Thursday, April 30, 2009

A little sicky

Brandt's been feeling sick for a while now. It's just a sore throat thing (hopefully not the swine flu!) but it's uncomfortable and not very happy feeling.

Last night he REALLY wanted toast (I made homemade bread yesterday) and hot chocolate, which he always wants when he's sick. He was VERY SAD to find that we didn't have any more packets of hot chocolate. He rummaged like 4 times throughout the evening trying to find one but I knew I drank the last one like a month ago. He wouldn't give up.

Finally at 11:45pm he did his last rummage and jokingly held up a packet of chicken gravy mix and said, "I'll just drink this." That jokster... I wanted to help so I pulled out my trusty Better Homes binder and found a REALLY simple recipe for hot chocolate. All it called for was chocolate chips, sugar and milk. I whipped up a half batch in 10 minutes and he was one VERY HAPPY sicky boy. We sat at the table drinking hot chocolate together (he likes to dip his buttered toast in it... yuck!) until about midnight and then went to bed.

Thank goodness for having those three ingredients on hand... I think I saved a life last night. And, it was so good and so easy I don't think I will ever buy the powdered mix again.


Celia said...

Too cute! I hope he feels better soon!! :)

Katie said...

Seriously, my husband eats his cocoa with buttered toast too. And he makes hot chocolate with cocoa, milk, sugar, and vanilla. We haven't had packets since we got married lol. It's ok Brandt, my husband likes the toast thing too!