Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Just relaxing

Hi! This is Christina. I am a stay at home pre-mom. Don't worry, I'm not too much different from the Working Christina. You'll get to know me really well. To start off this relationship (between you and I that is), I'll list off a few things I do that the Working Christina didn't do.

1. I sleep in until about 9:30am. Well, that is true unless the baby has been moving all night in which case I give up trying to sleep around 7am and get up to make my hubby delicious breakfasts.

2. I take naps. Oh how I love taking naps. Working Christina used to just about DIE around 2pm but I don't. If I'm tired I just go to my room and fall asleep.

3. I watch shows during the day. Mostly I just watch a couple shows like 24 or Private Practice because those are shows I'm allowed to watch without Brandt.

4. I make pies during the day. This used to be a weekend thing for Working Christina but not for me. If I feel like a pie or feel like spontaneously inviting people over for pie, no problem. I've got time to whip one up.

5. I go to Target. Ok, Working Christina used to do this too (a lot) and she got to go to one that was much closer but I can go whenever I want.

6. I budget. Working Christina didn't have to budget too strictly, she just used common sense but I get to make all these cool spreadsheets listing out exactly what we buy or can buy so we can keep saving on one income.

Ok, now it just seems like I'm bragging. Working Christina sure missed out.

Boy am I going to enjoy my time helping you get to know me better. Well, for the next 2 weeks that is. After that I might slip into the habit of not blogging which I tend to do on the weekends but I will try my best.


The Randalls said...

I thought for sure that you had your baby since you didn't blog for a few days. Staying home is great I am home 4 days a week and I love it. I can't wait until July when I am home all the time.

Celia said...

I hope that baby allows you to blog at least once a week :) Just ask her for that, your readers would love to stay updated. Plus your writing style is just so sweet and entertaining!