Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter 2014 Extravaganza

We had Easter fun coming out of our ears this year. To start things off, Grandma came into town on Wednesday and Thursday morning she surprised the girls with Easter baskets filled with goodies and new shirts. Here are some pictures of the girls in their Easter outfits...

My beautiful girls! Such sweet sisters when they want to be!

Their matching but not matching outfits remind me of when I was their age and my grandma used to make us matching but different color dresses. I miss her!

And the baskets Grandma gave the girls even matched their outfits:

I love this picture of Wendy looking up at Janie. I hope they're besties when they get older.

Happy Easter everyone!

This morning we went to Endgrain for brunch and then to the park where Jane goes to school for their Easter egg hunt. It was a mad house but they managed to have some fun...

 Jane only picked up three eggs (because there were a billion crazy kids) but they were empty so it didn't matter. She still got a yummy treat bag at the end like everyone else.

My little happy family!

A few hours later it was time for some egg dying while Wendy napped.

Jane being SUPER careful because these eggs weren't cooked:

She only cracked 3!

When Wendy woke up she got to help put stickers on:

Silly girl:

Finally, here are some pictures my friend Nicole took at yesterday's church play group Easter egg hunt:

Tomorrow we'll give the girls the Easter baskets I put together for them and they'll do a scavenger hunt to find a giant egg filled with raisin boxes and granola bars (their favorite). They are way too spoiled!

Monday, April 07, 2014

Saying Goodbye to Our Beautiful Trees!

When I left to take Jane to school, the landscapers were out front working on the lawn. When I came home after running some errands a couple hours later, I found this...

Talk about devastation! I have NEVER been one to cry over a tree being cut down and in fact, balked at the idea of my home town spending millions to relocate an old tree so they could build a road where it originally stood. This, however, has made me change my tune. If I had known they were going to cut those BEAUTIFUL trees down, I seriously would have chained myself to them. I would not have let them take them. Sure, they were getting so big that the lawn stopped thriving and the garden couldn't grow because the trees blocked most of the sun but they have provided luscious greens in the summer and heart warming reds, oranges, and yellows in the fall. They have provided a beautiful backdrop to many photos off our balcony and much needed shade and privacy to our home. I will miss them DEARLY! Oh, I'm so sad!

Here are some pictures we've taken over the 7 years we have lived here in memory of those two parts of our lives...

They were my favorite thing about fall. The beautiful colors that lit up our street. Those trees were the backdrop to my first pregnancy:

Those trees were a place where sisters could sit and share secrets:

 Where 3-year-olds could take their first year of preschool pictures:

 Where ladybugs could take their first steps:

Where sweet doctors could crunch in the leaves:

Where monkeys could climb their first trees:

Where Cabbage Patch Dolls could stand and watch the leaves change colors:

And most of all, those trees were a backdrop to SO many memories of my babies as they grew from little squishy cuties... 

and curious explorers...

to crazy "super hero fishing cowgirls"...

Oh, a part of me had died. I wish I could go back just 4 hours and make it not happen!

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Head, shoulders, knees and toes

Jane has an hour of Mandarin every Monday in school and she NEVER tells me what she learns so I assumed nothing was sinking in until last week she burst out of independent time and declared, "I can sing head, shoulders, knees, and toes in Mandarin!" I was completely in shock as she did it so I made her do it like 5 more times and once more so I could get her cute self on video. Go Jane!


This morning Jane drew me the best picture ever. I never want to lose it so here it is...

The story: We are walking on the sidewalk to find each other. Jane had been looking all over town to find me because she wanted to go to the park with me. 
She made sure to get our eye and hair colors right as well as our skin color. She asked, "What color skin do you have? Llama color?"

Monday, March 31, 2014

Happy Potty Day to Wendy Mae!

A week ago I would have told you I wouldn't even think about potty training Wendy until she was at least 3. I had a really bad experience (4 hours in the bathroom) with her a little while ago where I tried to teach her thinking she was ready but she clearly wasn't. Last week, though, she showed HUGE interest. One time she came in to use the potty while I was showering and totally did it! Another time I found her taking off her diaper and wiping herself because she had peed just a little in her diaper. TMI I know, but I don't want to forget walking in on that crazy girl and seeing how proud she looked because she knew she was being a big girl.

We chose a weekend, made sure we had no plans and got ready to potty train my baby. We did the same thing we did with Jane, taking Wendy to the bathroom every 15 minutes and if she was dry we'd give her a Skittle or M&M (Jane would get one too and cheer for Wendy). She had 4 accidents the first day (only 2 bad ones) and even stayed dry and used the potty when we went out for Potty Training Day burgers! The next day we had church so she only used underwear the 2nd half of the day and only had one accident. That night we celebrated with Happy Potty Day cupcakes (pictures below)! Today she only had one accident and we even ran a ton of errands! My favorite was when we were at Target she was in the shopping cart and said, "potty, potty!" I took her and she went, and was dry! She is really getting it. I'm so proud of my munchkin!

