Monday, January 05, 2009

To a new year

This was probably the best holiday we’ve ever had. We left Texas wishing we could have stayed a little longer and then spent the next week at home. I had to work two days (Brandt didn’t) and then we had four Saturdays and a Sunday to do nothing but play.

It was so nice to relax. We…
-watched season 3 and 4 of The Office (SOOO funny)
-(I) shopped for little girl clothes
-slept in a lot
-played with our friends Alison and Joseph just about every day
-saw Benjamin Button (really good)
-ate tacos at a real Mexican restaurant
-played Wii at Alison and Joseph’s house
-ate Papa Johns and played Wii Price is Right and Rummikub on New Year’s Eve
-got a camera phone (I know, 2 years behind the times)!!!
-played bocce ball at the park (it was freezing)
-had friends over for Killer Bunnies
-made sushi rolls
-bought a changing table that matches our crib

It’s sad to be back at work. No more sleeping in, no more staying up late, no more holidays till May… I guess we all have to make a living…


the fellers said...

I want to play price is right on the looked so fun, I guess we need to get a wii first! Or maybe not, I wouldnt get anything done, I have a tendency to get addicted to stuff like that.....shhhh. I want to see your crib, and your change table...and your belly, even though I am sure there isnt much of one! I am glad you had a great holiday and time off! Happy New Year!

Jake Miller said...

good times :)