Thursday, December 18, 2008

Made my day

The last 2 nights I embarrassingly wept (cried my eye balls out) to Brandt over iChat. On Tuesday I hit my breaking point of being able to deal with him being gone. He’s been gone too long. He comforted me and then made me laugh and made me feel better both times. He’s good at that. This morning I woke to an email from him. Here’s an excerpt…

“I hope you slept like a big snake that just ate a really big rodent, and couldn't move very well so it just decided to sleep until it could move around again.”

Isn’t he the bestest?! I’m excited for Friday night.

Oh, my brain has started its decay… I mixed up the day of my doctor appointment and ended up missing it so it’s rescheduled for Friday morning. I’m just glad I was able to reschedule it for before we leave for Texas.

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the fellers said...

oh man, that dang baby brain...I am so happy for you for tomorrow....!!