Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A little holiday catch-up

Valentine’s Day:
Brandt and I slept in until about 10am! That was awesome… pure bliss. I especially liked that he stayed in bed sleeping since usually on Saturdays he can’t sleep in and just leaves me there around 8am.

We just hung out inside the rest of the day since it was pretty cold out. We put the crib together (mostly, it’s missing some screws) and watched some shows. Then we went out to a fancy Contemporary American place for dinner. It was delish. We shared a vanilla bean crème brulle for desert. Very tasty. I like saving up eating out times to get to go to fancy places. It was a very nice day.

President's Day:
I took Monday off of work to just relax and it was a pretty nice day… except for the 3 hours at the hospital. I had to go back to get the Rhogam shot since I’m O- and it was supposed to take an hour. Long story short it took three painful hours of waiting just to get it. I had to endure Maury and some other show just like it. I just can’t stand hearing people just scream at each other. Afterward I went to Flub A Dub Chubs for a late lunch and had a Flubby hot dog and fries. Yum yum.

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