Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It’s Earth Day

My contribution to the world… I went to the store and I carried out my 2 bags of English muffins and container of pesto in my hands… not a bag.

Tonight I will do a better job at leaving the lights off if I don’t need them. I don’t like being in a dark house so there is usually one light more than I need on.

When I was in 7th grade (not high school as previously typed... I'm not that young) I won tickets to the Enron (hah) Earth Day festival in Houston along with a copy of Jimmy Ray’s CD by calling into a radio station. I got to see him sing live at the festival. Yeah, that was lame but fun in the moment.

Are you Jimmy Ray? Who wants to know… who wants to know?

1 comment:

Angela said...

Dude you so loved Jimmy Ray at least that week.