Thursday, March 19, 2009

Off to a bad start?

This girl does not like sharing. I’m not talking about myself… I share quite fine thank you. Well, expect for raspberry cheesecake and guacamole, which I prefer to eat every last bite of.

So, who doesn’t like to share? I’m talking about the female fetus currently inside me. I wish I could teach her better manners but I guess I have to wait 7.5 more weeks to do so. The moment I rest my arm(s) on my stomach (top or bottom) or my desk even touches my stomach, she starts kicking. She’ll kick until I stop invading her space. Seriously girl… you’re the one invading my space. Couldn’t we at least meet in the middle? Maybe I get early mornings, mid afternoon and late evening and you can have the rest of the day?

I sure hope she doesn’t grow up to be a non-sharing, lip-giving, high-maintenance lass… I put in an order for a sweet-cuddling, adorably-cute, lovable little girly. We shall see, we shall see.


the fellers said...

I LOVE all your posts! I can not wait to see this little girl!

Celia said...

aww too cute!