Monday, December 29, 2008

A very weird situation

One of the gifts from my Mom and Dad was a gift card to a nail salon. I had asked for a manicure for Christmas so I was STOKED when I saw it. Well, when I got there I decided to get a spa pedicure instead since I had just cut my own nails.

I picked out a pretty, sparkly pink, sat in the massage chair and placed my feet in the bubbling warm water. Ooh that felt nice. After about 8 minutes of sitting in the chair with the massaging thing turned on the baby started moving. She started moving a lot. I was sitting in the chair with a strong vibrating feeling on my feet, belly and upper back. It was one of the weirdest feelings ever. I almost had to get up and shake myself because there was a little too much going on. That lasted for about 10 minutes.

My little sister got a pedi too. It was her first one… she thought it was a little weird but I hope she enjoyed it… all girls should get one every couple years.

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