Friday, March 06, 2009

I have to agree

I wanted something sweet and walked out of the store with an apple in one hand and an orange in the other. I’ve always had bad luck with oranges, always choosing the really bad tasting ones. In college, I would have my sister pick out the oranges for me at WinCo because oranges are like sandwiches… they always taste better when someone else makes (or picks) them.

I was told earlier this week that it was citrus fruit season. I decided I had to try one and see what citrus fruit season tasted like because it sounded so wonderful. Well, I have to agree. Not only did I have GREAT luck choosing the orange, it was SO delicious. I could eat 5 more but I won’t.

I chose an orange over a raspberry tootsie roll pop by the way. I’m pretty proud of myself.

P.S. Today was SUCH a nice day. I went on a walk in a short sleeved shirt!


Angela said...

And the tootsie choice is big because they contain fresh in-season orange extract? I'm really proud that you bought your own orange. It brings tears to my eyes. We've had some fantastic oranges lately.

Danielle Arnett said...

You are so cute! I'm proud of you!!