Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Finally, the stroller

This weekend while I was sewing, Brandt did a lot around the house. Some of those things included putting together our stroller and car seat. I was really excited to get this particular stroller. I really liked the look and features it offered… not to mention the price. I was a little weary because I hadn’t seen it in real life before ordering it off of Amazon but I love it so far. Here’s a pic…

The seat can face the person pushing the stroller or the other traditional way and can easily switch back and forth. Most car seats fit where the seat goes for ease, it only has three wheels and turns like a dream, it’s pretty light to push (sans a baby), and a lot more. Overall I’m pretty happy with my decision to buy it. Hopefully our little girl will like it.

Here's a link to it in case you're interested. Don't buy it unless it goes down to $136... the price fluctuates by the hour.


the fellers said...

cool beans!

Sarah said...

That's a cute stroller. You'll love it because it's not massive like most strollers!