Tuesday, June 21, 2016

First Grade: Check!

Jane rocked first grade! She got honor roll each quarter, only getting B's in 2 things... Gym (she's kinda lazy when it comes to sports) and "Focusing" (uh, duh... she's a space cadet). She made so many friends, can do multiplication and read like a pro. She had a really good year, was challenged and had a great teacher who put up with her spaciness and love of telling jokes... All. The. Time. Her teacher said everyone loved her and she was a joy to have in class. I believe it. She's pretty awesome.

 First day of 1st Grade:
 Last day of 1st Grade:

She aged years this year! She's not a baby anymore for sure!

 Cute girl loves that headband and bow. I think she's worn it 80% of the school year!

I love her smile.

New Field has been a great school:

I'm so glad we could send her to our neighborhood school (a lot of them are no good) instead of driving around Chicago every day.

He teacher, Mrs. Nelson, did such a great job with her and Jane loved her.

Jane and her friend Lynn. Wendy needed to be in the picture, naturally.

For her end of school treat I let her have her very own Italian ice. You may not think this would be a big deal to her but we never let her have them, let alone her own, because they are so expensive (compared to popsicles, etc).

It made her day for sure.

I'm a little nervous for 2nd grade and the changes it will bring (how the teacher will handle her, homework, etc) but I know she's excited and ready!

Friday, June 17, 2016

1st Grade Field Trips

Jane went on two field trips this year... the first to Lincoln Park Zoo and the second to the beach near our house. Both were during the last couple months of school which had me wondering the whole year of they were going to do ANY field trips!

Both places are very public and free so Jane said we could come if we wanted but I was very pregnant so we didn't go. Luckily I got texts from another student's mom during both field trips with pictures of my not so little first grader. It made me smile getting those texts/pictures because I usually don't see Jane during the day or her interacting with her other classmates.

Here are pictures from her field trips:

At the barn part of the zoo:



This was from the beach park near our house. That's her teacher Mrs. Nelson.

Playing in the sand! I didn't even think about her pockets being filled with sand when she got home so we had a lot of cleaning to do after she played around the house for an hour before realizing it!

Cute and silly Jane and her friend Candy:

Most of her class.

Looks like she had a great time on both field trips!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Introducing: Logan Fox Brinkerhoff

This little boy kept us on our toes during the pregnancy with one issue (albeit small in the scheme of things) after another and then at the end he kept faking us out making us think he was coming but after a few hours all the contractions would end. We decided to induce one day before his due date and I'm glad I did. Made me feel like he was actually going to come instead of me being pregnant forever with a fake-out every couple days.

At my last appointment I was 3.5 centimeters and the day before the induction I was having some really hard contractions, especially in my back so we prepared to go but alas, it ended after a few hours. Honestly, we would have gone in the night before (the Dr. told us to) but I really wanted him to have the 6-10-16 birthday :)

The morning of the induction we sent Jane off to school with Grandma Ann and the other two kiddos while Brandt and I headed to breakfast at Le Peep, where we'd never been before. It was quite the hilarious breakfast, with Brandt's meal being sent back two times because it kept being wrong and me finishing before it was brought out the third time. We laughed a lot that morning. I love that guy. I'm so glad he is my husband. We asked for the check and they ended up comping our entire meal! Way to start out the morning!

We got to the hospital at 10am, got situated, they started the antibiotics around noon and then pitocin a few hours after that finished. This time the antibiotic didn't hurt which I was super nervous about. They were careful to up the pitocin because baby's heart was either a little high or a little low so they didn't want to stress him out. Between that and the fact that they were busy it was a VERY slow and boring process. I finally got the epidural after a few painful contractions because the anesthesiologist was available which was different for me because I normally wait till I'm really hurting. Getting it so early made it so I wasn't really in any pain the whole delivery! Something that did happen though was a fairly good size mental freak out. Apparently, the anesthesiologist is known for putting more narcotic in the epidural and I apparently don't do well with that. Normally I just feel itchy all over but this time I started feeling really weird and hot, my heart was racing and then all of a sudden BAM! I started freaking out, trying to get out of bed, pulling my cords off and ugly crying. Brandt was really worried and called the nurses in while trying to calm me down. They came in trying to reassure me everything was fine and I knew it was but I couldn't get the strange feeling out of me for a while. Once it left, after she turned down the medicine a little, I was hit with SUPER tiredness. I kept falling in and out of sleep the rest of the time.

