Thursday, March 08, 2018

Boston: Always making us laugh

Just last night Brandt and I were talking about how Boston is doing such funny/cute things ALL THE TIME. It's seriously one thing after another and we can't believe such a little kid can make us smile so much. Like today as we were leaving his school he started singing at the top of his lungs in a country boy voice, "I've got my tight pants, I've got my tight pants on." Brandt has been singing it lately and I guess Boston picked it up, ha! Here's a sample:

Or like how he says, "Hey babe!" to every girl he sees. I didn't realize how much I say that to Brandt and the girls (I say "hey bud" to the boys) until he started saying it non-stop to every girl we pass. The funniest two were when we walked into Target and it was dead silent and he said "Hey Babe!" to a cashier. Everyone heard and started laughing (I was turning red) and they were instantly in love with him. The other time was when we were leaving Costco and he saw a little girl his age in a cart and said, "Hey babe" to her like he was a smooth guy hitting on her. I laughed so hard.

I am also loving his thumbs up. Anytime he likes what we say or will do what we ask he give a super fast thumbs up out of no where without saying anything. Finally caught one on camera:

His new phrase he says all the time is, "That's awkward." He says it when things aren't and are awkward so it cracks us up all the time. For example, I say, "No it's not broken, I'm just trying to close it." He replies with, "That's awkward." Or at the store he was adjusting the front of his pants and I asked him if he needed to go potty. He replied with, "No I just fix'n somefing. Dat's awkward." Totally made me laugh out loud.

He is such a sweetie. He doesn't let social boundaries stop him for telling people how he feels. Just yesterday he told the really old sample guy at Costco who gave him a sample of buttered toast, "I love you." Everyone laughed and then the sample guy said, "I love you too." So sweet!!

He is obsessed with Brandt's tool bag, plugging things into every outlet (like taking an alarm clock around the house and not stopping until he has plugged it into every outlet), having Alexa play the fire truck song and running around the kitchen with Logan for the entirety of the song played 10 times and even telling Logan to hold hands with him, and he's always asking for pizza sandwiches (grilled cheese with pepperoni).

I don't think I could love this little turkey any more than I do.

Here he is dipping mini tacos in jam today at lunch. Strange kid.

We stopped letting him nap (he LOVES naps and always asks for them) because he is starting to take too long to fall asleep at night but sometimes I let him have a short one.

On this day he was driving me crazy. He sometimes gets too hyper because he's tired so I said, "Just go lay down in my bed." Sure enough after a while of hearing nothing I checked on him and he was sound asleep in my bed with his favorite blanket.

Another day, he put himself to sleep for a nap and after a while he walked into the hallway whining and fell right back to sleep in the hallway like this. It took me forever to wake him. I think he was sleepwalking, ha!

I love awake Boston but I can't get enough of adorable sleeping Boston either.

From the moment I found out he was a boy I knew he was the boy I always knew I'd have and I'm thankful every single day I get to be his mommy.

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Stitches for Logan Round 2

The coffee table strikes again. Brandt was in the shower and I was just waking up when Wendy ran into my room screaming that Logan got hurt. I told her to bring him to me and she said, "No, he's bleeding!" I jumped out of bed and ran to the living room, where she said he was, and sure enough the little guy was crying on the floor and bleeding from his head. (Jane is obsessed with getting him up and dressed for the day but this time got distracted and left him upstairs while she was downstairs in her room. He was bouncing on Rody *which is not supposed to ever be upstairs* next to the coffee table and fell into it.) I held him while applying pressure to his injury until he stopped crying. It didn't actually bleed that much. When I brought him to Brandt we both agreed he would probably need a couple stitches or for it to be glued at the very least.

I hadn't even gotten dressed for the day or eaten anything when I dropped the middles off at a friend's house and took him in right when they opened. It took forever. We first sat and waited to be treated, then we waited while the numbing gel worked, then we waited while they said they'd come back and numb him up again with a needle, and then they actually came in to get started.

