Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Lonely Wife

I just got Brandt’s itinerary and you’ll never believe how it pans out…

Dallas to Mexico
Mexico to Dallas
Dallas to Miami
Miami to Ecuador
Ecuador to Miami
Miami to Chicago on DEC. 19!!!!!

I won’t see him till next Friday! What am I to do until then?!? Last night I went out to dinner with some girls from work and had a really fun time. On Saturday I am going with my diagonal-desk neighbor (previously my next-desk neighbor) to a Chicago Bulls game (SO EXCITED!!). I’ll for sure post about my first NBA game afterward.

But really, I don’t like being alone. If only there were a husband temp agency I could call. Maybe John Krasinski could keep me occupied. No, I’d rather have a clone of Brandt.

At work the next two weeks we’re doing Secret Santa and I’ve already gotten a yummy cinnamon roll, a cute gingerbread boy and some Christmas lights on my monitor. I have a great Secret Santa! If you read my blog, thank you! I’m glad we’re doing it this year, especially the two weeks when Brandt’s gone.


the fellers said...

oh man, I am so sorry, that is horrible, if you were in utah, we could play!

Ashley Miller said...

You're welcome to come hang with us. Not that we really do much of anything.... But at least you wouldn't be all by your lonesome.