They broke my water about 7pm (which finally made the contractions get more frequent and consistent) and around 8:35pm (?) I felt the pressure I knew meant it would be time to push. They told me to tell them when it came but I didn't want to have to push for a while so after I felt the pressure 3 times I told Brandt I had it and that I would let them know after two more. Well, after one more time of feeling it I knew I couldn't wait to tell them so we called and they came right in. The Dr. checked and immediately said, "Yup" and got ready. I thought it was a little weird that there was only her and a nurse there to deliver but they were all that was needed. As they got me ready to push, the Dr. said, "Oh, yup. I see his head without you even pushing!" We waited for a contraction to come and when it did I pushed and less than a minute later (at 8:57pm) he was out! They were just laughing at how easy it was. I was laughing because I was SO grateful it was as easy (the easiest) as my other babies.

And there he was! Our little Fox! Well, not little because he was 8lbs 3oz (1+lb more than Boston, 2+ more than Jane and 3lbs more than Wendy) and 21.5 inches long! Luckily his size didn't make it harder for him to deliver! Though he was bigger than my other kids he was still so tiny! I got to snuggle him for a while while the Dr. finished up and I loved holding him on the outside of me. He's a sweet little dude.

The epidural was really strong so one of my legs finally stopped feeling numb by noon the next day but it was ok because I just got to rest with Logan in the nursery overnight. The next day Brandt and Wendy came to hang out and Wendy is just IN LOVE! I knew she would be. She's been asking for him to come for nine months, kissing/hugging my belly multiple times a day and talking about him non-stop. She just wants to hold him every second she can and has the happiest "I won the lottery" look on her face while she carefully holds him. Later on Brandt and Wendy came back with Boston, Jane and Grandma. Boston was really hesitant and distant from me and the baby for a while and then decided he wanted to do what his sisters were doing (having a pillow on his lap with the baby on top) but I think he's going to struggle with jealously. Jane was cute holding Logan. She looked like such a big, mature girl with him in her arms. Things got a little crazy so we decided it was time for the kids to go.

Wenders and her new best friend:

Biiiiig yawns!

Brandt stayed behind so we could hash out a name for this kid because we had NO idea what it would be. Finally we decided on Logan Fox. Logan because we both liked the name and 3 of my siblings recommended it within a minute of each other while we were choosing so I asked Brandt about it and we both felt it sounded right. Fox because he came home many months ago with name suggestions and Fox was one of them. I told the girls that dad wanted to name the baby Fox and it stuck! That's what we'd been calling him since that day. Though, the kids came up with loads of variations... Clover Fox, Foxine, Foxy, Foxy Brown (Wendy's latest that I kind of love). We will probably still call him Fox with Logan thrown in there when he's in trouble :)

Big sister Janie with baby Fox. She looks so old!

I'm so grateful everything went so well. He didn't even have any health issues like the other kids did after birth and he knew just what to do for nursing right away. He's got some really blonde hair so it'll be interesting if it stays. The other kids had really dark hair that lightened up over time. He looks like Boston (we actually keep calling him Boston...) so we'll see in a little while who he actually turns out looking like.

My three boys!

Grandma Ann and little Fox:

Little Logan Fox, we are so happy you're here! We will love you and teach you and try our darndest to protect you from your crazy brother and sisters. We are excited to be your family!

Welcome home Fox!
(Chalk drawing by your daddy)

Here are some random pictures I took of him on my phone throughout the hospital stay:

"Why did that just happen!? I was so comfortable in there!"

The view from my bed. I love it.

 Just relaxing with me and enjoying the peace and quiet before we go home!

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Boston Knight: 2 years old!

Boston is my sunshine. His big brown eyes, his huge smile, his hilarious laugh... How have I lived 29 years without him?!

