! Check this out! I just played in the sand and am about to eat a chip off my nasty feet!

See! It fits right here! I won't use my hands to eat it because they are sticky from other chips and rice krispy treats. It's much more sanitary to do this. Good thing I'm cute, huh?

Nom nom nom.

I hope she never needs to use her feet because something happens to her hands but if she does, we know she'll be just fine.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Spontanious Trip to Utah

At about 2:30pm one boring Saturday afternoon, I was folding laundry on the couch when we got a text from my mother-in-law with a picture of her first raspberries of the season. At about 3pm I had talked Brandt into going to Utah and at 6:30pm we started our drive.

We pulled out as a flash flood started so it took over an extra hour just to leave the city and we didn't spend ANY time planning this trip so with that, having to feed a newborn every three hours, potty and food stops and construction, it took us 28 hours to get to Orem. We decided to just get there so we drove straight through the night, which we really hard but we made it.

We hadn't told anyone we were coming so when we got there, we walked into Brandt's parent's home through the garage and said, "Surprise!" They were completely shocked and super happy, we unpacked and ate a little something and promptly went to bed :)

So was it worth it? Definitely. We were pretty bored in Chicago during Brandt's 4 weeks of paternity leave, mainly because of the lame cold and rainy weather so it was perfect timing (Boston was 2 weeks old) to go on a vacation. Utah had clear skies and hot weather the whole time we were there AND there was plenty to do... Our entire trip summed up in one post:

We went swimming:

We got shaved ice about 6 times in the two weeks we were there:

And, Italian ice once. Brandt gave Jane the rest of his and she thought it was the bomb dot com to have 2:
We went to the jump place:

Cousins! Only missing Mr. Boston.

Jane checked the mail from their REAL mailboxes!
She checked it about twice a day and was probably her favorite thing to do in Utah. She'd even make mail and go deliver it to people! This was a particularly large mail day and she dropped it 3 times on her walk back to the house. I couldn't stop laughing watching her.

Jane rode her bike... a lot.
She spent 90% of the time there outside, running around with kids in the cul-de-sac, eating popsicles and riding her bike. Wendy learned how to use her balance bike (that we brought) while we were there too and could coast down the hill at the end of the street! Both girls got quite the tan.

They were crafty:
They spent a ton of time doing crafts like taping ribbon to rocks, filling bags with mud and drawing cute pictures with chalk... "This is Pinky who has a hundred umbrellas on his back for he doesn't get wet from the rain but the sun is coming out to dry everything off and there's a tree." - Jane

Grandma read them books:
I loved watching them snuggle together on the couch:

Jane was obsessed with mannequins. 
She'd stand next to all of them and pretend to be one too. The best was finding one her size:

We took the girls down to BYU to float some rubber ducks in the pond.
Cute Jane-bo:

Smile, Wendy!

Ha! That's better :)

Wendy's first carnival:

We took the girls to the Freedom Festival on opening night.

She LOVED this train ride which was a good thing because half the other rides weren't working yet.

Thrill seeker Jane was in heaven:

And while she was on this one I heard the mechanic of it yell to the mechanic of the ride running next to it, "Turn it off! The belts loose!" Eek. Maybe we should have waited till they got the kinks out.

The next day we went to the 4th of July parade:

This girl loved every minute of it:

This girl ate every minute of it :) Can't blame her. Kettle corn is yummy!

Me, being Wendy's lounge chair.

We shot off some fireworks before the girls had to go to bed on our last night in Utah.
This is Wendy when we started:

This is Wendy throughout the whole experience. Not a fan. She sat and cried in just about everyone's lap.

This sums up how Jane felt about them. Definitely a fan.

It was so worth the drive back too, which only took 24 hours due to more creativity, less flash floods and more planning. We are sad we don't live in a place where the kids can just go play outside when they want to, have spontaneous play dates with friends and me not have to go with, and of coarse that we aren't near family but we are super grateful we were able to make that drive so my kids could have those things.

All the cousins: