Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Great night/crazy morning

Last night I did EVERYTHING I hoped to get done.

-went to the doctor
-did 3 loads of laundry (washed, folded and put away)
-made a nice pasta dish for our lunch today
-made 2 loaves of French bread (my first and delish attempt)
-cleaned the WHOLE kitchen
-watched 2 episodes of 24

It felt great to get so much done. I have a feeling I won’t do a lick of anything tonight though.

This morning was pretty crazy. Brandt slept in an hour since he worked late last night so I got ready and took the train to work by myself. About 5 stops down the line I felt a nosebleed coming. I remembered that I only had 1 tissue in my purse left and wasn’t so sure what to do.

I heard someone behind me blowing their nose so I turned around and asked her if she had any extra tissues. She said she didn’t but right away a guy across the isle handed me a whole mini pack and said I could keep the whole thing. I smiled and said a grateful “thanks” as I held mine up to my nose. He then said, “they’re from France” and smiled. I smiled back and said thanks again.

I went through them so fast. It was a BAD nosebleed. It finally stopped about 5 stops from work. I feel really light headed and like I will faint at any moment but hopefully it will pass soon. What a great day for me to have to ride the train alone with 3 big bags. At least I didn’t faint on the train though, that would have been scary/embarrassing/not good.


prangster_in_chicago said...

man! I want tissues from france!

that's so fancy, brink. Your blood is so lucky to have been absorbed by french tissues.

The Randalls said...

What a day! Too funny that he had to mention that the tissue was from France.

the fellers said...

wow, you accomplished a lot, that is great, and wow, I am sorry about the nose bleed thing...that isnt good!