Here are some pictures from Sunday night of the girls enjoying some snickerdoodle cupcakes. Excuse the low quality of the images... I had to use my phone.

Wendy Mae, 2 years & 5 months old.

She's so proud of herself!

Ok, enough smiles, time to dig in!

Of coarse Jane got in on the cupcake action!

She's a great big sister, cheering on Wendy as she learns to potty train and as Wendy learns new words. She gets so excited for her when she says a new word and makes sure to tell me. Tonight during Wendy's prayer she said, "Jane" clear as day instead of "Iya". We both gasped, giggled and clapped at the same time.

I had to go back and look at Jane when we celebrated her Potty Training Day when she was 2 years and 3 months old. Here is my super blonde, happy girl!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Random good times

What have we been up to lately?

We had crepes for breakfast. This is Jane showing me her chocolate fingers. Someone was excited I made her the breakfast of her choice!

Wendy was pretty excited too so she had to show me her messy fingers as well.

They didn't stay messy for long. Quickly licked clean.

We went to a grocery store we'd never been to and after noticing they had $1 mini gelato we HAD to get some. Chocolate for Jane cause that's her fave and lemon for Wendy because it's white and doesn't stain :)

Jane ended up eating half of Wendy's before starting on hers. Classic. I think we'll have to go again. There were lots more flavors we didn't get to try!

Jane got some super powers! Meet Spiderman, Wolverine and Ladybug.

Careful, these aren't superheros you'd want to mess with.

We rode our bikes to a local park that had just been re-done. It's awesome now. Wendy has been VERY adventurous and after only one failed attempt, climbed to the top! What a change from the younger, super scared Wendy Mae!

She's a huge fan of "big girl" swings now. She now says, "puppy" for underdog about a thousand times every time we go.

The weather has been super cold so if it's even a little warm, say 30 degrees, we'll go to the park. This time it was a little too chilly as I noticed I could see my breath before we left. Hopefully it gets warmer sooner rather than later so we can go more often.

Wendy has also shown interest in potty training. She will poop in the potty and lets me know when she needs to go (or needs to go more after using her diaper a little). So proud of her! We're going to give this almost 2.5 year old a potty training party on Saturday and pull out the big girl undies! She's still only really saying one word phrases but has started to say, "I don't know" in the cutest way possible. She says it like it's one word and folds her arms under like she's a chicken. Love it! Otherwise, she sounds like a cave woman... "Me. apple." "Me. Help." "No. Iya."

We're looking into getting Jane a 2 wheel bike with petals for her birthday in May. She was SO excited to go to the bike shop to try one on for size. We'll get the one we want ordered and she'll be thrilled. Then, we'll get Wendy on the balance bike.

I am in the last week of my 2nd trimester and starting to want time to speed up so he's here already but also want time to slow down because I'm terrified of all the new baby stuff we'll have to go through again. Maybe I'll just try to enjoy these next 3 months of being with my two big girls!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Awkward Easter Dress Pictures

The girls ended up wearing their Easter dresses to church this last Sunday so I took some pictures after Church ended. We meet at a school right now while they build our new building downtown so that's why you see a school-type stairwell here.

I did not get one good picture of the two of them at the same time but I did get a bunch of awkward expressions/poses so obviously I am going to post them...

Eating apples and taking pictures does not go together very well.

 Jane just learned this hand on the hip pose and did it for about 50 of the pictures I took.

I'd get a good one of Jane and then Wendy would give a super silly cheese face.

She's trying so hard though. Maybe I should have just let her eat her apple.

There's a cute Wendy face. 

Whoa! What happened? Oh, I asked for silly faces.

The one-handed monkey face from Wendy and who knows what from Jane.

 I'll try again when Easter get a little closer. I've got to get some use out of these dresses since they cost me $2.50 each... that's right, only $2.50, thanks to Target clearance and a little forethought!

On a seperate note, we went out for Chinese a while ago and loved our fortunes because they all seemed to match us...

Me: A financial investment will yield returns beyond your hopes. Yes!!! I do the finances and make all those decisions so, sweet!

Brandt: Your leadership qualities are greatly admired. He is the Elder's Quorum President at our church so maybe that's what it's talking about?

Jane: You are often the life of the party. Very, very, true for this crazy child.

Wendy: Others enjoy your radiance. Radiance would sum her up nicely :)