Monday, May 04, 2009

Who Knew?

I did a bad thing today. I was trying to get some sticky stuff off my new tart pan using nail polish remover and I accidentally spilled the nail polish remover on the computer key board.

I know... stupid right? Who would have an open bottle of nail polish remover at their computer? It was dumb, a dumb mistake. Only a little spilled on the keyboard but what I didn't know is that nail polish remover melts whatever keyboards are made out of.

I tried to wipe it off but it just smeared the keys and then the keys started sticking together. It was awful. I felt really bad and stupid because it was a dumb mistake AND it was an expensive wireless keyboard I just ruined.

Luckily Brandt loves me and tried to make me feel better as I was crying to him on the phone telling him what I'd done. He's not upset at all and I so love that I'm married to a man who loves me more than "stuff".

Anyway. Today I cleaned two toilets, one sink, made waffles, cleaned some other stuff and ruined a keyboard. Luckily we had another one that we never returned to Apple (otherwise I wouldn't be on the computer right now).

6 days till the due date...


the fellers said...

6 days, May 8th sounds good...that woudl be early! I was wondering the whole time I was reading that post, "How is she doing this post? She must have gone and bought a new one!" haha

AoK Buttons said...

That's how I felt when I tipped chris bike over... onto myself. I called him balling i thought he would never forgive me but he's never mentioned it since.

Sarah said...

Did I mention clumsiness comes with pregnancy?!