Friday, March 20, 2009

Yum yum.

I just had a breakfast of strawberries and an English muffin with a hard-boiled egg on it. It was delish.

Last night we went to the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. It was our first time going thanks to our neighbors Jeff and Kate who scored free tickets. It was nice. I think the fetus got startled when it went from quiet to loud all of a sudden. She got pretty violent.

It Friday everyone! Although it started off pretty awful for one of my co-workers who rode on a train where someone pooped their pants, I think it’s going to be a great day. Sorry Smauss.

Because it’s Friday, I get to sleep in tomorrow. We have our CPR class tomorrow afternoon and then a temple trip with the Ward in the evening. What an exciting day it will be.

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Danielle Arnett said...

Sounds like you're enjoying some great experiencies Christina. It's exciting to see you experience new and wonderful things. I'm proud of you both.