Monday, June 01, 2009

A good sleeper

So 10 minutes after I posted the last post, we decided to try and feed Jane. I didn't think she was hungry because she had eaten well at the last feeding but we gave it a try. She downed it. She drank like a champ. Then after a tiny bit of fussing she went to sleep.



She slept a WHOLE 5 HOURS!

Then we fed her again.



She slept a WHOLE 4 HOURS!

I will eventually learn what my baby wants when she's crying but I know it'll take time and I know this will happen again but hopefully we'll be blessed again.

And I would like to leave you all with a few words I completely forgot to post about...

I was in a WaMu a couple weeks ago getting quarters for laundry. I was the only customer and there were 5 employees. One was helping me and the others were just talking to each other. One woman said the words, "Rectal Bleeding" 3 times really loud! No one told her to be professional or quiet... they just kept talking about what ever it is they were talking about that included those words I won't write again.

Good morning!

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Ania W. said...

Hi Chris, this is Ania Whitworth, I visit your blog on and off, I just stumbled upon and it happened, you are a mommy! CONGRATULATIONS, Jane is very very cute, and I love the name, it is a beautiful name so much more meaningful than Pepper or Apple :) although it is still a celebrity baby-girl as her mom was in printed ads and on a cover of a magazine (ha- i loved that post - how you announced you're expecting!) I will so copy-cat you when I will be. anyway just wanted to congratulate you so so so much and send congrats to Brant too! Take care I will be checking on you three here!