Monday, December 15, 2008

The trash smells like chicken salad

This is what I did today on my day off of work:

-Woke up at 9am for a conference call
-Showered in my scary bathroom
-Babysat for a family in my ward who were packing and moving today
-Skyed with my sister and her boys
-Video chatted with Brandt
-Made our Christmas tree out of construction paper and glitter glue
-Wrapped the last of the gifts
-Swept the entire apartment minus two bedrooms
-Tidied up
-Watched a few shows

And now... my hip is completely out of commission. I'm done. I can't even get out of this chair. The thought of getting a cane has been on my mind a lot lately and it makes me sad. I'm 23 for crying out loud. I know... 23. I had a good 2 weeks where it didn't hurt at all and the last 3 days it's hurt non-stop. Hopefully it'll get better soon...

Overall it's been a nice day off. I'd say productive and relaxing... except when I got my face frozen off waiting for the bus this morning. I'm still thawing it out.

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