Friday, March 13, 2009

And Now What?

Yesterday Morning: Brandt had to sit next to a woman on the train who was smacking a fresh piece of mint gum in his face, smelled like cigarettes, was singing along to the music she (and subsequently everyone else on the train) was listening to and who was also texting someone on a phone where every key made a sound.

Last Night:
We made the Asian Salad from Pioneer Woman. I just wanted everyone to know that that is a very delicious salad. It took ages to chop everything up and made enough to feed a small army (and we even halved it) but I think it was worth it. We added some Asian chicken and wanton strips to it which made it better than I think it would have been without.

This Morning: Neither Brandt or myself got out of bed when we were supposed to. I was wondering if that meant we weren’t going to work today. It didn’t. It just meant that we had to rush but it was nice thinking about what we could have done.

This Afternoon: I bought a cute and ridiculously inexpensive crib set off You just can’t beat $14. I was thinking about one much more expensive but knew I could cry if it got stained, which is going to happen so now I would even cringe. Her room won't be even close to this pink though...

This Evening: I don’t know… watch Lost? We’ve got 4 episodes saved up so I may pop some popcorn (topped with Kernel Seasonings) and plop myself on the couch to enjoy 160 minutes of pure bliss. Mmmmm.


the fellers said...

that crib set is SO cute!

Celia said...

Is that guy rapping on the train??

Joshua Arnett said...

is it safe to take random pictures of people on the train?