Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Frenzy

What a day today was. We started it off with a doctor appointment for Jane. She's had some yuck in her eye and it was getting worse so we took her in and it was what we thought... a blocked tear ducked. Poor little girl. I thought it was my fault and was very sad to see her unhappy. It hurt my heart. Now we have medicine, which hurt my heart giving it to her, and hopefully it'll get better soon.

She also got weighed. At 3 weeks (today) she weighs 7lbs 12oz. She gained 9 ounces last week. I have good milk :) I think if it were sold in a store it would be vitamin D times 100. It sure plumps you up. Let's just hope she doesn't keep gaining a pound a week the rest of her life.

We also went to the... wait for it... zoo. I know. I wish I hadn't. I was excited to get our but now I feel awful. We went with Brandt's mom who had been here with us the last week. It was fun but really wore me out. I do have to give a shout out to the one-armed Gibbon. He sure could swing!

We had a great week visiting and relaxing. Brandt has one more week off of work and I am SO excited he is taking it off. It's been really nice and fun having him here with us.

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