Monday, March 23, 2009


My 500th post!!! Wow.

In honor of this magnificent achievement I have having a giveaway!!!!!

The prize: This brand new mens messenger bag from Aeropostale.

What you have to do for a chance to win: Leave a comment on this post answering the following questions...

1. What is your all time favorite cookie to sink your teeth into and then rub on your taste buds prior to swallowing slowly?

2. What is your favorite animal at the zoo and why?

3. What day do you think our baby will be born if I'm due May 10? (the correct guesser(s) will win a separate prize after I recoup a little)

Go ahead, celebrate with me. Leave a comment soon, I'm picking one name on Friday, March 27.


Angela said...

White chocolate macademian nut is number one. I love snickerdoodles. And I love anything with frosting.

Used to be the gorillas b/c they are so big and cool. Now its the spider monkeys because they are more silly and active.

I think you should have the baby April 30th so that we're three days in a row ending with you. But I really think you'll go close to your due date.

Nice bag, I still like it.

Cheryl said...

I so want to win, 1 cookie, I love them all, that's why I have a weight problem.
I love the zoo, my favorite animal is the baby monkeys. I love to watch the mommy's hold the babies.
I'm going to guess May 3rd.

the fellers said...

Peanut butter, oh so good..homemade from scratch of course

The monkey, I am always in awe at how human like they intrigues me

May 2nd...cause that was my due date with Rylee, and it is a saturday, so it would work nicely...i think!

Michelle said...

Oh, fun. Cute pic, by the way!!

1. Oatmeal butterscotch chip -- YUM!

2. Ew, I don't like the zoo. But, I guess since I'm in DC, I'll say the baby pandas.

3. May 8. Just a random guess, b/c most people I know have been having their babies just a bit early.

Mandi Baby said...

1) a big fat sugar cookie with almond extract in the frosting.... wow.. amazing... i need on right now.

2) I have been in LOVE with elephants since before I can remember. I have no idea why... maybe it's all those cookies i eat but i feel so connected to them. Plus they are gentle giants. awww. love the elephants....

3) this is a hard one. very hard indeed. I know your birthday is the 2nd so i don't know if i should wish you pregnancy on your birthday or bleeding and healing with a baby on your birthday. and who wants to GIVE birth on your birthday?!?! i am at a crossroads indeed. I am going with either May 3 or May 13th. if i HAVE to pick one.... for your sake i will pick the 3rd.

AoK Buttons said...

I like chocolate chip. They are easy and I like eating them with milk (but no dunking, i don't like floaties)

I like the albino aligators. I don't know why. maybe it is because they are huge and white and mysterious.

I think you will be a week early and she will be born on May 3rd. even tho cheryl did too.. because it would be cool if it was ang, chris, and fetus all in a row.

Curtis said...

1.Oatmeal White Chocolate Chip

2. Last time the Lorkeets were the coolest. They would land on your hand and drink nectar out of a cup.

3. Brianne and I were married on the 9th and Paige was born on the 11th, so we got a cluster going. I hope you go early, but not to early. Lets say May 3rd.

Mary Ann (Crockett) Ahlstrom said...

Cookies. Is there a questions? Dunking + Milk + Cookie = OREOS! Of course. "What's in the middle of O-oreo's? What's in the middle? The White Stuff!" Gotta love em.

The manatees. Not found in many zoos, but really...don't you just want to be one somedays? When I was prego there were days when all I wanted to do was lay there and do nothing but float. Heck, I still have days when I want to do that! I was on swim team in HS and always talked about being the team adopted mascot as a manatee.

And finally my vote is May 10th. I think people who deliver on their due date are the MOST lucky. Not too early...not too late. Plus, you talk about that date and anticipate it for 40 WEEKS for crying out cool would it be for her to come then! That's my vote.

The end........ Happy 500th post. We all enjoy reading your blog.