Saturday, December 13, 2008

I'm still alive

I just wanted everyone to know that I'm through showering and made it out alive. It was one of the scariest showers I have ever taken though. It definitely didn't help that it's a freezing cold day so our hot water whined the whole time. But, I'm clean and alive... that's all that matters in life right?

Have I ever mentioned that I'm grateful for modern-day showers? How nice is it that we can walk into a room in our own house, turn on the water and take a shower with whatever temp water we want and for how ever long that we want? We have it real good y'all.


the fellers said...

nice thought...can you imagine showering, or bathing i should say, in the water that everyone else in your family of 10 has used...yes, I would say we are pretty darn lucky!

Poor Lucky Me said...

I'm impressed: there is NO WAY I'd shower in the dark. Remember Arachnophobia? At least if some one Psychos you, you're dead. Dead is better than in the shower covered in spiders.