Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Fun Gum

I saw a mint container as I was leaving a luncheon and it reminded me instantly of Bubble Tape. My friend Alison, who was with me thought the exact same thing and we reminisced about all the different kinds of “fun” gum we used to have when we were a kid.

We thought about that Zebra Striped gum, the mini Chiclets in the yellow pouch, the Ouch gum…

I went to a CVS later that day and saw some Bubble Tape. I bought some. Brandt was not happy (he’s a gum-o-phobe). He kept telling me, pleading with me, to put it back but I stood my ground and got it.

The verdict? It tastes REALLY good for about 23 seconds and then most of the flavor is gone. Then at about 1.5 minutes it softens back up and repeats that cycle about 4 times within 10 minutes. It was pretty fun to try again.


the fellers said...

tape gum was my fav!

Sarah said...

Why does Brandt hate gum so much?