As they were cleaning the wound I saw the real damage. Not only was the injury really long, it was SUPER deep like probably to the bone. A nurse and I were holding him down while the doctor was cleaning it and she said it would probably need 6 stitches. It ended up needing 9! I'm sure the doctor was doing his best job but it looked so vicious as he stuck the needle with the numbing stuff in and out about 10 times in different directions. Logan was NOT a fan of that. Poor boy was screaming SO loud I couldn't even hear myself trying to comfort him. We were able to hold him pretty still while the doctor stitched him up but it was totally a workout for me. He was using all his energy to get out of the blanket he was wrapped in and to scream as loud as possible but by the 6th stitch he was quieting down and not moving anymore and by the time the last stitch was in he was asleep! Poor boy wore himself out! He woke up as they wrapped his head but was so worn out he just laid there perfectly still. It was the worst. I know it was bad for him but I think I'm done taking them in for stitches. Worst part of parenting.

He perked up pretty quick after he heard me ask the nurse if they had suckers.

Overall we were there for 2 hours and Jane was super late to school but not an ounce upset about it having played games on my phone the whole time and then grabbing some McDonald's on the way to her school.

I washed the blood out of his hair, put on a bandaid after he ripped off the green wrapping and snuggled him for hours. Wendy took this picture as he sat on my lap having a snack. It was so good to see him smile!

It was the kind of day where Logan got not only what he wanted but also anything I could think of that would blow his mind... having unlimited access to a bag of mini marshmallows. He cheered up pretty fast considering the trama but he would say "ow" and point to his eye every 5 minutes throughout the day. Poor kiddo! 

Sleeping like a... baby. Maybe it was the tylenol but luckily he took a great nap. He even drooled which he normally doesn't do!

He got to watch a little show when he started getting super cranky and was in heaven (before the other kids came in and crowded him out of the viewing space...)

6 days later:
I told Brandt he had to take Logan in to get the stitches out because I just didn't want to do it after taking him in for the stitches to be put in. However, Brandt REALLY wanted to try taking the stitches out himself. Every time I reminded him that it was close to being time to take Logan in, he would say how he was just going to take them out and I would tell him no but it didn't matter. Eventually I figured it out and told him, "It's ok, I'm going to go ahead and take him in, very clever way of getting out of it." Brandt was busy with the other kids and I snuck Logan out to the car to go when Brandt came out and gave me the look of, "You little turkey sneaking out!" He said, "No, seriously, let me try!" I smiled at him lovingly and said, "Nope, not on my baby." and closed the door.

He did pretty good getting them removed. He did scream a lot but that was expected. I'm just glad we can move on, well kind of... I have to keep it covered the next year anytime he goes outside so he may just wear a perma-bandaid for the next year.

I love this little blonde baby of mine! 

Here are some more pictures we took while waiting to distract him from what was about to happen:

Monday, March 05, 2018

No School Fun Day!

The kids didn't have school today and Jane has been missing her friend Katie so we picked Katie up for an all day playdate and headed to The Bounce House. Logan wouldn't let me leave his side (mostly even just not hold him) which I think is in memory of leaving him in nursery every Sunday but after I went into this balloon area with him he did much better and started having fun.

Balloons flying everywhere?! The best!

Grayson and his sister Alana joined us for this part of our day.

It's fun to let them get out all their energy.

I knew Boston would need a nap after this and sure enough, when we got home he went straight to his bed. I walked in and said I'd tuck him in. With super sleepy eyes he told me he didn't want to take a nap but when I told him I'd wake him up after a short nap he closed his eyes completely and fell instantly asleep.

Friends since they were toddlers!

So much fun!

A sneak peak of the video below:

Boston Knight in his castle!

She was scared to go into this dark obstacle course but totally braved it!

We stopped at Sonic on the way home for lunch and the kids got spoiled with Slushies.

Then they played while the boys napped, followed by a random picnic at 4pm and some tumbling in the backyard.

We took Katie home, played a bit at her house and then headed over to their grandparent's house to play while we waited for Brandt's train to get in and then we all headed over to CHOM for a VERY filling dinner. The kids were exhausted when we got home which means we used their day off wisely :)

Friday, March 02, 2018

When Wendy Gets My Phone

 Wendy stole my phone when we were on our way to get pizza for Pizza Movie Night. These are the pictures I usually find after she's had it although this is whittled down from over 300: 

Then she started photographing the other passengers.
Fireman Boston:

Our friend Eden the unicorn joined us for the ride:

Cute Jane dressed up as a witch:

Then, she passed the phone to Jane so she could get photos of the passengers Wendy couldn't reach.
Logan the tiger:

More of Logan the tiger when Jane said, "Make a crazy face!"

Me obeying her "crazy face" request:

It wouldn't be our normal life without crazy photos and costumes on an outing. Also, Jane went in all by herself to get the pizza. I love having a good helper.