Wednesday, February 04, 2009

25 random things about ME

I was tagged by Marla to do this 25 random thing. It took me some time to think of so many that you don't already know since my whole blog is about randomness but I've completed it. I'm putting it here on my blog since I don't really do Facebook and I'm not tagging anyone but if you want to do it I'd love to read about your randomness...

Here is goes...

-I hate showering on Saturdays... I think it's SO BOR-ING

-I always buy too much at the store. We don't have a car so I have to walk or take the train and I always buy too much to carry comfortably. I’m working on that.

-On that note: I have a bruise on my leg from where the bag of cans banged against my leg on the walk home.

-I am scared of the dark.

-I can't sleep if the bathroom door is open in our room because I am still scared about seeing something in the mirror because once someone turned off the light in the bathroom and said something about bloody Mary. Even talking about it scares me.

-I eat really bad. I KNOW I should eat better. One night last week I had a biscuit, cheese Doritos and a Twinkie for dinner. I regretted it. I am working on it.

-I used to collect M&M candy dispensers and stuffed animals. The I gave them all away when I went to college.

-I used to want to be a firefighter and then I wanted to be a math teacher.

-I was engaged before Brandt. I know without a doubt I made the right choice for me. It's shaped who I am.

-My favorite Blizzard is Butterfinger.

-I like grape juice and grape fruit snacks but can’t stand grape jelly.

-I LOVE coupons.

-I hate hearing guys bad mouth girls, especially if they’re doing it about a girlfriend or wife to another guy. So rude.

-I found a dime on the train the other day and did NOT pick it up.

-Ever since I made a snow castle wall on our balcony I’ve been wanting a snow cone.

-I’ve slept on the couch for the last week and have LOVED it.

-I load the dishwasher and Brandt empties it.

-My Dad and I used to get BBQ ribs together all the time. Our go to was Chili’s but the best ever was Houston’s. I still remember the first time I finished a whole rack. He asked if I was going to finish them (he always ate what I didn’t finish) and I said yes. I think I saw sadness in his eyes.

-I clean the toilets and Brandt cleans the tub.

-I’ve been craving chicken fried steak.

-I used to not like fresh peas or green beans until I met Brandt.

-I check my email like 73 times a day.

-My nephews do the best Monkey faces.

-One time Brandt and I were walking to my sister’s house in Rexburg and I didn’t look before crossing a really busy street. Brandt pulled me back just in time. The big van that almost hit me had about an inch clearance between it and my nose. I still can’t believe I did that. Brandt’s probably still mad at me.

-I don’t fancy roller coaster rides that drop… like the one where it takes you really high and drops you before quickly stopping. The last time I rode one it took about 2 hours before my stomach made it back to it’s correct location.


Josh and Jenna said...

Hi! I am Brandt's Friend, Jenna. I got to see him while he was here in Utah, I wish we could have met you too. I enjoyed reading this and learning more about you. Brandt told me all about your life in Chicago, and the fun adventure it is. I hope to meet you one day. Oh, and my favorite blizzard is Butterfinger too. Happy pregnancy!

the fellers said...

I am SO scared of the dark seriously....and I am glad you didnt get hit by that van, that would have been sad!

Celia said...

Aww now that Mychael and I live together I clean the toilet and he does the bath tub too!!

I love love love butterfinger blizzards too! ... ugh. Now I want one. =(