I have enjoyed this past year SO much. The transition from 2 to 3 kids was so easy because Boston is awesome and this year was no different. He's SUCH a great 3rd child. He's so happy, exploitative, snugly, silly, and has started to be very independent.

Some of his favorite things are:
-His blanket. Luckily we've been able to withhold it during the day unless he is napping and the last 6 weeks he's been ok with it. When he's done with a nap or when he wakes up in the morning he hands it to us for us to put away and then he reaches his arms up to get picked up out of his crib. He goes down for his nap and bed SO well because he looks forward to getting his blanket and when you say, "Bossy, you want your blanky?", he gives you the biggest smile and runs to his crib. While I hold him in my arms and sing his favorite, "twinkle twinkle", he sucks his thumb, snuggles with his blanket and cuddles into me. It's probably my favorite time of day and not because he's going down for a nap... because he's SO sweet.
-His thumb. BUT, he's our first kid to only suck his thumb at sleep time. He never sucks his thumb during the day! I'm hoping this makes it easier to wean him from it. Side note: He takes great naps. They are usually 2.5-3 hours long and he sleeps from 7pm-7am at night.
-The balcony. He loves sitting out there and saying hi to everyone that passes. He also loves eating out there and when I give him a snack he runs straight to the balcony and motions for me to open the door so he can go out.
-Hiding. When he knows Brandt is about to brush his teeth or get him ready for bed, Boston will run to me yelling, "Hide! Hide! Hide!" and will climb up on me to get covered with a blanket or pillows. Lately he has been being SO still and quiet waiting to hear Brandt come calling for him. I loves his cuddles while he hides and his big eyes looking up to me trying to focus on hearing Brandt coming.
-Elevator buttons. He has seriously grown inches in the last few months. Before, Jane or Wendy had to lift him up to press the elevator buttons but now he can reach them all on his own! He loves pressing them for us and gets mad when someone does it for him.
-Climbing on unsafe things. Ugh, this one drives me crazy! He will climb on anything unsafe and then slowly stand up, raising his hands over his head in triumph giving me a huge smile. He has yet to fall thank goodness.
-When dad comes home. Oh I wish everyone could experience the joy he shows when Brandt comes home from work. He runs as fast as he can and screams till he finds him at the door. I'd say he sure loves his daddy but honestly he's really good at showing us both love and equal sadness when we leave.
-Baths. I really think he gets dirty at dinner on purpose so he has to take a bath. He loves playing in water and would take a bath at least once a day if we let him.
-Wendy. He loves randomly hugging Wendy when Wendy's not paying attention to him.
-Jane. He loves playing with Jane. Jane gets him to laugh like no one else. She loves to carry him around and they usually get along really well.

Some things he doesn't love:
-Anyone touching his ears.
-Being told no.  
That's about it!

Favorite foods:
-berries/any fruit
-sour cream and onion chips
-ice cream and popsicles
-veggies but only before a meal while I'm cutting them
-plain abelskivers and german pancakes
-orange juice and lemonade
-whole apples

Not favorite foods:
-whipped cream
-apple juice
-sausage on pizza

A few random things about Boston:
-Boston falls when he runs probably 85% of the time. He cries about it 1% of the time. He's such a tough dude! He just says a little sad or surprised, "Ow" and stands back up, continuing to run.
-In the last couple months he's started demanding to feed himself. I'm super sad about this but it's also nice. I think I've spoon fed him way longer than the other kids but he wants to do it on his own now. He's actually really good at eating yogurt on his own. He can also drink from a cup really well and loves to drink out of water bottles the right way (not putting his whole mouth over the opening). He only uses sippy cups for water in his crib.
-He still isn't talking much. He says, momma, mo (more), eese (please), papa (Heavenly Father), dadda, taytoo (thank you), up, hi (and hi for bye), dat (that), dis (this), wawa (water), no, yesh (yes), oh, wow, ow (when he hurts himself), kaka (cracker) and uppa uppa (clean up clean up). Half of those he only says if we ask him to say them but he babbles a lot and we love hearing him gibber jabber with such seriousness.
-One our favorite things is when Boston is super excited about something or eats something intense like lemon juice, how he gets so expressive and he gets what we call starfish hands. Seeing him tense up and spread his fingers out as far as they'll go crack us up every time.
-He still gets so happy and claps for "amen" at the end of prayers. I sure hope he learns how to say "amen" before he gets too old but for now his "amen" clap is super cute.

