Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Just too big I guess

Yesterday my fetus got sideswiped by a shopping cart. This is how it happened…

I was in the exit way (opposite of an entry way) of our grocery store. On the left were some people just standing around their cart. I decided to pass them on the right. In the middle of doing so, an old guy who was muttering to himself and putting all his weight on his cart decided to enter through the exit on the same side I was exiting on (if that makes any sense).

There was nothing I could do. I‘m pretty much a circle now so turning wouldn’t have made a difference. I just stood there with a cart and people on my left as the old guy plowed his way through, hitting my bump pretty hard as he passed by. It hurt a little but I was more in shock that my stomach just got ran over by a shopping cart.

I’m pretty sure he was wondering why I didn’t just suck in. I was wearing a coat so he couldn’t have obviously known I’m 8 months along… we’ll give him a little credit. I apologized for the both of us to the baby promptly after it happened.


Celia said...

Did he at least apologize to you?? :(

I hope baby is okay :o)

Sarah said...

It's weird when you get to the point in your pregnancy when you want to turn to the side to squeeze by and you actually take up more room that way.

Mandi Baby said...

haha, this was deserving of a real LOL.