Saturday, November 08, 2008

The heartbeat!

Written 3 weeks ago…

Brandt went with me for my first OB appointment on Monday. I was 11 weeks and 1 day. I would have gone sooner but our insurance just changed so I waited until after it went into effect. I had him stay in the waiting room while the doctor did the stuff I don’t want him seeing just yet but we pulled him in when she was ready to find the heartbeat.

She said it would take a while and it did but when she found it I wanted to cry. “That’s my baby!” I thought. I looked at Brandt and he just looked at me. I kept listening and listening and didn’t want her to take it off my stomach so I could hear it forever. This boy or girl has a good strong heartbeat at about 154 beats a minute. Keep it up little guy or girl. You grow big and strong okay?

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the fellers said...

oh the heartbeat...what a great experience, I love all these updates that you have saved for us from before you told us! yay! i love that you are pregnant....just LOVE it...are you guys coming home for Christmas?