Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Making Cookies=Sore legs, feet and back

I left work knowing I wouldn’t have anything to do once I got home and Brandt was working late so I decided to make some sugar cookies. I was quite excited about it. I have always enjoyed meticulously icing and decorating sugar cookies and knew it would take up time so that’s what I did.

I thought, “Maybe I should only make a half batch.” Then I thought, “No, last time there weren’t enough cookies to go around the office so I should make a whole batch.” Then I thought, “But this cookie cutter is so small. I should probably half it.” And the final thought won with, “People will like being able to have a few each.”

3 hours, 80 iced and sprinkled cookies later I walked to the couch and realized the toll that had taken on not only my back but my legs and feet too. I had no idea my circulation had gotten so bad.

I decided I would never make that many again while pregnant but did get more excited about having a little girl who I can bake with. I will even let her ice the cookies even though they won’t turn out perfectly. I know, I’m a nice person.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JIMMY!!! My little nephew turns 3 today! I still remember the day you were born and how I didn't believe your mom when she called and said you were here. We love you so much and the best part of our day is seeing you on Skype. You're awesome! Happy Birthday!!!


the fellers said...

you are such a great person, and wow, you have a lot of birthday's this month!

Celia said...

The cookies look really yummy though!!! :)

Mandi Baby said...

those cookies look absolutely perfect! i want one!