Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Delicious and Fun Night Out

Last night one of my good friends, Danielle, and I went out to dinner to chat and catch up. You see, she’s due the same day as me… well kinda, I’ll explain later. Her and her husband are from Australia and Brandt and I LOVE hanging out with them. We see them at church every Sunday but since I’m way busy there and she usually has to run out the door at the end, we don’t usually get more than 2 minutes to talk.

Anyway, last night we went to a place called Thalia Spice, an Asian fusion place. I chose this place because it’s one of the cards in the A La Card deck ($10 off). It was really delicious. I like Asian food but only like and I loved this food. If you live in Chicago you should try it. It’s cheapish, has great ambiance, and most importantly, makes your taste buds happy.

Oh, about the due date… My official due date is May 10 (Mother’s Day!!) After the first ultrasound the doctor said because of the baby’s size my due date should be May 9 but she wasn’t going to move it because it doesn’t REALLY matter. This means since Danielle is due on the 9th and Mother’s Day is the 10th, I get to split my due date between 2 great days! Danielle is having a girl too. They’re going to be best friends. I’m excited for them to meet. Oh and I’m excited to meet them too!


the fellers said...

what a great Mother's day gift, even if you have her early...

Danielle Arnett said...

It would be a great mother's day gift to get to come and meet a precious little girl. I'm looking forward to seeing you all.