Monday, April 06, 2009

Conference Weekend

Wow, what a weekend! It was General Conference weekend again for our church so we spent most of the rudely cold weekend inside watching it on our computer. Our friends Joseph & Alison and Jacob & Ashley came over on Saturday to watch both sessions and enjoyed a delicious breakfast. We had waffles, bacon, eggs and fresh fruit. Mmmm.

In between the first two sessions us girls went to Target and we got everything else I still needed for the baby… mattress, car seat, diaper bag, diapers, bath tub, hamper etc. Man that was an expensive trip :)

During the Priesthood session (only the guys go to this) Alison and I went to the bishop’s house for some girl time. I’m glad we went because only 5 people showed up including us and there were 3 pizzas, 7 whole pies and banana splits. I was sent home with half a banana cream pie.

On Sunday, Joseph & Alison came over again to watch the last two sessions (a session = 2 hours). It was really fun. We made scones, eggs and hash browns for breakfast, ate 1,000,000 jelly beans throughout the day, watched a couple episodes of Lost Season 1 and screen printed some onesies which Brandt will post pictures of on his blog.

Overall it was a fun but tiring weekend… too much sitting on the couch.

5 weeks till our baby is here!!!

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the fellers said...

wow....5 weeks! how exciting...will you post some pics of what you got? I love baby stuff!