Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Crazy Tuesday

I took the day off yesterday and just spent the time in the house resting, doing laundry and getting the baby’s room ready. Boy was there a lot of laundry. I did venture out for free cone day at Ben & Jerry’s which was worth the cold and rainy walk. Mmm.

Brandt forgot his lunch and dinner next to the door when he left for work so we met up for dinner before our class. We went to Penny’s Noodles and I ordered pad thai. My co-workers are going to kill me for all the grief and gross faces I gave them when they wanted to go to Thai places during the 2.5 years I’ve worked here but… It was delish and I want to eat it often. I like pad thai, who knew?!

We finished up our last baby class last night. I’m glad to be done because we’ve pretty much covered everything and it lets out at 9:30pm. The teacher mentioned that we were all in an interesting mood but come on, when the topic is pain med options, episiotomies, pushing and what to expect during delivery… we’re going to be in a weird mood. I know I wasn’t the only one freaking out a little. When we were on the tour, standing in the delivery room I think I told Brandt “I’m scared” like 15 times. And I am… scared. It’s going to hurt… a lot.


the fellers said...

you are going to do great...if you have an epidural, it wont hurt that bad at all! Oh I am just so excited for you!

The Randalls said...

it is not that bad. It sucks a little bit until you get the epidural but after that you really don;t feel anything but pressure.
Now 2 and 1/2 years later I don't even remember what the pain felt like other than it was bearable adn when I got the epidural I was already at a 10! You can do it... I can't wait for her to be here so I can see her cute little face and hear what her name is. Good luck your almost there.

The Randalls said...
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