Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The man from the future

This is blog-worthy… trust me.

BACKGROUND: I’ve been a little grouchy at times the past week because I’ve been having contractions and they don’t feel so great. The worst was when I was trying to figure out issues I was having with the sewing machine and one would come. I’d get pretty irritated, frustrated and ornery, it would pass and then I would apologize to Brandt. This happened like 6 times between Friday and Sunday. He was so sweet. He’d come and help me figure out the problem I was having even though I wasn’t being too loving and accept my apology with a “no problem”. This is how he is. I love him.

MORE BACKGROUND: Also, I’ve been eating candy since it’s everywhere and on Friday night I had one of those “I’m so fat, I’m just a flubber ball, how can you even like me” moments. I told Brandt that even though it was the weekend I wasn’t going to eat any candy or sweets.

THE STORY: Well, I was sitting at the table, frustrated that the thick fabric I was sewing through wasn’t feeding through well and he came over to help. We eventually figured out what to do to make it work but I wasn’t the nicest individual accepting the help.

I finally said in a huff of giving up, “I just want a Reeses peanut butter cup. I just want it.” Brandt looked at me and said, “If I had one what would you do?” I said, “I’d eat it.” I thought he was making a point about how I was upset with my chubby arms and was breaking my deal of not eating candy. He got up and went to do something and I started sewing again.

About 3 minutes later, after I had forgotten that I had wanted a Reeses to calm my frustration, he came back to the table and handed me a Reeses peanut butter egg! I couldn’t believe it! Seriously… he ever buys candy, he never has candy unless I give it to him… how on earth did he have the one thing I was craving? I asked and asked and asked him for two days where he got the candy from. This is all he would say…

A man from the future, wearing a black suit and hat, stopped me on the street, handed it to me and told me I would need it.

That’s all he would say. Trust me, I bugged and pestered him to tell me because I was still in shock that he had the one thing I wanted right when I wanted it.

It was delicious. It made me feel instantly better. Thank you man from the future… wherever/whenever you are.


the fellers said...

you guys are so cute together! I love it!

Sarah said...

You can see the true character of a man when he is dealing with his pregnant wife.