Tuesday, December 16, 2008

So close...

Brandt made it to Ecuador ok last night. He get’s back very late on Friday and I can’t wait (it’s been 9 days already)!

He was only allowed to go to and from the photo shoot while in Mexico so he wouldn’t get stolen and it’s the same case in Ecuador. I don’t expect any cool souvenirs so if I get some I’ll be ecstatic. I’ll be even more ecstatic if he doesn’t get stolen.

Here’s the current countdown:

1 day till I get to hear the baby’s heartbeat again
3 days till I’m a wife again
5 days till our 3.5-aversary. I’m all about halfsies if you haven’t noticed.
6 days till we find out what kind of fetus we’re having
6 days till we’re in Texas
7 days till I get to squish and squeeze my nephews!

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