Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Question For You Readers

I’m watching this show (you’ll know what show if you’ve seen the latest episodes based on my question below) that I haven’t watched for about 5 seasons. It’s making me think of what I would do if I had to decide.

Here’s the situation: You, as President, are about to decide if you are going to send troops into a country where 300,000 people (mainly women and children) have been killed for no reason. By sending troops in, you have a REAL chance of stopping those people who are conducting this war and saving 100,000 more people from that same fate. While you are deciding if you should send the troops in, a terrorist gives you an ultimatum. The ultimatum is either withdraw your support from that country (so he can kill more people) or he will kill tens of thousands of Americans. The threat is real. He’s shown you he has the ability to kill that many Americans.

What would you do and why?

What would you want our President to do?

Leave a comment and let me know what you’d do. Later I’ll let you know what I’d do, once I decide.


the fellers said...

well, considering he is OUR president, I would want him withdraw and save our I guess I would come home if I was him, it is a hard decision....but when you run for president dont you promise to take care of America? That is what i would do....although it is a horrible situation thinking that all those women and children would die....I love your blog, you always make me think...I guess I am glad I am NOT the president! haha

Jake Miller said...

I would cry.