Tuesday, February 03, 2009



I just got off the train and am walking home carrying 3 bags of groceries and a purse. A creepy looking guy walks up next to me (there were quite a few people on the sidewalk so I didn't feel too threatened) and starts up a conversation. It went exactly like this...

Man: Need some help?
Me: Nope, I'm good thanks.
Man: (Looks me in the eyes) You're sure look'n good.
Me: Thanks.
---Long pause---
Man: Just gett'n off work?
Me: Yup.
---Long pause---
Man: Well, have a good night.
Me: You too.

Since I was wearing gloves he couldn't see my ring so he probably thought I was single and since I was wearing a hoodie and sweatshirt he couldn't see my fetus carrier so that's probably why he thought I was "look'n good." Oh well, I guess any complement, even from a creepy drunk guy is still a complement :)

The man walked off ahead of me and said the following to a man walking the opposite direction... "Waaaass-uuuuup?!"

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the fellers said...

hahahaha....please tell me you laughed so hard when he said waaaasss-uuppp! Too funny!