Thursday, April 16, 2009

Going back on my “diet”

Easter was not good for me. I mean the whole idea around Easter was good for me because of what our Savior did for us but the whole worldly Easter wasn’t good for me.

I broke down completely. I ate candy the week before because it was in the house, it was brought over and it was available and I haven’t stopped eating candy even a week after. I have even bought more and have a Reeses Peanut Butter cup in my desk drawer. At my weekly weigh-in I was shocked to find I didn’t even gain a pound after eating so bad but I just don’t feel good about myself.

The last straw was last night. Brandt asked me what I had for dinner and this was my reply… “A bowl of Life cereal, some popcorn, a smoothie and 2 EL Fudge cookies.” (Yes I finally opened the package last night). He was in shock. He couldn’t believe me and was a little disappointed. He made me promise that I will eat a real dinner tonight since he is going out of town for the night.

I have still been eating lots of fruit but my candy wall broke down so it’s time to build it back up again. I brought the cookies to work so my colleagues can get fat instead of me and I’m going to give away the Reeses. I will not eat anymore candy. I will have sweets only if it’s something I really want and it’s a special occasion.

There. So let it be typed, so let it be done.

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