Thursday, December 04, 2008

Something is in the water

You'll never believe it... I don't...

There are now 6, 6 I tell you, pregnant chicks in my ward (at my church). The first to pop will have their baby mid April and the last will have theirs ant the end of June! Holy cow. We're going to take a picture in April of all us and I’ll post it to my blog. So, that makes 9 people I know that are due around that time… CRAZY!

Here’s a countdown to most awesome upcoming days:

1 day till Friday
2 days till our church Christmas party
8 days till our work holiday lunch
9 days till Brandt returns from his Ecuador trip
11 days till I have a vacation day
13 days till I get to hear the baby’s heartbeat again
16 days till Brandt returns from his Mexico trip
18 days till we find out what we’re having
18 days till our faux Christmas
18 days till we leave for Houston
18 days till I see my family
18 days till I can start buying things for this boy or girl!!!

**I'm almost 18 weeks! That went fast!


Ashley Miller said...

Wait wait wait! Someone ELSE is pregnant at church? Who? Now I really feel left out. :)

the fellers said...

wow, that really did go fast...and it is so fun to be preggers with someone else...or 6 other people in your case. And what the? Brandt gets to go to Ecuador AND Mexico in the next month? WOW!