Monday, February 09, 2009

Let’s look on the bright side

Today I lost a $10 bill at the grocery store. That’s really lame. I was supposed to just get quarters but decided to go get cookies and cream cheese before getting quarters and somehow lost it during that time.

I also feel pretty crummy today, lots of aches and pains.

However, here’s a list of things I should and am going to try to focus on today…

-Our little baby is doing well.
-I’m doing much better than I was.
-I now have very high fat/calorie cookies to entertain my taste buds.
-I have a job.
-I have a husband who took pictures of me while I was in the hospital, who thought they were really cute pictures and was sad I didn’t post them. (They were not flattering)
-I have awesome friends who are concerned about me and who have sent me fun things like a baby name book, magazine subscriptions, clothes, etc.
-I was able to sleep pretty decently last night.

I have my doctor appointment later today and am supposed to get a shot, drink a nasty drink (wait an hour) and get blood drawn but my life could be worse… a lot worse.


MM said...

Wishing you luck on the test. The drink isn't really all that bad. Tasted like flat orange soda. That main thing is you want to PASS the test! Don't flunk like I did.

the fellers said...

oh that nasty drink IS nasty...I am sorry...but if your doctor is like mine, you wont have to drink it for the rest of your pregnancies...I only had to with Scoty!

Danielle Arnett said...

I'm glad you're okay kiddo. The GT test is not bad. Just takes a chunk out of your day, that's all. Tell brandt to send me your pictures. I want to see them....tee hee......