Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hair Emergency

This last Sunday as we were getting ready for church Brandt was trimming his beard and accidentally used a shorter comb than he usually does. He said "Uh-oh" and I was really scared to see what he was "uh-oh"-ing about.

He showed me with a really sad/selfconscious face. He said, "I used the wrong comb and now I look funny because my hair is so long and my sideburns are so short. Will you cut my hair?"

People, this happened at 8:00am and our ride was coming at 8:20am. I had just finished showering and he hadn't showered yet.

I said yes and we quickly got everything set up for me to cut his hair. I think I set a speed record and it turned out really good. He set a speed record for showering afterward and our friends only had to wait like 4 minutes for us.

It made me really grateful that I can cut his hair because he would have had to go to church like that and work the next day before being able to get it fixed. Cutting men's hair = life skill... I highly recommend you learn.


Ashley Miller said...

THAT was the emergency? Awesome.

the fellers said...

you are such a great wife, I totally dont know if I would have done it before church, you are such a good example to me! And yes, it is a great skill to have, just think, if you have boys it will save you a LOT of money, I know it has already with Shon....

Celia said...

Oh goodness, Mychael is so particular with his hair... he wouldn't let me even if I was a pro.

Doesn't help that I can't even cut a straight line if my life depended on it. =/

Yay Christina!

Sarah said...

You should totally read my blog when Casey asked me to cut his hair! Let's just say he'll never ask again!