Saturday, May 23, 2009

2 weeks

This last week flew by. Well, actually it feels that way because all the days seemed to be one. We both don't ever know what day it is and wake up thinking we've just fed our little Jane when it's actually time to feed her again. Thank goodness we write down when we've fed her last.

At Jane's 2 week doctor appointment she weighed in at 7lbs 3 oz. She gained a WHOLE pound last week! You can definitely see it in her cheeks but she's still a little pipsqueak.

She loves to sleep and has a hard time with falling asleep when I'm feeding her. When I burp her or try to get her to eat more she reminds me of a slug so that's what I am calling her right now... my little slug.

Right now we LOVE seeing her smile and seeing her stretch when we unswaddle her. She makes us laugh even when we're just thinking about her. She's a joy to have around.


Celia said...

You are both getting to stay home with her? That is so great! :) Keep updating us, it's so great to hear that she (and the both of you) are doing so well!

the fellers said...

OH! She is cute!