Boston, we all love you so so so much. Your little self is such a huge part of the joy we have in our home. Sometimes I have to throw you over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes because you usually don't come when I ask you to but it doesn't upset me. You hardly ever make us grumpy because you're super cute when you're being a stinker. Your smile can get you anything in this world so I hope you use it wisely. I wish I could have two of you; one that stays exactly how you are now and one that grows up so I can see what you'll be like when you get older. Since that's not possible I am enjoying every single day with you the way you are now so I don't get sad when you grow up. We are so happy you are in our family.

Happy birthday Boss, Boston, Bossy Boy, Boston Knight (when you're in trouble), Turkey (when you're being a stinker)!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend 2016

 Here are some pictures from the fun we had during Memorial Day weekend!

Since Grandma was in town helping out while I finished the pregnancy, we all went to a super yummy brunch on Saturday! We actually went to a place before this but left because the menu was lame and headed here, to M. Henry's. It was a good choice. Mmmmmm.

On Sunday, the girls dressed all patriotic. I love my two little girls.

They're just so cute/sweet together (sometimes). Funny side note: Wendy wore this dress for Memorial Day the year before!

Then, here are all three kids on the actual Memorial Day! I'm one lucky girl to have these kiddos call me momma.

After Boston's nap we headed to the Hardy's annual Memorial Day BBQ at Foster Beach. Parking is a beast so we usually bike. Being 9 months pregnant didn't stop us! Biking is waaaaaay easier than parking a mile away and waddling to the beach. Our friend's husband buried Wendy in the sand and she loved it until people stopped seeing her and kept stepping on her. It was hilarious and super sad at the same time. She just blended in too well!

Later that night we got them all cleaned up and fed. Here are my boys enjoying a special dessert Brandt surprised them with. I heart these two boys.

Happy Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

First beach day 2016

This last week has FINALLY been warm (above 50 degrees). It's actually been really hot but you won't hear me complaining because it took so long to stop being cold. One day last week I was going to take Wendy and Boston to a park but decided it was probably the last time I could take them to the beach before I have our baby so we got all sunscreened up and walked over there. It was so hard for me to not go get Jane from school to enjoy the beach with us but honestly I didn't have enough energy to get another kid ready for the beach (thanks to being 38 weeks pregnant). I'm SO glad we went. It was exhausting getting us all cleaned up afterward and kind of did me in for the day but they loved it and I loved laying on the towel watching them play.

Would you just look at this girl!? Could she get any cuter?!

I know this is basically the same picture but I couldn't choose between her expressions so I'm posting both. This is such a drastic difference from Wendy at the beach when she was younger. The girl who literally pooped her pants she was so scared of the sand. Sand and water are basically her life now and she LOVES the beach. She's been asking to go about every other day since January.

I was really disappointed when I saw flashes of younger Wendy when I got Boston out of the stroller. He's never really had a problem with the sand but he was REALLY not a fan of it when we got there. He wouldn't get off the blanket or stop fussing for the first 20 minutes. Luckily I brought two big towels so I shared my sand free zone with him. Then he discovered he could play with the sand and not have to touch it and was happy for the next 20 minutes.

 Cute Boston:

My towel buddy!

After that he started fussing because he really wanted to play in the water like Wendy but he didn't want to cross the sand to get there. I asked Wendy to hold his hand and walk him to the water and she was such a sweet angel and sister. He held her hand and she carefully and slowly guided him to the water. He got nervous a couple times but she was patient and helped him to the water.

Wendy showed him the joy of throwing rocks in the water and it was his favorite thing the rest of the time we were there. Here he is sneaking rocks from Wendy's pile when she turned her back to find more.

She wasn't too happy so he started finding his own rocks.

Winding up:

And release! Rinse and repeat a million times.

He definitely preferred the wet sand to the dry sand but I was so surprised and proud of him for overcoming his fear so quickly.

I think he'll enjoy the rest of 2016's beach days.