Monday, February 02, 2009

My Super Bowl Weekend

On Saturday I slept in, watched a few shows, put the changing table together and then headed to the Gurney Mills Mall with Joseph and Alison. We had a really fun 6+ hours there. They have an AWESOME arcade there. We each got $1 in tokens and played some games. I got 10 tickets playing ski ball, shot down ALL the clowns playing that game where you aim and shoot balls, and scored like 720 points at bozo buckets! We also browsed a ton of outlet shops, ate at Rain Forest Café (I FINALLY got the volcano desert!) and ate the best mini donuts I have ever had in my life at the Donut Factory.

On Sunday I was invited to a super bowl party and had a really fun time. There were so many cute babies, I got to chat with friends I usually don’t see for more that 1 minute a week and ate my weight in 7 layer dip and ElFudge cookies. So yummy and so fun.

So that wraps up my weekend. Oh, my back’s been REALLY sore lately so I’m trying to cope with that. It’s just a new symptom of pregnancy but is causing me some major pain.

Brandt comes home in 2 days!!!

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Kool Kunz Klan said...

BOZO BUCKETS!!! If only I could go back to 2nd grade and watch it again before going to school..