Thursday, February 19, 2009

I'm Supersized

At my last Dr. appointment my Dr. informed me, not very subtly, that I gained too much weight last month. I knew exactly why but was still shocked that it was as much as it was and sad that I am and going to be a fatty. Funny thing is that before the appointment I went to the store and bought a new pack of ELFudge cookies and had them (unopened) in the bag next me when she told me this.

I went home and couldn’t stop thinking about it all night. I just felt disgusting. I decided before falling asleep that I was not going to gain any weight related to food by my next doctor appointment.

To do this I have given up sugary and fatty foods and replaced them with fruits and veggies. I have also been eating less. Remember my eating schedule during my first and second trimester? Well, I don’t need to eat as much anymore because I don’t feel nauseas so I’ve cut it back to the following (a normal person diet)…

Breakfast (at work and not before)
Snack (apple)
Snack (banana)
Snack (carrots or raw almonds)- if needed

It was REALLY hard the first 3 days. Waiting till I get to work to have breakfast is killer but I deal. I did have some sweets over the weekend because it was V-Day and I went to a birthday party but I haven’t had them since. I figure I had to live a little.

I’m not working out because frankly I don’t want to and it’s kinda painful but hopefully this’ll work. We’ll see on Monday.

ANYWAY… I started this post meaning to say the following but figured it wouldn’t make sense if you didn’t know what I just wrote…

Last night Brandt and I were talking and I began telling him what I could “go for”. The list got surprisingly long…
-peanut butter cookie(s)
-sugar cookie(s) with icing and sprinkles
-chocolate shake

All I have to say is that if my weigh-in doesn’t go as I planned I am opening up the bag of ELFudge cookies and eating the whole thing.


the fellers said...

I hate pregnancy weight....if it makes you feel better...I was so sick with Scoty, and had lost 6 pounds the first the month after I started feeling better, I was much as I could...i was SO hungry...well, in one month I gained 14 lbs...I was devastated, my Dr thought i Needed to go to a nutritionalist...I was so sad....I wish you luck!

Celia said...

aww.. I can't relate to you (yet anyways), but good luck!! =)

Maybe you can have some fat free/low fat caramel with your apple to fulfill some of your sweet tooth? :)