Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Quick FB, CB and BB Update

I had my now weekly doctor appointment yesterday and everything’s perfect. A week ago she weighed 4 lbs 12 oz (39th percentile). Her heartbeat is strong and constant in the 140s.

I gained 1 lb in the last 2 weeks for a total of (I am very proud of myself so working so hard which is why I’m publicizing my weight which I would usually keep to myself) 22 lbs. I’m supposed to gain 20-25 so I should be right on. I’m really happy because I know I would have a hard time losing the weight after if I had gained more. Those cookies are still unopened in my cupboard by the way.

I’m progressing the way I should and she may actually come a little bit early… we’ll see.

He’s doing great and being the bestest husband in the universe, like always.
Did I mention he got called for jury duty? That’s right… April 20th he has to report for jury duty. Just glad it’s not me. He wrote a “dog ate my homework” note about me being due around then to see if he can get out of it so we’ll see if it works. I just don’t want him to get selected and not be able to reach him if I go into labor because he has his cell phone off…

We’re all doing great… we’re very blessed right now with health, great friends & family (that includes you!) and jobs.


Michelle said...

My sis Jen just had her baby on Saturday -- 10 days early. She's a doll-baby, I love her!

Good luck to you!!

Rebecca said...

How exciting. You will have a little one very soon.