Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blessing Day

Brandt blessed Jane at church this last Sunday. It was a very lovely blessing (I teared up). I was worried she's be fussy during it because we only have about 10 minutes of time after waking her up before she REALLY wants food but she did great. I heard she was kicking Joseph the whole time though. We asked our friends Sam, Joseph and John to stand in.

She's got a great life ahead of her. I hope Brandt and I can do a good job with raising her so she can reach her full potential.

We love you Jane! You're amazing!

Here are some pictures from that day...

Before church:
Her first real smiles on camera!

After church:

Here's Jane and her best friend Stella (Sam's daughter). She was due and born the day before Jane. She's also Australian which automatically makes her cool. I LOVE her hair.


the fellers said...

her dress is so cute, where did you get it? and...YAY for smiles!

wendy said...

She is really cute and I love her dress!

Julie said...

So sweet! Congratulations! I love the "smiling" pictures.