Friday, May 01, 2009

Cheap Milk Makes You Crazy

The grocery store (Dominicks) 2 train stops away is having an awesome deal on milk. Right now a gallon is $1.69. Usually $1.99 is a steal. Well, today I rode my bike to the library, paid our rent and rode to the grocery store to make a deposit and get a few things still on my list. Milk was one of them but Brandt made me promise I wouldn't get it... he said he would.

I saw it there in the case. It was only $1.69. I was there already and it would be out of Brandt's way to get it on his way home. I did it. I'm sorry Brandt. I put it in my backpack and rode home.

Now I'm exhausted. Ready to lay down and not get up for a few hours. The plus side... I got some really good exercise AND now we have milk.

So, if I have the baby today she'll share a birthday with my older sister Angela. I won't have her tomorrow (I'll hold her in until midnight) so she won't be born on my birthday (we need our own days) but she can be born on the 3rd. We'll see if this crazy trip did anything. I'll keep you posted.


ChrisandLindsay said...

It wouldn't be so bad if you had her on your birthday. Parker was born on my birthday and it was pretty cool, minus the part of being in labor and whatnot on that day. But it's kinda cool to say that your firstborn was born on your birthday! Happy Birthday to you though a day early!!

The Randalls said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow. I hope that she will come soon. I can't believe that you have been riding your bike at 9 months pregnant you are braver that I am.. I coudn't even imaging riding my bike now. Good luck I am waiting for pictures of the cute baby.