Thursday, February 12, 2009

Give me a break.

I just read here that a woman is suing Miley Cyrus for $4 Billion because of an expression she made in a photo. The woman claims that it has affected the social, political and economical well-being of Pacific Islanders and is suing her on behalf of all Pacific Islanders in LA. Give me a break!

I thought it was pretty stupid of Miley when I first saw the picture but when she said her friends were just making “goofy faces” at the camera it didn’t seem offensive. We’ve all made silly faces where we contort parts of our faces to look “funny” and seriously are not making fun of any type of person. I do it with my nephews all the time.

So this woman is suing a 16-yr. old, who made a goofy face for $4B. I really REALLY hope this gets thrown out because obviously this woman is just trying to get fame and money. I get so tired of people who sue just to get rich. It makes me sick and makes me dislike people (not my readers of coarse). There are reasons to sue but too often do people go overboard.


the fellers said...

well said!

Liz said...

I saw this post and thought of you.. (Not that I even know if you are the kinda mom to but hair clips in your daughter's hair but here is a clever idea.)

Poor Lucky Me said...

I can't help but have sympathy for Miley Cyrus, because she doesn't get to do stupid teenager things that we all got to do. I know she gets to have millions of dollars, but youth is more valuable than any amount of money. And who are the scumbags who sell these personal photos to the tabloids? Between Miley and Michael Phelps, I feel like I can no longer support celebrity gossip websites!!