Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Little Birthday Boy

Yesterday was my favorite man’s birthday. He turned 27 on the 27th which like I’ve mentioned means it’s his once-in-a-lifetime GOLDEN birthday.

He started the day off with a requested breakfast of homemade biscuits and gravy, sausage, a fried egg and some fresh pineapple. He said he wasn’t feeling well and wasn’t that hungry because of it but he ate most of it. He opened gift number one.

At work I passed out little goody bags of candy and cookies. He opened gift number two. He sat with me as I ate my lunch but he didn’t eat anything because he wasn’t hungry (not like him).

We were going to go out to a nice restaurant but since he still wasn’t feeling well we decided to wait until he would enjoy it and go next week. We got home, he was running a fever, he ate one biscuit, watched a show, he started opening present number 3, made it to the bathroom before throwing up everything he’d eaten in the last couple days, felt better, finished opening his present and we watched another show. Then he packed (for the trip he he’s leaving for today) and we went to bed.

What an awesome day huh? Poor little guy… the stomach flu on his birthday… his GOLDEN birthday. He feels better today but only slightly because he had to get blood taken this morning and he HATES needles.

So- let’s go back to Sunday... I decided a surprise party was needed to celebrate such a significant birthday so I spent the week planning, lying and sneaking around in order to make it happen. We had some church friends gather at Joseph and Alison’s house waiting to surprise him when he came over. Without boring you with the details it was a HUGE success. He had no idea (I can’t believe I was able to keep a secret that long) and it was a lot of fun.

The place was decorated with gold and yellow balloons and streamers, he wore a golden “Birthday Prince” crown and an “I’m Special” yellow ribbon, we ate cheese dip, yellow iced cupcakes, fresh pineapple, ice cream sundaes and mango/sprite punch (all following the theme). I even made little goody bags filled with gold-wrapped candies and a balloon. I think that’s my last surprise party planning for a while (it took the energy out of me) but it was awesome.

And, I’m glad we REALLY celebrated on Sunday because of how sicky he felt yesterday.

Here’s to at least 27 more years with my ultimate, favoritist, most loveable and huggable, most radical and comical, BFF, birthday prince!


the fellers said...

you are the best wife, and are going to be the best mommy, are so thoughtful, and think of everything, down to the fun goodie are so great! I hope shon doesnt read this, cause then he will expect that I do it! haha

Jake Miller said...


Danielle Arnett said...

Happy Birthday to one of my most favorite young men. I'm sorry that you were sick on your birthday, but hope you feel better now. Christina, you did a fantastic job. Excellente!