Monday, January 05, 2009

Big Splashes

I did something tonight that I wish I hadn't. I was trying to make pot stickers like our friend Joseph did the night we made sushi rolls. I put them in the pan with some sesame oil and vegetable oil and cooked them until the bottoms were brown. Then, as he showed me, I put some water on the lid and quickly poured the water in the pan and covered it with the lid. BIG MISTAKE.

1) I think the pan was too hot
2) I think I put in too much water
3) I think I should have used a lid with a little air hole

Because of the above mentioned items, I was sprayed in the face, hair, chest and hair about 5 times with hot oil and the floor, walls, stove and counter were covered in oil drops. Now that I think of it, I should have taken it off the stove right when it started spraying but no, I left it on for about 1 minute and then decided it wasn't going to stop so I took it off.

I'm really not a dumb person. I mean, really I'm not. I just made a dumb choice tonight and my skin is really hating me for it.


the fellers said...

oh man...that is horrible, blame it on baby brain, I do that all the time! haha

Danielle Arnett said...

Ouch!!!!! I guess you now know never to mix oil & water - I hope you don't have scars from it.