Thursday, January 15, 2009

And it’s begun

I’m not sleeping well. The last 4 weeks I get up to 500 degrees when I’m sleeping and haven’t found a good way to keep the heat down. I’ve tried different blankets, different clothing… nothing. And, to make things worse, for the last 2 nights it’s felt like the baby is pressing up against what I think is my stomach and it makes me want to throw up. It’s almost like my stomach is a lot closer to my mouth now.

Last night I could feel the baby sliding onto my stomach every time I turned over. That wasn’t fun because I turned over like 54 times last night. Blah. Even sitting up I feel the baby pressing up against it and it makes me feel sick. Needless to say, I'm pretty tired today. What do I do?

On a happier note, I really think I felt a little hand or foot poke my belly last night. I had my hand on my stomach and all of a sudden I felt this big nudge and it felt really defined. Kind of cool.


Liz said...

When I was pregnant it helped me to sleep with the bed real close to the wall so I could use the wall to turn over easier.. (you are not quiet that big yet) but my problem was heartburn and Zantac was my friend. good luck!

the fellers said...

oh man, I am sorry, and yes, your stomach IS closer to your mouth now, near the end you cant eat as much, because your stomach is so much smaller...well you can eat a lot, cause you want to, but all at once. I would always eat dinner, then end up going over to the couch and laying down while it settled....have you tried sleeping with a pillow between your legs? That always helped me sleep better, but I also took half a unisom right before bed every night for nausea,so I slept better anyway! Good luck...and YAY for a hand or a foot!