Monday, December 08, 2008

Trying to cope by myself

Today is the first day of the first lonely week I will have to endure this month. Brandt’s gone, he left me for another country (Ecuador)and I won’t see him until Saturday night. Whaa.

A few reasons why I’ll miss him…

-I get scared when I’m by myself in our apartment, I mean REALLY scared.
-I don’t have anyone to open jars.
-I don’t have anyone to make me food.
-I don’t have anyone to snuggle with.
-I don’t get to use the electric toothbrush since he took the handle.
-I don’t have anyone to lift heavy things.
-I won’t get to see his “I adore you” smile.

A few perks to him being gone…

-Less dishes to clean.
-Once I’m able to fall asleep I sleep way better.
-I can wake up later in the morning since two people don’t have to get ready.
-I can watch shows he doesn’t like to watch.

Despite there being some perks to Brandt being out of town I’d much rather him be here. Only 5 nights till he comes home, I have him for 2.5 nights before he leaves again.

On a brighter, much happier note, I just ate some Watermelon Sour Patch thingies and they were SOOOOO good.

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