Thursday, January 08, 2009

Your Mission

Why is it that there are some things that you see all the time and never ever buy because it’s not something you need or want but the moment you want it or even need it you can’t find it anywhere?!

I’m having a problem. There are two things I want and I can’t find them anywhere. I want one of those little baby name books. You know the ones that are usually at the register for like $1? I’ve looked at the grocery store, Target, Walgreens, etc and no one has them. Target has 2 HUGE books for $10-13 but I don’t want that.

I am also in search of magnets for our fridge. I want little, very simple and strong ones, like the little silver round ones that don’t have anything on them. I want these because I’m sick of the Emergency Care ones from Rexburg, the eye doctor one from 3 eye doctors ago, the really gross restaurant one that closed 5 months after opening, and the other big and bulky ugly ones that we currently have that take up half the pictures of our friends and family and that fall off the fridge with the slightest touch. Wow! That was a long sentence. I went to Target, CVS, an art store and World Market to find some and no one has them.

So, my plead to you… Next time you are out and about and see one of these two things (you can’t be looking for them though), please let me know where you see them.



the fellers said...

Ok, I was looking, cause I was bored, I knew I saw some magnets somewhere...Ikea! Do you have one there? here is the link, maybe you can order them online...
they are not metal, well, maybe they are, but they are black and white.

As for the name book, I will look...did you look in the baby section of like Walmart or Target?? I think I saw them there once, I dont know, good luck!

Laurie said...

Jeffrey saw some online for hard drive magnets on google. might be kj

The Randalls said...

I have bought those round magnets before in the craft section at walmart and at ny craft store. As for the baby name book I just look online BUT they do have the name book at Motherhood. Good luck.

Angela said...

Just go to your IT guy and ask him for some old hard drives to take apart. Reed brought like 20 hard drive magnets home after we moved here. That and Anna's magnets have wicked awesome strong magnets on them. So have her make up some with Brandt's sketches on them and you'll be set. All of like $4.

Angela said...

Oh get the name book from the library. No need to buy. And they have websites too.