Saturday, March 07, 2009

I don’t want to sound vain

We went to a friend’s birthday get-together on Wednesday and had to take the Blue Line train to get there. A few stops after we got on, two female friends about 17 years old sat down near us and chatted. A few stops after that, a boy, about 19 years old who looked 14, with black converse hightops, had his jeans rolled up a little and looked like he was trying really hard to be cool got on and sat down on the seat in front of the girls. After a little bit he started talking to them. This is the gist of their conversation…

Boy: What are you drinking?
Girl A: Oh, it's a protein shake.
Boy: Really? I’ve never seen a girl like you drink a protein shake.
Girl A: Well, we just got done working out.
Boy: Oh, you take care of yourself. (lifted fist in the air for girl A to tap)
Girl A: (tapped boy’s fist)
Boy: You keep it up.
---AWKWARDNESS and more chatter.
Boy: Okay, I gotta ask you a question. What do you think about men who wear bandanas?
Girl B: I don’t know… they look kind of fierce.
Boy: Fierce? What do you mean?
Girl B: You know, like cool. I think they just look fierce.
Boy: (takes a bandana out of his pocket) Good cause I was wearing a bandana and these guys on the street told me I looked like a ***** (gay). I was wearing it like this. (put it on). What do you think?
Girl B: (shook head in agreement to what he thought of himself)
---AWKWARDNESS and more chatter.
Boy: I don’t mean to sound vain but when I take off my shirt and look in the mirror sometimes I’m like MAN! (shielded his eyes like he was blinded). I’m just shocked sometimes at what I see. I mean I’m not ripped or anything but I’ve got me some nice abs.

I was so blown away by that comment and how awkward it was that I don’t even remember how the girls responded. It continued like that until both girls got off (at separate times). Poor girls.


Angela said...

That is hilarious

the fellers said...


Sarah said...

Gotta love morons like that!

EMillz said...

The el really provides endless entertainment. One time I was sitting in front of a couple on their first date (so I guessed) and the guy asked the girl how old she was, and she was like, 32, and he said "WHOA, I didn't realize you were THAT old"! I have a feeling the date didn't last much longer.